The Truth

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According To Herman Kreller, Opal Cave, Lightning Ridge, Fraudster

Herman reminds us that about the year 2000, 19 years ago, he and Sandy had to take out an “AVO” aginst a person that was attacking and harrassing them and their staff daily. This person is now launching attacks again, but now via online media, and this site has been created to clarify what kind of person we are now dealing with. Following is THE TRUTH about what happened. Please read on.

A then local by the name of Heikki V. had purchased a small parcel of cut and polished opals for $2000 from Herman to sell on holidays in Scandinavia.

Some weeks later he returned and told Herman that he could only sell a few of the better opal. He wanted a full refund even though he had sold the good ones. Herman made him an offer on the left-over opals. He can’t recall if Mr V. took him up on the offer.

That person feels Herman ‘talked him into’ buying the opals. It is now 19 years later. GET OVER IT. Otherwise, you will be nothing but a bitter old man who, when reading your diatribes, obviously has so many issues. Herman being the least of them.

Mr Heikki V. has renamed himself Henry, as Heikki sounded too ‘girly’. H poses himself on a small photoshopped picture that shows CBS News, Fox News, etc., to give himself FAKE credibility.

Unfortunately you cannot hope to sue and recover damages from anybody whose permanent address is a Lismore caravan park.

Please go and read the staff’s comments that have also been offended by Heikki V’s smears and accusations. Click on the link below to read them.

Staff Comments