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Ben Fulford Updates

The video below will give a summary of what’s really going on behind the scenes from Ben Fulford’s perspective. The battle for global control has been raging and is already reaching nuclear proportion. Don’t fear, but be on constant alert as the enemy is already bleeding.

Ben Fulford updates:

Global warming faction sues for peace as Khazarian mafia purge intensifies

Klaus Schwab and Christine Lagarde turned in major white hat victory

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  2. Maria Fernandes Christic Light Benjamin!!!
    1. Michael Treis Hillary quite I’ll !
      1. Martin Hoffman MD Do SIMILAR implants cause Hillary’s siezures? Are Obama and Hillary subjects in MK Ultra Mind Control projects?
        EXPOSED: Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure and Obama’s 3 Head Scars, The Beast Has Its Head Wounded
        Read more at – EXPOSED: Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure and Obama’s 3 Head Scars, The Beast Has Its Head Wounded
      2. Martin Hoffman MD [IMG][/IMG]
        Do SIMILAR implants cause Hillary’s siezures? Are Obama and Hillary subjects in MK Ultra Mind Control projects?
        EXPOSED: Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure and Obama’s 3 Head Scars, The Beast Has Its Head Wounded
      3. Chris B Rigged
        Bush Clinton Cabal and their reign of terror!
        American Tv gavel to gavel joey buttafucc you!
        Paris Hilton- Elian Gonzalez- anna nicole- oj-
        Bunch of Ma’- Roons hooked on big pharma and booze!
        Good ole’ American populace !
        Overweight sugar cosummmmation world record brain damaged !
        May bush clinton cnn msnbc cabal burn in Hell!
        Sociopaths and psychopaths run this show!
        Expose this sick sick fu-//
    2. Martin Hoffman Christic Light???
      Fulford himself admits to being a polish Jew on his mother’s side – the side that counts check this out:
    3. Chris B Ummm Things written
      Some things never occur?
      Somethings do
      Psychic hotline?
      3.99 a minute
      Mistress Chloe
  3. erica laszlo Why does the update always take 3 days to appear on the website?
    1. kznwatch I think its because Ben has his own site — so if his updates are immediately available to the general public on sites supporting him, nobody’s gonna visit his site no more (laughing). He asked for people to delay publishing, as far as I can remember, some time ago. For instance all the reports here, I have already read …he generally tries to update once a week. While I’m truly enjoy the in depth analysis they offer here on his reports, I’m too curious, so I bookmarked him and know exactly when his next report is due… Don’t know if it will be the height of bad manners to give you the link to his site ….. But understand if you too, want the latest updates immediately they’re available… so if you like, just search for ben fulford reports and it should take you to what I know as his site… there are pictures of him there.
      1. geoffg It is because he charges $2 for the full report to fund his work. Poor or stingy people like me get the partial report at the time and the full report for free 3 days later. But there are sites that put on the full report at the time, but you might have to hunt around.
      2. Gilda You are right. That´s the reason. Benjamin Fulford´s Weekly Reports, are even translated to other Lenguages, I have seen them in Portuguese and in Spanish. In his site, he publishes in English and in Japanese.
        In this Spanish Site… he has Thousands of Readeres all over the world.
        Just in casa someone wants to see this site, you can see at the right, all the countries that read in Spanish.
  4. Franko Merci de nous informez de se qui se passe derrière la toile de fond.Je suis heureux
    que dans ce monde il existe un groupement de personne qui enfin nous libererons
    de c est personnes qui veuillent toutes avoir pour eux.Et que la lumière s installe
    en cette année de 2012.merci encore pour se que vous faites.
  5. Taylor M. This is just more of the same ole stuff by Ben Fulford, an amiable and interesting man. However, I would advise readers not to take him too seriously because he’s offered this same sort of false hope before. Of course, we’d all love to see things transpire as Ben argues it will, but in reality, such is not going to take place. Ben is a master of false hope, so it is best to ignore him and simply wish him well.
    1. geoffg Try reading it with your intuitve right brain and the overall picture will come alive for you, and you won’t see it as fragments from nowhere. Ben spoke of daesh 2 months before they appeared and long before anybody else did.
  6. Taylor M. If you write anything critical of Mr. Fulford as I have politely done, he censors your remarks. I’ve stated twice that Mr. Fulford is probably little more than a source of FALSE HOPE, even though one cannot help but to like the chap. He really is an interesting and amiable man. But for reasons that I don’t understand, Ben cannot take honest criticism.
    1. eClinik It is better for humanity to assume that Ben Fulford is as what you say a “little more than a source of FALSE HOPE”. For this reason, we should not wait for anything coming from him or any other white knights. We should take matters into our own hands, and be responsible for ourselves. We need to deserve the change we want to achieve and must do everything to achieve the change we truly deserve..
    2. Iceman Your a liar I have seen a lot of negative remarks and he answers every one of them unless they are using foul language!!
    3. Iceman @”Taylor M.” Your a liar I have seen a lot of negative remarks and he answers every one of them unless they are using foul language!!
  7. Cyndi I have attempted twice now to DOWNLOAD The EMANICIPATING HEALTH BOOK and both times it will not download…Please advise
    1. eClinik Cyndi has been refunded in full. Yet, decided to do it again! Here’s her email: “I had to refund my paypal account then re-donate so I can download the book..IT WORKED.” Congratulations, Cyndi!
  8. Cyndi FINALLY GOT THE EBOOK! GREAT THANKS>..I had to refund my paypal and reorder but it worked…that is all that matters. THANK YOU AGAIN!
  9. Taylor M. Ben, thank you for not deleting my brief remarks. I appreciate your allowing those critical of you (although who still like you) to share their ideas. Taylor M.
  10. eClinik Hello, I am observing accusations and lies at the blog Many good names in alternative community are blamed for any kind of bizzare guilts and there was no proper response to that BS so far. The problem is this cabal’s blog is getting too much attention and credibility. It creates mass suspicion & doubt in valuable people and also creates strong divison among the alternative anti-NWO community. It HAS TO BE STOPPED. The proper way to stop it is by showing THE REAL TRUTH, so I took some time to find out the sources of »original« Plejarian photos on fwh’s blog. Anyone who is willing to click a few minutes through Google-Images-Search can come to same results. I think publication of original photos will secure alternative community from further accusations — we must not divide any further, we must not be distraced anymore and we must fight together for the better of this planet! So please, announce this photo-investigation massively on your forums and blogs and help bringing alternative community closer together. If we move together, we are strong, otherwise we are controlable and weak. Thank You!!! Best Regards! (my name is not important) Hello, So far I have not responded to the “former white hat’s” accusations because they were so bizarre and infantile. However, enough people have e-mailed me that I have decided to respond. My sources are telling me that the “former white hat,” is an agent by the name of Steve Cotrell (please respond in person Mr. Cotrell if you wish to deny this). Mr, Cotrell is being hunted by the Russian FSB because he was, along with Leo Wanta, one of the people who looted the resources of Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is in London, England right now. Cotrell was hoping to make himself hyper-wealthy by getting personal access to the funds meant for the people of the planet and became disillusioned when he found out his group was not being taken seriously by the people setting up the new financial system. Leo Wanta is a good man as far as I can tell but the funds he had access to belong to the people of the world and not him personally. The accusations that I was “replaced by a clone,” were so ridiculous I did not feel the need to respond until I found out many people took this seriously. All that happened was that on December 13, 2011, I went to the mountains of Japan and sat by a stream with a friend to make sure we had complete privacy so that I could ask her if she was being blackmailed by Luciferian agents. It turns out they had her younger brother hostage which was why she was doing certain things against me. That situation has now been resolved. The “black hats,” monitoring me went into a panic when I went off their observation grid on that day as did the agency people who were protecting me. The result was a sort of under-cover panic and subsequent internet storm of misinformation that I had been “kidnapped.” I was not. The only evidence put out that I have been cloned is that recent pictures of an overweight me with long hair and a beard look different from 10-year old pictures of a thinner me with short hair and no beard. Also, I recently found out the bizarre tumor removed from my spine a few years ago was something known as a teratomatic tumor which has many different types of cell in it. The Japanese doctor who removed it did not want to tell me what it was because, thinking I had typical Japanese sensitivities, he thought I would be upset at the loss of my “twin.” That is why it was a mystery to me at the time it was removed. In any case, truth-seekers must not fall for the old cabal tactic of getting their opponents to fight each other. We all agree we want to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, have world peace and enter a new age of discovery, abundance, wonder and freedom. Let us concentrate on that and avoid negativity whenever possible. Sincerely yours, Benjamin Fulford
  11. humans must be free – Humans Being Beaitiful Humans Being Beautiful I wish to see
    humans being beautiful
    in all ways
    and with grace and glory
    regarding the bond we share
    of DNA, smiles, and CARE Love is
    so let us not forsake that which we are Our shared love
    builds coherence and tensegrity
    in our young species – humanity We are beautiful beings
    like Benjamin Fulford,
    a human being beautiful…
    is one that loves and one that gets rid of the evil
    because he is so tender due to innate pure love
    and that equates to true intelligence, true power,
    joy, bliss, and heavenly things Being true, being protective of each one,
    and of our planet
    is what we really are Ever and forever
    the glory of the earth
    and free will
    among humans being beautiful sjp 3-27-2012
  12. eClinik RE: mass arrests, patents and oil sands I understand that after the mass arrests occur, about 5,000 free energy patents that have been suppressed by the dark side so that the oil industry could not be challenged, will be released. I also understand there are trillions of barrels of proven oil reserves in Canada (Canadian oil sands / tar sands). What will happen to the oil sands and tar sands that are in Canada once these patents are released? Hello,
    My understanding is that the oil industry will be given a transition period to move into new areas of business in order to avoid social disruption and unemployment. Ben source:
  13. eClinik 04/06/2012 RE: Question from an Oath Keeper Hello Benjamin, I am writing to you as a member of Oath Keepers here in California. I first want to say thank you for all of the work that you have done in helping to expose the criminal cabal (I know all too well of the history of the Committee of 300 and the ancient roots of the Venetian Black Nobility, and their reign of terror must come to an end). I have only just gotten word of the impending mass arrests, and I hope beyond all hope that this is real. Despite the mounting evidence, you will pardon me if I remain skeptical of this, as there has been so much wrong done for such a long period of time, and so much disinformation spread, that I approach this news with cautious optimism. One things for sure: If I see troops on my soil with blue hats, I’m heading the other way. I hope beyond all hope that the information that David Wilcock, ‘Drake’ and yourself are telling us is true. My question to you is this: Throughout China, a terrible genocidal agenda is being perpetrated against the Falun Gong, a sect of Buddhism. They are being systematically kidnapped and taken away to ‘gulags’ where they are being tortured and killed, organs removed while people are still alive. This is Nazi Germany 2.0, and it must be stopped immediately. I have read conflicting reports about the true nature of the Falun Gong movement, (as an avid practitioner of northern Chinese Kung Fu, I have an understanding of their Qigong practices), but regardless of whether or not it is peaceful or harbors occult qualities, these things must be worked out by its members. The Chinese government has no earthly right to treat its people like this.
    I want to believe that China is in this for the betterment of humanity, (this new financial system, that is), but as long as this persecution continues, I have absolutely no faith in the Chinese government. Couple this with the atrocious human rights violations being perpetrated in Shenzhen, and you can see why I trust the Chinese government about as much as I trust my own government here state-side. My question is: When will this genocide stop? Are plans in the works to free these people and allow them to practice their faith freely, or is the Chinese government intending to keep killing them even after the new financial system goes online? And what will happen in Shenzhen? Will these slave labor factories be revamped? Unless these things happen, how can anyone possibly take China seriously? This much is certain: As a man of action, I will become directly involved in helping to heal the wounds of the worlds in the aftermath of all of this, and one of the places where I will be training my sights is on China, with the persecutions being enacted against the Falun Gong as well as the workers in Shenzhen. Any information that you can give in regards to these issues would be most appreciated. To a New Tomorrow… Billy Hello Billy, The Falun Gong movement is financed and run by the US State Department as a psychological warfare front against China. While it is true they teach traditional Qigong practices, they are structured like the freemasons with a pyramid like hierarchy and secrecy at the top. The top people are Khazarian satanists, not Chinese. Anybody in China is free to practice Qigong, martial arts and other traditional practices. It is only when these groups become a foreign political threat to the Chinese government that they are suppressed. There is no genocide going on in China right now. The last time mass government murder took place in China was when Committee of 300 agent Mao Tse Tung was in charge. While I do not support everything the Chinese government does, I have personally seen, on many trips to China, that the Chinese now have more freedom than Americans do. The United States has about 30 times more people per capita in concentration camps and jail than China. Put another way, the US, with a population of 300 million has 7.2 million in jail while China, with a population of over 1.3 billion has 1.6 million people in jail. You are living in a fascist dictatorship of the worst kind.
    FYI the Chinese government has agreed that Kung Fu societies in China and around the world will support other martial arts groups like Judo, Karate, Ai Ki Do and Tae Kwan Do to fight to protect the weak and the innocent. The United States oath keepers need to take action ASAP to restore the US to its formal moral and economic greatness. Only when they do so will international society take their criticisms of China seriously
    1. Nathan Pilson I agree. The King David Hotel incident in Israel occupied Palestine, is a direct example of people using their own people`s destruction for their own personal goals.I will say this, To every American freedom fighter against political corporate and fiscal tyranny.,While you are talking about what you are going to do., corporate/banking is continuing their killing spree,and destroying everything people worked hard for ,in this nation and globally, on their way down. with trained police to make all police look suspect.with trained military soldiers to make all soldiers be a threat to humanity.Google released footage of a ROBOT they brought the rights to.So in the future, There will be no need of rouge cops, rouge MOSSAD and CIA AGENTS. Do any of these security agencies actually realize what is going on here., they are phasing you out, by making you hated. the people who pay you., are losing money.due to extensive wars., that used to work, when people were foolish enough to accept the lies about war.But since the information age, if every computer were to be shut off today., The amount of information already revealed with be far enough to continue the toppling of these unqualified people., so they are on the defensive., The United States Senate is the group.., who came up with this TERROR REPORT, fingering the CIA .,,Headed by Carl Levin Arms Services Committee Chairman along with AIPAC. He also told Obama to create this terror group in the middle east active., >>>and now their employees., in all of this.because the time has come when they find these agencies a liability .,MOSSAD is no different., Can any MOSSAD agent imagine the effects of the subliminal chatter going on all around the earth, that Elliot Shimon ,Israeli counter intelligence aka MOSSAD is the head of this so call [isil -Islamic state of the = Jewish Levant] ? can you imagine the danger, that political and fiscal people, behind who pays MOSSAD AGENTS ,have put MOSSAD AGENTS in, for the coming years.Any MOSSAD AGENTS SHOULD REALIZE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT LISTENING TO THE PRESS, AND HAVE THEIR OWN INDEPENDENT DATUM PLACING MOSSAD, AND CIA AT THE SCENE OF THESE GORY HORRIFIC CRIMES.. There was an oath keeper talking about something or another., but oath keepers should hold jurisdiction over rouge cops., and put them in check for their own benefit, and then greater benefit of protecting and keeping the peace. Since rouge uniformed personnel hurt both the public and the shield, which is all police in duty.,and that trust,police upholding the good should not allow the bad apples to ruin the whole order of police.chaos is the so called ~cabal~ aim, in both rising and falling.And to the Oath keepers and the CIA NSA MOSSAD DIA FEMA HOMELAND SECURITY, THE FATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE etc. Don`t get caught up in the chinese having to do your job of bringing real order back from these elite impostors, and you get caught up in a chinese style gang war.All for a hand full of crooks who will soon meet their doom by one device they have concocted or another.,Going any further with people who are unqualified to be clowns, has went on far far enough., and the rule of law, along with integrity has come its restoration point.but again., and again. DON`T PUT OFF, AND KEEP ALLOWING CONDITIONS TO FESTER TO WHERE THE CHINESE VIEW OUR LEADERS AS THEIR THREAT.The Chinese are coming. Fulford or no Fulford., it would be far best for a productive eco conscious state to rise out of the ashes of this defunked United States Government, than a Chinese turf war, which will be centered in the elite upper level corporate and fiscal level ., and with all of these pro American groups, who are armed with intelligence and arsenal, it should be the Chinese forcing our corporate and business people to do right. if there is a turf war., there will be innocent casualties, So it is best for The Americans who call themselves armed patriots for the good of this sovereign nation , to stand up and fight the fight. the crooks who are cowards are fighting looting murdering raping defaming destroying., what good is an oath., when it is centered around semantics , or just words., The constitution didn`t mention anything about talking people into leaving office., it said by force.and that`s what it is going to take., and the armed branches of this United states community has a right and a duty to over see every operation until order is restored., and normalcy returned.
    2. Andrew Carlisle Dear Benjamin
      There appears something wrong with the logic in your response to this comment, ie, defending one expression of evil (Chinese government) by highlighting another expression of evil somewhere else (US Government).
      Moreover, although it is hard to deny the cozy relationship between Falun Gong and the US Israeli propaganda machine and a certain lack of communication between grass roots members and decision makers that lends the movement to be easily manipulated by political interests, ; it is a stretch to call the upper echelons of the Falun Gong fraternity Kharzarian Satanists, The spiritual and moral foundation of Falun Dafa appear sound and are diametrically aligned from the negative force. The normative values of the movement do seem to encourage a certain apathy and ignorance towards ‘things of this world’, and there appears a large gap between the practice of the ideals inherent in the philosophy and the popular culture within the group (note absence of word ‘organization’.) that does not make Falun Gong intrinsically evil, in fact if many of the ideals of Falun Gong were adopted by the larger community a very positive geo political environment would ensue naturally.
    3. geoffg The Chinese have never been big on spiritual demigods, it is not part of their tradition. The heaven state is, but not God running it. There is nothing in fg that is not in other execises elsewhere, except the guy at the top.
  14. eClinik RE: Bill Gates at Stanford Hi Benjamin, Here is a speech that Bill Gates gave on April 4th: He doesn’t look the least bit concerned. You said that according to your sources he had been arrested and that he had a police deputy following him to prevent him from leaving the country, but he has just been to Africa. The things you are saying sound really great, but I think it is time for you to start showing more evidence of your claims. If these people are being arrested why can’t you provide mug shots etc which are normally available for media when celebrities are arrested. If you have a lot of contacts in the CIA and such why can’t your provide more evidence? Some people including myself believe what you have been saying, but when we try to tell others we are accused of being crazy. Please show some real evidence that can’t be discredited. Thanks, J Thanks J. The information I had no Bill Gates being detained came from the CIA. When we called the Microsoft PR office they refused to confirm or deny that he had been detained. The same sources that told me he had been detained for questioning also told me he had been subsequently released. The same was true of Timothy Geithner. We confirmed both his detention and subsequent release. This was also on Fox news.
    What people need to realize is that the West is under an information quarantine. For example did your propaganda media report that the BRICS countries are setting up a new bank to replace the IMF and World Bank and that they said so in a press release after their summit meeting at the end of March?
    In any case, this war is as much about the collective consciousness of the people of the planet as it is about money and armies. The truth will win in the end because it is backed by reality. Benjamin Fulford source:
  15. eClinik 04/08/2012 RE: CHENEY Admits to 911 The article below came out on April 1st and was obviously intended as an April fool’s joke. However, “many a true word is spoken in jest,” and I suspect much of that article is true even though it was presented as an April fool’s joke.
    Benjamin Fulford I just got this…I don’t have any way to validate it, but I have believed it was an inside job and not by the Saudi Arabs ever since it happened, I just didn’t think that the white house would have been so intimately involved. So I pass it on to you for whatever it is worth. Roger If it is true, then it is a huge blockbuster that will ripple throughout the world with huge consequences. Subject: CHENY Admits to 911 Emitte lucem et veritatemSend out light and truth Cheny Admits to 9/11 Posted on April 1, 2012 by Planet WavesIn his first news conference since his heart was replaced one week ago, former Vice President Dick Cheney announced Saturday that he regretted his “extensive” role in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — and the subsequent coverup. Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that “knowing the truth would be good for the country.” Photo: AP.“It was a terrible, terrible thing to do,” said Cheney, speaking in the lobby of Bethesda Cardiac Unit in Maryland, the nation’s most prestigious heart center. Reporters, his transplant team and members of his family crowded around Cheney, who served for eight years under President George W. Bush.“Looking back, I can’t believe Karl and I actually did that,” he added, referring to former White House staff member and Republican strategist Karl Rove.“There are a lot of ways to start wars. I don’t know why we had to kill so many Jewish people,” he explained. As reporters shouted their questions, Cheney raised his hand and said, “I am sorry, this is very difficult. I don’t have that much more to say. I just needed to get this off my chest.”Cheney said that he planned the attacks so that the United States could get a permanent military presence in the Middle East, and have access to Iraq’s largely untapped oil reserves, the third largest in the world. “I can’t believe people didn’t put this together,” he said, “especially since we outlined the plan publicly in 1998. Even if people trusted me, I take responsibility for lying. It just wasn’t right.” He said that it was Rove who came up with the date of Sept. 11, which translates to 9-11, “so that people would reminded of it as long as they lived, every time they see an ambulance or police car. It was very clever marketing. Karl is good that way,” Cheney said chuckling. “But it’s not funny. Sorry,” he added. “I regret that we were aware that the date commemorates the CIA coup of Chile in 1973, but that was not intentional.”Cheney explained that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were in fact demolished by controlled demolition, and that the airplane crashes into the towers merely served as a distraction. “They were drone aircraft,” he said. “Nobody was on board. That part is good,” he said. “I am proud that I suggested that. Everyone else wanted to use real jets.” On Saturday, Cheney admitted to his role in the planned demolition of the World Trade Center — and the coverup.He criticized the demolition of WTC 7, the third building to fall that day, as “sloppy work,” which he said was the result of “the CIA’s arrogance. They said nobody would notice, and by golly, they were almost right about that.” He briefly mentioned how the Pentagon was really hit by a AGM-86B cruise missile, launched from an NSA destroyer on Chesapeake Bay. “It was not an airplane. It was supposed to be, but we had problems. We went to the backup plan.” He made no further comment about the Pentagon. Cheney then summed up the ways in which the government’s involvement was covered up. “But that’s not really an accurate description. The whole thing was a coverup.”Attempts to contact former Pres. Bush at his home in Texas were not successful. Bush’s father, former Pres. George H.W. Bush, released a statement that said, “I never did like that guy.” managed to reach Bill Clinton doing relief work in Namibia. “You would be real surprised how common this kind of thing is,” he said, while supervising a house construction site. “I’m so glad to be out of the game.”News of Cheney’s announcement spread around the Internet rapidly on Saturday, trending at record levels on Twitter as hashtag #yesireallydidit. Major news outlets, including The Washington Post and The New York Times, refused to carry coverage of the revelation. “We think that the vice president is suffering from medical complications or the influence of drugs,” the Times said in a statement. “We will not carry this story.” Josh Finkelstein, The Post’s longtime managing editor, was confronted by reporters at Washington’s famous Intelligentsia restaurant on D Street. He said, “This is absurd. This cannot be true.” The White House immediately went on the defensive. Pres. Obama appeared at a hastily convened press briefing Saturday afternoon, flanked by the White House physician, Dr. Omar Kalibri, and Dr. Wilbur Smith, a medical psychiatrist from George Washington University.“This is a medical issue, so I will let the appropriate professionals speak,” he said, turning the podium over to Dr. Kalibri.“Sometimes when a major organ is transplanted, the patient takes on some of the psychological properties of the donor,” he said. “That seems to be what happened in this situation.” The Associated Press reported several hours ago that Cheney’s new heart came from Richard Falcone, who was influential in the 9-11 Truth Movement in San Francisco. He disappeared mysteriously on Friday, March 23. The information was leaked to AP by an anonymous source at the Organ Clearinghouse Database (OCD) in Toledo, Ohio, which matches donors and recipients for the whole country.
    Falcone was planning the release of his new book and DVD at the time of his disappearance. His family said that his blood type matched that of the former vice president — type O. “Richie devoted himself tirelessly to the 9-11 Truth Movement,” his mother said. “But mostly he was a very nice person. We’re happy to see that the recipient of his heart has finally joined the cause.” ++ This entry was posted in Breaking News. Bookmark the permalink. ← Chart for Cheney’s Announcement Confirms 9-11 RoleAstrology Today: Oracle for Monday, April 2, 2012 →13 Responses to BREAKING: Dick Cheney Has Change of Heart, Admits to 9/11 source:
  16. eClinik RE: Ben, there is quite a discussion on your paid blog about the “Star of David” google map comment Ben, It seems so much of what you report weekly has no way of being proven or verified. However, I was excited today to read this statement in your latest report “There were also reports from three different sources from three separate intelligence agencies (MI6, CIA and NSA) that the Bushes, Clintons and other cabal leaders had prepared a hideaway in the Bahamas. A look with Google Earth did reveal two separate locations with air-strips located next to a group of ultra-rich people’s type housing complexes. One of the Islands had a giant Star of David on it clearly visible from a satellite. I thought, “finally, something tangible and PROVABLE”. However, while many of us paid subscribers have spent a few hours on google map looking for this ‘proof’ of a visible Star of David near an air strip, we found none. I have been told today that unless you have a ‘paid google subscription’, the information is not current. Therefore, I am making a request. I would hope you would post a link to that google map shot that you are referring to so we can FINALLY have at least one thing that has been said in your reports proven true. It is hard for many to read your weekly reports and be given absolutely nothing that can be shown or proven as true. This is one way you could show us that you do have ‘RELIABLE’ sources. You said there were three separate sources. I sincerely hope you will take my suggestion. If you’d like to send this google map shot to me, I’m happy to post it on your paid blog. We are all awaiting a response and I am posting a copy of this e-mail to you on the blog. Come on Ben…we need some proof instead of unverifiable stories. Thank you,
    Ann Dear Ann, There were two sites on the Bahamas that I found that looked likely. Both featured a large airstrip and a nearby luxury housing construction zone. One is Moxey town, the other is Andros town. The Andros coordinates were 24degrees, 42’31.53 N. 77degrees 46’47.88. It has an airstrip, a gated community and a set of helicopter landing sites. When I took a look again today at what looked to me like a Star of David at Moxey (24degrees 17’53’22 N 77degrees 40’39) town now looks like a road structure, which appears to have no purpose, that looks more like a diamond than a Star of David.
    As for the bigger point you make about nothing being provable in my reports, that is patently not true. I strongly suggest for readers to personally phone the public relations divisions of places like the IMF, the BRICS press center etc. and do their own fact checking.
    It is true however, that reporting on the activities of secret societies and other organizations that are not officially allowed to speak to the press is that you have to deal with sources who wish to remain anonymous. When people talk off the record, they are not legally obliged to back up their words in court. However, what I can do is confirm through other routes that the people I am talking to are who they claim to be. If they provide me with disinformation, I stop using them as an information source.
    You must also know they have a network of paid disinformation agents deliberately trying to diminish my credibility and that of other journalists working outside of the corporate propaganda media. They usually just post ad-hominin attacks like saying Fulford is a “fantastist” or “bullshitter,” or “crazy.” I do not bother responding to such slander as it dignifies the attacker with un-warranted publicity. However, if there is a specific fact-based criticism I will always take it seriously and respond.
  17. eClinik This is my response to Cliff High. Hi Cliff,
    Here is a message from one of my direct sources. He lent me his geiger counter for a few days. The other is Paul Kastner, President of Fireside Stoves whose wife has been an anti-nuclear activist in Japan since the 1980’s. He has also found no radiation despite extensive testing. Hi Benjamin,
    My geiger counter is buried somewhere deep in my pile of junk, but I am pretty sure it the one displayed on this page:
    If it is not this one it is a similar one manufactured by the same company. I carried it around Tokyo and Chiba with me during late August and early September. I personally did not find any hot spots or radiation levels that I could say were significantly above what I measured in Pittsburgh, nor did I detect any significant radiation in any of the food I measured. Obviously I only used my geiger counter in a few isolated places, and Japan is a very large country. I know my equipment worked because I tested it on some uranium ore on display in the Hall of Minerals at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh before going to Japan.
    I think that radiation is a huge risk in Japan and over the decades perhaps millions of people will die from it. Of course, the same can be said for cigarettes, automobiles, pollution, junk food, and many other risks we face. Just as with these other risks, I think that an informed person taking reasonable precautions can minimize his risk and expect to lead a long and normal life in Tokyo and most other parts of Japan, although some parts of Fukushima will remain uninhabitable. For more on my views of Fukushima and the risks of nuclear power, please see this article I wrote:
    Dr. Christopher Titus North, executive director of Citizen Power, which is a non-profit research and advocacy organization in the field of energy policy.
  18. eClinik RE: Mar 31st deadline Hello Benjamin Mar 31st/2012 has come and gone and you haven’t posted anything about what happened on the above deadline with regards to the cabal. Now, I am not trying to slander you here but are you blowing smoke and mirrors or is it real? I have tried to email earlier about this and you never got back. If you are trying to ignore my email because what you are saying it crap, then shame on you. In other words, what other folks are saying about you is true that you are a disinfo agent. I hope they are wrong about you because I have a lot of respect for your journalism but if it is a lie, that respect will be gone.If the so called “White Dragon Society,” wants change to a more prosperous world, then why haven’t other alternative media websites report these arrests? I hope you are 100% accurate in what you have been saying because if not you are part of the cabal and they are manipulating you to give the masses a false sense of hope and when they have got that, the cabal will spring it on us when we least expect it and the masses will be enslaved, including yourself. So, if you are lying about what you have said so far, then fess up and apologize. If not, may the divine be with you for informing us the behind the scenes issues that other alternative media sites are not picking up. Joe Hi Joe, The March 31st deadline was put out by the gnostic illuminati group, not by the White Dragon Society. I will ask their representative today what happened. However, I can confirm that the committee of 300 sent somebody to Tokyo to negotiate with the WDS before that deadline and that these negotiations are still taking place. There are a couple of major power centers that still cannot reach a compromise so my understanding is that the deadlock continues for now. We have been given false hopes so many times about an imminent resolution that all I can say is believe it when you see it and not until then.
  19. eClinik Changes Asian Politics! > Dear Mr Fulford
    > I follow you internet postings with the greatest of interest and thus
    > my perceptions of world events are differently focused…..!
    > Could you tell if the recent events in Burma or Myanmar and the
    > recent elections with the pro democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi Have
    > anything to do with the unseen machinations, you mention, that are
    > about to play out on the world stage? Or as positive as it may seem to
    > be, is this something entirely different and separate?
    > Yours Sincerely Steve in England Hi Steve, When I visited Myanmar a few years ago, I found the country to be very different and far more benevolent than what was reported in the Western press.
    Aung San Su Kyi has been viewed by many in the Myanmar government as a Western agent who could not be fully trusted.
    However, the government of Myanmar has begun to realize that not all things Western are evil and have made a fundamental decision to welcome more win-win deals with the West,
    My conclusion is that positive things are happening there. Of course the thing to watch for in the future is whether or not heroin production will return to the golden triangle after it is phased out in Afghanistan.
    If heroin production revives in Myanmar, then you will know who is really in charge.
  20. eClinik 04/19/2012 From a reader: Obama’s 50 Trillion Dollar Mistake
    Washington, D. C.– Iraq economy coming back – US derailed by DINAR
    Promises of the self-financed Iraq war advanced by Bush/Chaney administration were derailed by Obama Administration costing each US tax payer $414,000 – $1,150,000,000 or between $129,000 and $138,000 per citizen. Even by Washington standards that is a lot of money. By comparison the US debt is currently $138,000 per taxpayer and $50,000 per US citizen (
    The national curency for Iraq, the Iraqi Dinar (IQD), was changed for US Federal Reserve Dollars during the Iraq War. After the new government was established in 2011 the new IQD were to replace the old US dollar as the currency. For alledged self serving reasons the Obama Administration thwarted the global community banking system from putting the exchange price in place. Since the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve were holding 7.5 Trillion IQD the potential gain to the US Treasury was between 33.8 Trillion – 92.1 Trillion Dollars.
    Since there has never been an audit of the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury, the location of the 7.5 Trillion IQD is unknown. What is known is that along with the 7.5 Trillion IQD the US was given the right to buy Iraqi oil at approximately 30 dollars per barrel after a stipulated holding period rather than at market rates. The exact terms of this Bush/Cheney agreement are allegedly confidential. The problem is that the US lost most of its IQD when the Chinese requested the return of gold on loan to the US. The only collateral available to the US that the Chinese would accept, in lieu of gold, was the US IQD DINAR holdings. Sources say at least 3.5 and then another 3.0 trillion IQD were handed over to the Chinese since the US had not the gold to make good on this obligation. Since then both Venezuela and Switzerland have demanded the return of their gold.
    This loss is not the fault of the Chinese, rather the profligate mismanagement of other people’s gold reserves by the Federal Reserve and Treasury a line which the Federal Reserve Act likes to blur at its convenience. Accorrding to sources the Chinese have been diligently working with IMF to solve this problem. Being the US’s largest trading partner the Chinese wish no ill for the American economy or it’s people.
    The Ron Paul campaign has succeeded in bringing the corruption of the FED to the main stream to some extent, but his discoveries are only the tip of the iceberg. The White Hats organization have also focused the financial chicanerary of ourcurrent administration and prior administrations through their reports to be found at In its 39th release it fingers very suspicious financial activity by both the Democratic and Republician parties and their respective nominees.
    Our country’s full faith and credit depends upon ethics and fair dealings, as well as balance sheets. Failed delivery of other people’s gold symbolizes the worst bad faith and bad credit. When the final story is told about the gold and and silver markets manipulation we will learn just how bad that faith and credit were supervised by the Fed/US Treasury. A fee market economy should never depend upon manipulated markets.
    If We the People do not monitor the government it is like leaving the teenagers at home with an unlimited credit card and we all know how that usually turns out. Do you have any suggestions or comments on the content of this article. IT has already been reviewed by the White Hats representative. Thanks for the information. A lot of Chinese were bribed with Iraqi oil by the Bushes to work against the White Dragon Society.
  21. eClinik 04/20/2012
    Anonymous Hacker Collective Gnostic illuminati representative told me that anonymous was going to shut down the internet on March 31st. The exact protocol for doing this was sent to me and many other people in advance. It involved basically attacking the 13 root servers at the heart of the internet. Later, however, I was told that anonymous had made a collective decision that they supported free speech on the internet so the plan to shut it down would not go ahead. As far as I can tell, anonymous is amorphous and not centrally led but is still capable of reaching spontaneous collective decisions to take action against certain sites. In any case, the White Dragon Society does not speak for either anonymous or the gnostic illuminati.
  22. eClinik 04/27/2012
    RE: who is Drake ? is he a person to trust ?
    he was introduced to us by david wilcock
    and right after that david was gone , no more communication Hello, My own primary sources tell me Drake is US military and that he is limited in what he is allowed to talk about. As with all this sort of feel good news, believe it only when you see it. However, there is plenty to see out there now to show that the bad guys are in full retreat.
  23. eClinik > I am constantly amazed at the crap you put out and feel sympathy for
    > the suckers who subscribe to your site. So did the Pope resign April
    > 15th? Did all the bankers get arrested? Has Bush, Kissinger, Gates,
    > Rockefeller etc. all been arrested ?
    > These guys are taking the world down a 100 m.p.h. and you keep
    > spouting your false hope BS and crap about the 100 million martial
    > artists ready to take down the Illuminati along with the invisible
    > ”White Dragon Society”.
    > You’re a wanker and a evil wanker to boot, to give people false hope
    > like you do. You are as big of a dope as David Wilcox and his mate
    > ”Drake”, who is a bigger liar than you in fact. You are gonna get
    > some serious Karma [even more than you are getting now boofhead].
    > ”Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”Thomas Jefferson
    > Based on that quote you are as thick as a brick.
    > Kindest Regards,
    > Jeff Dear Jeff, Please understand that there is a war going on. One side says we will be in Berlin by Christmas, the other side starts the battle of the bulge. However, if you objectively analyze the news from a slightly longer term perspective, you will see that real change is happening. A few years ago, for example, before the Asian secret societies activated themselves, the talk was that China might surpass the US 50 years from now.
    When I started this work, there was not a single sentence on the entire internet about the Rothschilds and very few people knew the Federal Reserve Board was a privately owned institution. Not now.
    The IMF, supposedly the world’s lender of last resort, is now publicly begging for money.
    Although many of the top cabalists have been detained for questioning, it is true that most of them still appear, on the surface to be free. Until we really do see them in jail and removed from power, you can be sure the war is not over yet.
    All that said, like you, I will only truly believe in things when I see them with my own eyes.
    Keep up the rational cynicism but please avoid slander. Thank you, Benjamin Fulford
  24. alyssa Benjamin, I was so pessimestic about the current situation in the world until I started hearing your videos. Is there any way I can email you? You really are a hero for putting this info out there.
  25. Jamey Doglio BWAHAHAHHAHAHAAA! HE’S the “mouth piece of Ass!!!” Hahahhahahaha!
  26. eClinik hi ben, i have read all about you and what you are trying to do for our world. i just have question that needs to be answered. since the chinese secret society knows whats been happening for years now with new evidence against the cabals, why is barack Obama still in office. why are they letting him slide for his plans for world domination for passing a new law saying that most people in us and soon around the world people are going to b arrest for no reason and not having a fair trial. like i got my self in trouble with law this my first actually and they have not been going easy on me. ima good kid but followed a very dumb person. iv’e been on house arrest for 4 months and 24 days with out getting my sentence. im very interest with what the C.S.S. (chinese secret society) is trying to accomplish for our world. there is so much info about saying that mass arrest is not true i am choosing to believe that the mass arrest is being in effect as we speak. i just need some anwsers and to be able to relax. a 16 year old kid should not be worrying about these kinda of things. i just want to see Barack Obama arrested and the rest of the cabal families. we could live in a world with out these scumbags old men that is trying to make the NWO. thumbs up to the C.S.S. U GUYS HAVE MY RESPECT AND I HOPE U GUYS SUCCESSES IN YOUR PLANS TO END THESE SCUM BAGS IN 2012. Hello,
    A lot of people have been asking why the arrests do not take place. The answer is that the cabalists are surrounded by about 30,000 highly paid armed guards. Also, they control the US military and its nuclear arsenal. They have been trying to start WW3. It means we have a hostage situation and that requires patience as we slowly cut them off from their money. That is the bad news. The good news is that apart from the US and Europe, most of the rest of the world has already freed itself from their rule. Last week they promised $513 billion to help poor people and the environment. A few years ago that $513 billion would have been handed over, no questions asked, to the cabal. We do not know when the final liberation of the US and Europe will take place but we are hoping for some good news in the autumn. In the meantime, keep to the moral high ground and do not give them any excuse to bully you. Then, if they do bully you, you can charge them with a crime. Good luck and rest assured that most of the rest of your long life you will be free.
  27. Darwin Frick I am a “big reader” on the issues about the new world order find very interesting, because it is the only way to complete many historical facts.
    Reading about this brought me to the knowledge of the “White Dragon Society” that fascinated me as the antithesis would be stronger against the new order that I have read so far.
    But one thing makes me worried, if you are mortal enemies of them and can mobilize an army of 200 million as they say, as you guys publish on sites tracked by them, without giving lectures they harm their personal lives?
    Sorry, but I saw a lecture from you on Youtube where a guest Putin praised her, sorry but I do not see Putin against these Kabbalists.
    But I think, very simplistic in the way he (Fulford) explains the issue
    Sorry my english, I am Brazilian and I’m not good at English
  28. eClinik 08/08/2012
    RE: Again Ben:
    Ethel Quiram here, in Hot California, central valley. I received an email from Paypal that you have discontinued my private membership. OK, Question here, does that mean I’m no longer a part of the reading fan club for Benjamin Fulford, if not then what has happened?
    Your site is the first I click on when logging onto my computer Monday or Tuesday mornings, I read and devour them all, even have my computer translate some in Japanese to English and read them also. Don’t want to miss you information.
    Please take care, and stay alive…… most important.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply. Thanks for caring. Our website is under attack by people who are trying to cut off our finances. Paypal has unilaterally cut off payments from our subscribers. We have complained to Paypal repeatedly and have provided them with all the documentation they have asked for but they continue to freeze payments. We are working on solving the problem.
  29. ave It would seem my 2 posts are gone. If its a revolution in the making why do I have to pay my money to join ? It should be free if the change is to be sweeping.. but you can only have it if you pay.. doess that not strike anyone as off that they go on and on about the worthlessness of the printed dollar but then turn around and ask you for money to join the cause ? To me it does..If you want to change the world ,,
    make it free
    1. eClinik Hi, Ave: Commenting on the blog is a privilege not a right. Your posts are not gone. You just pretend that you don’t remember where they are. So i decided to look them up for you. We are giving our book for free. But if you are generous enough, you have the option to donate. Now that your complaints are addressed, can you prove to us that you’re doing something better than we are doing now to help humanity move forward?
  30. eClinik 02/06/2013 RE: ILLUMINATI Use China to Loot the West Hi,I’m a male 40- year old Kenyan who’s been a follower ever since your Fukushima expose. I have some questions I’ve always wanted to ask to simplify things. Is there a single high command at the pyramid apex or is there not a single Illuminati monolith? If not, which are the main factions and their specific agendas if any? Is there a single geographical region for each faction like an agreed sphere of influence? Are any of these factions ever at loggerheads even though they share the same underlying philosophy of elitism, inbreeding, satanism(?) and contempt for Man? There are many threads on the illuminati and I’ve looked long for a functional description but haven’t seen one. Rgds Thank you for the very thought provoking question. It will require a long answer. First of all, I believe that for most people the word Illuminati has become a generic term for a secret elite manipulating world events. The reality is more complicated. Two groups have contacted me, each claiming to be the Illuminati. One says they have been opposed to secret rule by Satanic bloodlines for thousands of years. They claim to have started the French, Russian and American revolutions. Another group calling itself Illuminati says they are descended from the Caesars of Rome and control the Vatican and the Mafia. They are better known as the Vatican P2 lodge. Together they were plotting a fascist world government known as the New World Order. They were opposed by the inbred Royal families of Europe who I think of as the Old World Order. Until recently, there was unified leadership with 5 key people at the top: David Rockefeller, George Bush Sr., Evelyn Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth and the Pope. Around the time of the election of George Bush Jr. and the self-inflicted 911, 2001 terror attack, they split into two factions: the war on terror faction and the global warming faction. The war on terror faction was the New World Order and the Global warming faction was the Old World Order. Recently, my contacts with people at or near the top of the Western power structure lead me to believe the real situation has become really complicated because of a power transition. A good parallel is a band of hyenas that has lost its alpha leader. For a while there is complex factional infighting going on and it is hard to figure out exactly what is going on. That is because an Asian group decided Western leadership was destroying the planet and started to take on both factions. They have done very well and the result has been the 180 nation BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) alliance. President Obama was very limited in what he could do during his first term because of the power of the two secret factions. He was set up to be a puppet who could fool the colored peoples of the world into thinking he was the world’s leader and not the old white men like George Soros, David Rockefeller and George Bush Sr. who were pulling his strings. Recently though, the situation has changed. My sources tell me the Rockefellers have fled to an Island near Fiji the Bushes tried to flee to South America but were stopped. Obama is now free to do more than he could in his first term. However, an American president has to represent the consensus of the establishment, especially the military industrial complex, so Obama is still fairly powerless. Another way to understand what is going on in the West it to realize it has a split personality. One part of the West thinks of itself as heir to Greek (science and democracy) and Roman (law and strong military power) culture. However, a large part of the elite think of themselves as heirs to Babylonian or Egyptian cultures which were ruled by God kings. It is the Babylonian and Egyptian traditions that are associated with occult secret societies, slavery, finance, guilds and Satanism. Posted at 11:34 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
  31. eClinik 02/26/2013
    RE: Your latest
    > Ben:
    > If statements made by others are merely probable or possible disinformation
    > and are no more than wild claims without any substantiating facts from witnesses
    > or victims such as the two “sources” you offer in your latest article,
    > your journalism
    > and credibility continue to slip.
    > Why do you do this? You come off as borderline hysterical, especially when you
    > claim Kerry is homosexual because he is a member of Skull and Bones.
    > I am tempted to think your mysterious sources in MI5 and the CIA are
    > deliberately
    > feeding you extreme BS knowing you will print it and thereby discredit any
    > authentic revelations about the ones at the top.
    > If there is any truth to the White Dragon Society and the hope it can clean up
    > the mess, please honor that desperately-needed rescue with balanced statements
    > backed up with something more than the hate-filled rants of those who
    > obviously hate
    > Catholics, religion, royalty and the ultra rich.
    > And, please, temper your accusations re human sacrifice and
    > paedophilia and homosexuality
    > until you can provide reasonable proof. I fear you are becoming a
    > laughing stock among the
    > serious-minded.
    > Your thinking is so distorted, as revealed by your writing, that I
    > have difficulty believing
    > you have any real information at all.
    > I do wish you well and look forward to all you want for the world to
    > come to pass.
    > I want it too.
    > Cheers,
    > D Thank you for your criticism. It is true that the agency sources I have can abuse the fact that I need to keep their identities secret in order to protect them from losing their jobs or their lives. However,
    whenever such sources feed me disinformation and I find out, I change my relationship of trust with them and stop using them as sources.
    One source in the story about Kerry being homosexual comes from the testimony of Kay Griggs, the wife of a US government assassin and Skull and Bones member. She states that the initiation ceremony for Skull and Bones is a homosexual orgy.
    Here is her testimony:
    As far as human sacrifice is concerned, there have been so many cases and witnesses emerging that it can no longer be dismissed. The testimony I got for human sacrifice and Balmoral Castle came from the late Lord Mountbatten, who was first cousin to the Queen. This has been corrorated by Leo Zagami of the P2 lodge and by MI5 agents (whose indenty I cannot make public). There is a lot more, and although the decent mind revolts at the possibility, do a bit of basic research and you will see it is true. For a biblical reference, please take a look at the Book of Ruth and you can see we are dealing with modern day Moabites.
    Also, please rest assured I have nothing against Catholics, Religion, Royalty or the Ultra-rich. There is no hate in my writing, only facts and statement made by others.
    Finally, please refrain from slanderous phrases like “disinformation,” “borderline hysterical,” “hate filled rants,” “extreme BS,” “laughing stock,” etc. because you offer no proof. It exposes you as a likely paid shill for the cabal. They always attack the messenger without addressing the factual truth the messenger brings.
    As far as the White Dragon Society is concerned, we have already gotten rid of the Pope, the Bushes, Queen Beatrix, the Rockefellers and we have only just begun. Humanity will be freed from criminal cabal rule. We are through talking, we are taking direct action. Believe it when you see it. Posted at 00:20 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
  32. Angelo Napolitano
  33. eClinik RE: Sabbateans and satan
    > Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:25:31 -0700
    > Subject: Sabbateans and satan >
    > Dear Ben:
    > I am having difficulty locating historical evidence that the
    > Sabbateans or Sabbateans-Frankists practiced Satanism.
    > Both jewish leaders promoted the idea that breaking all religious laws would bring about the return of the Messiah.
    > It is this goal, hastening the return of the Messiah, that makes the serious worship of Satan problematic. One doesn’t worship Satan genuinely when one’s motive is
    to “use up” the evil in the universe so that heaven is forced to come to Earth.
    > The Heaven on Earth/Messiah they sought never is described as Satan.
    > Satan is the enemy of the Messiah.
    > S. Asvi was forced to convert to Islam, so he rationalized this as
    > following God’s will so he could convert Muslims to Judaism. This is hardly Satanism.
    > Frank, however, openly urged his followers to convert to Christianity.
    > Frank was welcomed in court as a power for Christianity. This is hardly Satanism.
    > As for the Khazars, they converted mostly to Christianity, altho a large number converted to
    > Islam.
    >> I find no reference to Satanism among the Khazars.
    > Can you direct me to any historical text that explains the connection between
    > Sabbatean/Frankist/Khazarian jews and Satanism?
    > Thanks,
    > D Dear D, It is always hard to generalize and I realize that many words mean different things to different people. Sabbatean/Frankist/Khazarian Jew can mean many opposing things to many people.
    When I use the word Sabbatean Satanists I refer to a group of people who were planning to stage an artificial armageddon kill 80 to 90% of humanity
    and enslave the rest.
    I have never been a biblical scholar and was not interested in this subject until these people asked me to join them in their murderous plans.
    I have a tape recording of the invitation where the self-described assassin told me I must either join them or die. He said “there is no God, we are God,” and said
    he worked for the Elders of Zion. He was sent to me by former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka who in turn worked for Junichiro Koizumi who in turn was a slave of the
    Bush/Nazi (National Socialist Zionist) crime family.
    My subsequent historical research led to the Hyksos, a people who invaded Egypt and who worshiped a goat faced being with a forked tail.
    Other historical hints about this group can be found in biblical references to the Moabites, who practiced human sacrifice and were opposed by the tribe of Benjamin.
    They worshipped Molech who can also be found worshipped at the present day Bohemian grove.
    Although I do not necessarily endorse the views in the links below, I suggest you take a look at these articles to start your research:
    Please understand that over 90% of the extended family of my Jewish Hollander ancestors were killed by the Nazis and I believe I am fighting and exposing these very same people
    in order to prevent the murder of billions of people. It is not a Jewish thing, it is a Satanic thing we are fighting. Posted at 21:02 | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
  34. Ken Rankin Just want to say thank you. Been foliowing since January. Someday soon you will be recognized along with David Willcock, Neil Keenan, Drake, Cobra and others for the heros that you are. And thank you for updates, Some of us really need them to maintain our focus and positive energy.
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  36. eClinik From Jim Stone @ The latest war between Rense and I Rense denied booting me off the air. So I´d like him to explain this before program Skype chat with Mike Harris, and ask WHERE THE * is this program in archives? Read the before program chat and more HERE A note from Benjamin Fulford regarding this special report: Hello, Jeff Rense took me off his show after saying he had been “under a lot of pressure,” to do so after I started exposing Fukushima, as you have, as a terrorist mass murder psyops. Rense’s attitude towards me changed after the owners of his radio network sold their network to a group called Clearstream. Clearstream is apparently owned by J.P. Morgan and thus leads to the Bush family. Mr. Rense sold his soul. His lies and propaganda about Fukushima are proof. By participating in the cover up of what really happened there, he is an accessory to mass murder. Please try to confirm the financial connection with the Bushes through your sources as well. Thanks and keep up the excellent work. Benjamin Fulford
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  38. Ken Rankin Funny.
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  42. TONY LANE to BENJAMIN FULFORD you must stop HARPER FROM RIGGING THE ELECTION AT ALL COSTS, send out the message across the INTERNET, Kevin Annett needs your help and so do hundreds of children maybe thousands, the future of all children are at risk from satanic paedophiliac sacrifices, this HARPER MUST BE TAKEN DOWN AND ARRESTED for election fraud and all other crimes.
    1. Martin Maybe you are asking the wrong person.
      Fulford admits admits to being a polish Jew on his mother’s side – the side that counts
      check this out:
  43. Hope Is there an English translation to the RT video above covering 911?? please
    1. eClinik Learning When playing, click the CC button at bottom right for subtitles. Click on the gear button for setting to a particular language.
  44. Martin Fulford admits admits to being a polish Jew on his mother’s side – the side that counts
    check this out:
  45. josh “This video contains content from David Wilcock. It is not avalible in your country.” Okay what is that, it wont let me see the video, why would I not be allowed to see it because I watch David all the time?
  46. Laureen McMullan Hello Benjamin. Do you have any info on what the TPP is going to do to us. I live in Canada.
    Really enjoy your info.
  47. Paul Ben, I need to have an exchange of comments with URGENTLY. Things are not precisely as you are presenting them and I suspect you may be being ‘steered’ by your circumstances/perspective. I also have some VERY IMPORTANT information I need to get out and I think you can help to avert yet another crisis! Please email me as soon as you can or instant message me on FB for a live chat/exchange.
  48. Serena I do not understand why the Dragon Family would give the corrupt federal reserve board a ton of gold. Wouldn’t it be better for them to give it to the people who are working on kicking out the creepy criminals who are running the illegal corporate USA and the private federal reserve which is not an actual part of our country? This would help them restore our republic and our constitution. Isn’t the whole point taking away their money so they cannot commit more atrocities? Don’t we want the federal reserve to fail so the new republic can replace them? Doesn’t this give them more money to do more geoengineering, genocide, and poisoning of our planet? Wouldn’t they just steal the money like they always do rather than give to humanity? This seems like a bad thing. I’m trying to follow this as best I can, I can’t be the only person who is thinking this right now.
  49. Saheike1 Proof everything and keep the best for Hopium
  50. Roxann I would have preferred to send this as an email, but I could not find a contact link. I noticed that some of the links to older articles on this page are going off site rather than to posts within your site, as they should. It would seem that someone has hacked your site. Please feel free to delete this comment after you have taken note of the issue.
  51. Bill Hegedus We the Earthlings of the United Earth, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Planet Earth. We take the original Constitution away from Washington DC
    By forming the new one for the world to join in and void all us citizenship.
    (slavery) going forward. (Bill Hegedus and Amy Wells Thoughts)
  52. Aron Burton A world military sounds like part of the NWO agenda that don’t sound like a helpful suggestion to me. I’m worried that your possibly working for the Illuminati too because you just don’t know who to believe and trust anymore with there being more evil than good in the world.
  53. dee Hello Ben,
    Thank you for your service to humanity.
    I am deeply concerned about the immanent extinction of the vaquita porpoise, who lives in the Gulf of Cortez/California. Their primary threat is gillnets, and the illegal fishing for Totoaba fish, which are used as medicinals in the Asian culture. If there were no market for these blackmarket fish, the threat to the vaquita would be reduced significantly. Can you help by asking the WDFs throughout Asia to address the general issue of blackmarkets for endangered species, and most immediately the Totoaba, which affects the vaquita. As of May 2016, there are only 60 vaquita left; scientists estimate they will be extinct by 2018. Drastic measures are being considered to extract some of them into a captive breeding program. Gillnets have been banned for 2 years, which ends in 2017; there needs to be a permanent ban; but there also needs to be an elimination of the markets for endangered species.
    Please help if you can.
  54. Cindy Please get this to those who are concerned…
  55. Dawn Burris Ben, can you pass this message along? Dear Mr. Putin, please bear with America a little longer; I’m hopeful Mr. Trump will lead our great nation in an honorable way. Who knows, you and he might even be friends. Thank you for any consideration.
  56. Mark I believe that the Freemasons greeting about the traveling man tells the present story. The greeting concludes he is “traveling from west to east” . In conclusion the secret societies are all joined so the money and power are moving to Chinese secret society control . The same people at the top are still controlling and we look on thinking good changes are happening when it is really all planned. . The Egyptian magic has suffered though so the true elite are nervous and Benjamin Fulford knows what they want him to know! Nothing more!
  57. Martin Hoffman At a critical time in the Planet’s history, Ben Fulford takes another vacation . . .
    Fulford admits admits to being a polish Jew on his mother’s side – the side that counts. check this out:
  58. Aaron I just listened to August 22nd update. When you say the “Pope” is doing righteous things you totally lost me. All the things he’s been saying are anti Trump, anti nationalism, and anti American with his hypocritical crap. Now he’s for Trump? Yeah I don’t think so. Yeah I want justice for all people. Peace and fairness are the goal for me. And nationalism I’m for because if you can’t clean you’re own backyard FIRST then shut up. Will there be an election? I think not. I feel Trump is Americas last hope. I’m new to this but I’ve been learning. I think the Pope is part of this problem. Maybe you can explain? But I know what this “Pope” has been saying from his mouth. I really starting to wonder who’s who and what side they are on when I here this 180!?
  59. Martin Hoffman Wonder no longer!
    Fulford admits admits to being a polish Jew on his mother’s side – the side that counts.
    Check this out:
  60. Aaron Ben.
    I just listen to the weekly update and would like you to confirm something. My understanding is that the G20 is globalism/Khazar backed and anti-nationalism. What say you?
  61. Martin Hoffman Must see documentary: JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick
    3.5 hours, rapidly paced.
    1. Aaron Martin,
      Thank you for info. Just watched this documentary. Unbelievable! Great info!
  62. Andy Beveridge fulford, you are a lying c*&t
  63. Aaron Ben,
    I keep hearing “China wants the Canadian Pres to be American Pres”. Well listen here! F:ck China! That Canadian hack will never be my president! Trump will be or its on! I know about him and China!
  64. Edward Ben, as much as you want to peddle your Canadian buddy to be The Boss of ALL of North America, we have a little piece of paper, called the US Constitution, you know that little piece of paper that GUARANTEES Americans the RIGHTS to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” that you denigrated in your article, those RIGHTS that you and all your Chinook buddies don’t have and apparently don’t value, and if YOU or anyone else believes that we Americans would turn our backs on this Document and go along with all of this crap that you are peddling on this forum, better get educated about REAL Americans real fast or you definitely won’t like the outcome if you want to cross the border and “straighten us out”!!! Better bring all your “friends” along because you are going to need them. And BTW, you need to “straighten yourselves out” up north before you want to meddle in someone else’s business!!!
  65. Ed Dear Benjamin, I have been reading your interesting prophecy on global issues and want to believe your hopeful message that I believe you are sincere about humanity. Currently there is constant news especially from alternative news website that wwIII is imminent. It seems it is taking place in our lifetime, which I thought gullibly will never happen or don’t even think about. This is wake up call for all people life should not be “as usual” and that people must follow what is going on around the world so that collectively we can all the continents together tackle world war early on and stop it. I say thanks to the internet for making information available for many. That being said, main discussion now should be wars taking place, especially in Syria where many are saying it is prelude to wwIII. What do you say Benjamin? Thanks.
  66. Aaron Ben, You know as well as I do that WW3 is absolutely going to happen! Alex Jones and David Icke are spot on this week with the realization that this has been the plan for decades. Nothing is going to stop it! For a while there you planted some hope in me. Not anymore! I am ashamed on my government who has overthrown the idea of “America” which was special for a short period of time. I think freedom is an illusion and always has been for the average man. At this point I’m sick of the stress and lies so bring it on all you elite basterds! I’m ready to die. We are so divided that a revolution is impossible! I feel sorry for the Russian people and my fellow Americans. To all the world. People don’t want war and I don’t want to be lied to anymore! Everything is a lie! I just hope in this life or the next that karma is real! The only question is when? Before the election? After the election? Does the election make a difference? I think not anymore!

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~ Margaret Meade

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