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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.
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There Are At Least 5 – 6 Weather Sabotage Facilities In Australia.
Australia Are Very Big Country, So There Are Most Probably An Other 5 – 6 Weather Sabotage Facilities Australia Wide, Hidden On Australian Military Bases, Etc., In Australian Very Wast Outbacks.

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___________________________ AUSTRALIA: An Aboriginal leader speaks up: “They are killing us” This is the tone of the stuff I have been getting in the inbox from Australia over the last couple days. The Australian government is targeting the aboriginals FIRST. Probably because the power structure needs an intact system to wipe them out, once they do the dirty work against mainstream Australia they won’t have a society left to support the effort it would take to chase the aboriginals out of the outback, so they are starting there first while Australia can be parasite sucked for the energy it will take to kill them off. Once that job is done, they can exert the life force of Australia against itself and wipe the main body out. Can’t have aboriginals coming out of the woodwork later who might start something during their elite “666” star victory celebration. Take a look at the pay scale for the trolls the JIDF hires. They have GOT TO hate this info getting out, so HERE IT IS: By the way, if they REALLY want to “battle antisemitism” and “hate speech” BY FAR the best thing they could ever do is re-consider stealing elections and back off on the clot shot. BOOOOOOM!!! I DISCOVERED HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE DEATH SHOT AND WHAT THE GOVERNMENT / ELITES / JEWS GET. The “Elite” shot is cloudy off white. The death jab is clear yellow. THIS IS THE DEATH SHOT FOR THE MASSES. The jab the elites/government/Jews get is off white: The off white vial above is obviously what Pelosi got. Now look at the instructions for mixing the Pfizer vax. If it is the safe one, it will be off white. Once again: The death juice What the “elite” get. ANY DOUBTS? THEN GO BACK AND READ PFIZER’S DIRECTIONS ON WHAT COLOR THAT SHOT SHOULD BE. IT IS NOT CLEAR YELLOW, IT IS OFF WHITE. THERE REALLY ARE DIFFERENT FORMULATIONS FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE, THEY ARE BUSTED. That said, would I get the shot if it was the color of Pelosi’s shot?? Answer: NOPE. All we know from this is that there is more than one formulation when all should be identical. There may well be a cloudy white death shot also. I wish I would have discovered this six months ago. I guess it is better late than never. I never even realized there was a cloudy white version until I came across those pfizer instructions. Somehow Biden’s cloudy white shot slipped past me. QUICK EDUCATION: The smallpox vaccine is not injected. It looks like a square patch that is pushed against the skin many times and a huge thick scab develops where it was put. If there is a smallpox outbreak and the government says the vax everyone has to get is a shot, DO NOT GO IN FOR THE SHOT. BOOOM – A SMALLPOX DARK WINTER CONFIRMED. DARK WINTER WAS THE NAME OF A SMALLPOX EXERCISE. Take a look at this page from the Johns Hopkins web site. If Biden promised a “dark winter”, Smallpox is on the way, if it has not already been released. They are NOT playing games, they really are going to do this if they have not already. An Ontario school district is going with “weighted voting” to nullify the opinions of whites Read this tweet stream, it is too much to embed and it is priceless. The windows machine was gifted with a keylogger after I posted the following. It “saves draft” every 10 characters typed and can no longer be typed on with any degree of usefulness. The Linux machine is totally normal. Clearly someone wants every word “I thought I’d post” and then deleted.
Australia’s Jews are going with prison camps after meeting too much resistance to the genocide jab. Go ahead and sleep on that, get used to sleeping as practice for nice long dirt naps. That’s what peaceful protest will get Australia at this point. Don’t entertain the ruse that Israelis all got the jab, that’s FAKE FAKE FAKE, they are not suffering, stroking out, and dropping dead as advertised. Israelis are dropping dead, and the 2020 election was not stolen. HERE IT IS FOLKS, READ IT AND WEEP. Like it or not, this is BANG ON. The governments are beginning to go totally rogue because peaceful protest does not cut it. People are sending me emergency messages from Australia (where this site has thousands of readers) saying they are starting the roundup and opening the camps. An australian that did not write also posted to a forum, slamming the forums for banning anyone who speaks about taking direct physical action to stop the roundup on the grounds that they are “promoting violence”. All anyone posting about taking action is doing is trying to find ways to push back tyrants with force because at this point they have to if they want to stay alive. For god’s sake people – anyone who has a public communication venue WAKE THE HELL UP TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AND GET ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. Saving a forum is not worth allowing a genocide. I am going to say it like it is: ANY venue that bans people just because they say they have to now use force to stop their governments from killing them are on the side of history with Mao, the Bolsheviks who did Ukraine, and all the others that did horrendous genocides. PLAY TIME IS OVER. EITHER YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE OR THE SIDE OF TYRANNY. If your government is going to take you to your death, you stop them with any means possible, and I mean ANY MEANS. Playful protest at this point is going to get you killed. It’s exactly what tyranny wants, because for as long as thing stay peaceful, tyranny has nothing to fear. PEACEUL PROTEST IS USELESS WHEN THEY ARE ROUNDING YOU UP. DO WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP IT. ANYTHING GOES. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION. If the people of Austria, Australia, Germany, or any other soon to be shithole country don’t stand up and stop it from becoming a shithole, WITH FORCE, a shithole is what they deserve and what they will have. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Gosh, everyone’s been getting it for free and NOW IT IS TIME TO PAY OR IT WILL BE CANCELED along with many many lives. Take a chance to put it right, or cower and die. Those are your options, don’t be the horror movie girl that crouches in the corner and screams (like a peaceful protester) without lifting a finger to stop doom. The stuff I am getting out of Australia now is awful. They don’t scream about “nothing”, this is the first time EVER for anything like what they are saying, the government is ACTUALLY DOING IT NOW. The camps are OPEN. Yes, they contact traced out the dissidents, are accusing the dissidents of having COVID and ACTUALLY ARE now rounding them up plus anyone that did not break contact with them. It’s not about Covid, it NEVER WAS. That is the kind of stuff I am getting in the inbox, Australians are suddenly frantic. Anyone in Australia, go back up to the paragraph that starts with “If your government” and read it again, REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES TO REALIZE THAT TO EVERY THING THERE IS A SEASON, THE SEASON OF PEACE IS OVER. Trying to maintain it will result in the loss of EVERYTHING for EVERYONE.
I have seen a few re-posts of what is above and they are loaded with commas. They have so many commas they are not readable. I do not load my writing up with commas, that’s just another game they play like inserting typos when they really hate a post. From my vantage point there are not excessive commas throughout the statement above when viewed directly from this site and the source code is clean . . . . _________________________________
RUMOR: Harris to be replaced as VP This is not possible. A president cannot just re-assign a new VP, no matter how incompetent or how much a liability the VP is. If it happens somehow, they’ll probably try to put Hillary in so Biden can resign and Hillary can take over. Think it can’t happen just because it is patently illegal? Well, consider the 2020 election and how that went. No one will stop it, illegal or not. THE WAUKESHA ATTACK WAS ALMOST DEFINITELY SOROS BACKED, AND DONE TO DISTRACT FROM THE COVID VAX RIOTS ELSEWHERE. WOW, THIS IS ONE HELL OF A DEVELOPMENT: He was out on bail for running someone over on purpose already!!! A well polished music video by the attacker titled “Murder Vehicle” has surfaced that basically cinches this, there’s no way that was possible without CIA type assistance. SCROLL DOWN, IT IS ON THIS PAGE. SUV rams parade in Waukesha Wisconsin UPDATE: There is a concerted effort underway to portray the guy who did Waukesha as an Obama hating right winger. But the guy in those videos is not the same guy. I found a shocking music video done by the real guy that even has the SUV in it, and he’s clearly not the right wing Obama hater. UPDATE: the MSM is re-writing the story line and big tech is deleting videos to cover up what happened. There was perfectly clear video of the SUV intentionally running over a marching band . The intent to kill people was obvious. Now they are trying to frame this as an accident!!! I never thought they’d have the audacity to lie like that, so I did not save that video. Hopefully it will surface somewhere. IT DID. Someone captured it on a phone and put it back on twitter. not the best
quality but here it is, don’t let this little tidbit of history get erased.