– Australian Unemployed Workers Union, No Reply.

Australian Unemployed Workers Union – No Replies, Whatsoever.

Dear Sir,
Did Send Below Message, Offer, To You Melbourne Office, 3 Times, In About 4 – 8 Month Time

First Time,9 Of May 2016, Read Message, Copied And Pasted, Below, No Reply, Why Is That???????

Second Time, No Reply, Why Is That??????

Third Time, No Reply, Why Is That???????

Forth Time, Phone Them, Talked To Lady “Kate”?

She Said, They Would Have Meeting Thursday, Same Week, And She Would Contact Me, After That Meeting, She Never, Contact Me, Why Is That???????

Me, My Self, Did Think, That This, Number Of Very Interesting Job, Team Positions, With Lots Of Fun Offers, To Maybe 5 – 10, Team Positions, To Start With,
Would Be Of Very Big Interest, Etc., To Your Members At Australian Unemployment Workers Union,

And More Team Positions, Will Be Available When We Get Up And Running, Etc.,

If You Are Interested, Send Me An Reply, To This Email,
And Back It Up, With Confirmation Phone Call, To 02/66190591,
(Please Notice, Soft Phone On My Computer, Only Works, When My Computer Are On),

If You, Do Not Receive Reply, From Me,
No Reply, From Me, Then, Check Up Contact Details, To Lismore Centre Tourist Park, At 60 Dawson Street, Lismore, New South Wales 2480,

Phone Them And Leave Message, And Me, My Self, Will Phone You,

Me, My Self, Are Under Very Sever Censorship Etc.,
By Very Corrupt Australian Governments/Authorities/Agencies, Etc.,
Be Course, They Do Not Want General Public, To Find Out, What Really Goes On, In This Very Corrupt Australian Governments/Authorities/Agencies,, Etc., At All Levels, Etc.,
Start My First Offer,

To Australian Unemployed Workers Union,Melbourne,From, 777Henri Virtanen,Care Of Post Office,


New South Wales, 2477,

My Website ; InternetVictory.Org

Email: 777henri@gmail.comMy Skype henri,virtanen777,

Dear Sir,

Did Hear You On Local Radio, About 2 Weeks Ago,

And Did Notice, That You Where Not Happy, About Centrelinks, Rip-Off, Etc., Rules, Etc.,

It Is Not Centrelinks Faults, Etc.,

It Is, All This, Very Incompetent, And Very Big Asses In Governments, Etc., At All Levels, Etc., Faults, Etc.,

They Does Not Work For All Australians Interests,

They Does Always Work For All Their Mates, All This Big And Small, Etc., Corporations/Companies, Etc., Interests,

My Mission, Is To Get Honesty Back On Internet, And In Our Face, To Face life’s,

Including, But Not Limited To, Get All Politicians, At All Levels Of Governments, Etc.,

To Be, 100% Honest,

You Sir, May Think, That This Can Not Be Done???????

Then You Are Wrong,

And If You Are Interested, In Kicking, All This Politicians, Etc., In There Very Big Asses, Etc.,

Using My Ways/Systems, Etc., To Do This???????

Yes It Really Works,

Kick Many Big Corporations, Etc., And Governments Asses To, Lot Of Fun,

Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Crazy John, Etc., For Wireless Internet, Etc., Wrong-Doings, Etc.,

1 Of World Biggest Insurance Corporation, They Lost, Ended Up, To Be Very Expensive For Them,

Australia Biggest Credit Company, They Lost,

Australia Biggest Pest Company, They Lost,

The Official Trustee In Bank Ruptecy,

Insolvency Trustee Service Of Australia,

Sheriff Departments,

New South Wales Police, Etc.,

Have Many Coming Up, And Ongoing Very Big Rip-Offs Scandals, Etc., On Internet, And In Our Everyday Face To Face Life,

To Much To Tell, In My First Massage To You,

Australian Governments, Etc., And Theirs Agencies, Etc., Have Caused Trouble, Etc., For My Website,

InternetVictory.Org, For About 2 Years Now,

Be Course, You/Anyone, Can Use, This My Ways/Systems, To Do This,,

It Is, Lots Of Fun,

And You Can Get “All” Your Ripped-Off Money Back, On Internet, And Also, In Our Everyday Face To Face Life,

Check Out, My Website : InternetVictory.Org, For Little More Information, Etc.,

And If You Are Interested, In Kicking, All This Politicians, Etc., In There Very Big Asses,

Also Have Very Interesting, Etc., Information, Etc., To Share, With All Your Australian Unemployed Workers Union Members,

By Using My Ways/Systems, Etc., To Do This???????

Then Contact Me,

Will Travel To Melbourne, To Meet You, Face To Face.

Also Interested, In Offer 5 To 20, Of Your Unemployed Members, Team Members Positions,

There Are Plenty Of Fun, For Everybody,

And In Processes, Get Training In Doing This, Paid For, By Centrelink,

That Will/Could Give Them “Permanent” Team Member Positions

Please Join Me,

And Have lots Of Fun,

Dated, 9 Of May 2016, No Reply, Why Not???????

Again, Dated, 20 Of September 2016,

Yours Sincerely,

777Henri Virtanen,

From, Alstonville,

New South Wales.”


End My First Offer,

Dated, Again, 12 Of July 2017,

Yours Sincerely,

777Henri Virtanen,

From, Lismore Centre Tourist Park, 60 Dawson Street, Lismore, New South Wales 2480