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There will be changes here as a result.

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If you were wondering what the outcome of the pfizer shot for kids would be, or why the CEO of Pfizer suddenly started screaming about how “vax disinfo” was a crime,if you were wondering if Pfizer would have the audacity to destroy the kids too, HERE IS THE ANSWER:

The kid is only 5 years old.

MY COMMENT: “MINI HEART ATTACK” LEADS TO 4 DAY COMA. EVERYTHING BECOMES “MINI” WHEN IT IS ONLY A FIVE YEAR OLD KID!!! Imagine him looking like that after a dispute at home! The vax goons just walk away from it!!!


Facebook deleted all their support, and when it popped up on Twitter it got deleted there too. The Sandinistas, who have been in power for decades and are very well liked, managed to connect with people anyway and tell them that unlike the claims posted by facebook, they were not bots. They then won the election AND NOW BIDEN IS ACCUSING THEM OF STEALING IT!!! POT. KETTLE. BLACK, only the Sandinistas are stainless steel!!! what a bastard that “brandon” is.



I knew there were a few but did not realize it was this bad. Here is an incomplete list. I am looking for more right now, because if the list is this bad, obviously some were missed. I do not know the source of this capture below, but confirmed the list is accurate AND INCOMPLETE. On my first search I easily found: UPDATE: Christian Erickson did not die, he suffered cardiac arrest and was recovered. On June 12 Christian Erickson from Denmark collapsed on the field from a cardiac arrest.
Iceland’s Emil Palsson had a cardiac arrest on the field
Sergio “Kun” Aguero, a striker for the Barcelona soccer team collapsed on the field –

The above 3 were found on the first page of search at Duck Duck AND NONE OF THEM MATCH ANY OF THE NAMES BELOW. Folks, do you realize how bad it has to be to have this come up this way, and none of the names matched the list below? It means that list is only scratching the surface!!

MY CONCLUSION: American athletes are not getting the jab. They are getting saline. They cannot be jabbed because there are FEWER soccer players out there than players in American sports, and if this many collapsed in the U.S. it would get noticed IMMEDIATELY. These all happened in the last few weeks! Also, when you look up high school sports, there are large numbers of American high school football players collapsing with cardiac issues but the vax is never even mentioned.


Travis Scott

Since the Astro World stampede has become extremely prevalent news, I guess I’ll say what I think – I doubt he was intentionally running any sort of satanic sacrifice ritual on the crowd, and I doubt he tried to get audience deaths up as high as possible, however, I do think he was probably stuck on himself to such an extent it blinded him to what was going on, and I doubt he has any real remorse. He was probably being stupid. That said, I also would not be surprised if he was intentionally inspiring and/or being led by demons. At this point there’s a lot of “bubbles in a microscope slide” going on with this story so it is really hard to say what is legit and what is not. I don’t know if they kept the show going on purpose while knowing all hell was breaking loose, or if it all got buried under loud speakers and people paying attention to their equipment and jobs rather than the crowd, even if the music is crap it takes a lot of concentration to make it come out right. So I am not certain anyone intended for anything to happen, but also won’t cut Travis slack, he was on the stage and should have been able to see what was going on, and he alone could have stopped the show just by telling people to over the mic. They’d have obviously received that instruction if he had given it.

I was right about In-N-Out

They are the only major restaurant chain fighting the COVID B.S. and absolutely will shut down before they comply SEE THIS.

PROBABLY TRUE RUMOR: Natural News has posted that hospitals are maxing out with babies that have cardiac problems


So they are going to finish off everything they can by having kids as young as 5 vaxxed, and then depend on vaxxed moms to destroy the under 5’s. Let’s see how patient “they are” because getting them all will take 5 years that way. Let’s see if the move the timeline forward again. The first babies from fully vaxxed moms are being born now, and according to the rumor, they are suffering extremely high rates of cardiac problems. That fits. I would expect it. And there is ZERO chance the MSM would ever cover this, because those who run the MSM need to protect their weapon. So the neonatal ICU’s are all filling up, and THAT EQUALS PROFITS. If you are going to run a vax con job, what could possibly be better than that??? People had damn well better wake up QUICK. Unless this is an intelligence test and “they” are using that vax for eugenics.

LaPalma had a 5.4

If that volcano is really settling down as some have said it is, then why that earthquake? Yes, it was a magma quake. 5.4 magma quakes do not happen over nothing.

Celene Dion was probably taken out by the vax

She “suddenly and without explanation” fell into badly declining health and cannot do even her scheduled concerts because she’s having continuous uncontrollable spasms that are progressing towars paralysis. There has been a LOT of “unexplained happenstance” since that vax. Not many of the aware are too saddened by this, she did, after all, have a satanic clothing line. But I will say this: IF she really was taken out by the vax, then a lot of the “satanic elite” are probably expendable. She’s not a J, and is probably not protected as a result. Idiots and “debunkers” are saying “This is not because of the vax, she’s only having muscle spasms” which is exactly what guillian barre is, and that’s caused by the vax. Lots of neurological problems get caused by the vax. She will be one to keep an eye on just to see what happens. I probably need to repeat: DO NOT BELIEVE for a minute the actual death shot was widely distributed in Israel. If there is one thing those people understand, it is that if the are going to run a scam and not get caught, the have to live it also. They cannot have people pointing fingers asking them “Why are you not hurt” after all of the vax repercussions boil out, THEY have to be the biggest “victims” even if not a single one of them got touched at all. By way of deception thou shalt do war. I can just see it: “Celene, if you utter a SINGLE PEEP about what that shot did to you, you will be pulled from the airwaves and will have your remaining CD’s flushed out of the system through Dollar Tree.” They did that to Cat Stevens when he converted to Islam, Celene will be no different if she even thinks about uttering a peep about what has really happened to her. IF, (of course) she’s able to see through the B.S. and realize the doctors are lying. If she does, she has every reason to keep her mouth shut.

I AM NOT happy Newsom is OK, but I will say I did not drink the kool aid.

People were so miffed by me “missing how Newsom got arrested” or “missing how Newsom was vax damaged” or “missing how Newsom was dead after that booster” and all I can say is that if I don’t post it, but I post about the rumors while I say DOUBT IT, THEN DON’T DRINK THE KOOL AID. Too bad. A lot of people are no doubt disappointed he showed up alive and well today. INCLUDING ME. I certainly don’t wish that bastard well.

I am going to get a little tougher: I was appalled by the bullshit being spewed, to be honest. I was pissed at the competition posting made-up click bait because it happens so often, and when it comes to clicks, getting it right never competes well with BULLSHIT. I just hate that.


Now being widely reported: Pfizer CEO: “Those who speak out against the vax are criminals”

It is hard to throw a funny spin on that, is this a durability test for the intellectual elite, launched by the power elite? Or are these desperate words spewed by a criminal afraid of being called to account? This guy tastes as good on the soul as mustard on mashed lima beans. EAT THAT.

A statement made in 1981 by French economist Jacques Attali who is still calling the shots – (GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!)

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Overpopulation, and mostly useless (sic), is something that is too costly economically. Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates. Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that! We will find or cause something – a pandemic – targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself. “My comment: I found this statement posted on a forum and tried to hunt it down to it’s source. That led me to This report at LewRockwell.com but when going to where LewRockwell links it is called “spam” (which it obviously is not) – they are obviously attempting to expunge something real to keep it from blowing up.

Funny thing: I just posted about this getting rid of the idiots earlier today, scroll down to the eagle.

I also posted about this exact same thing – that the shot is proving to be an intelligence test – prior to that post also. Very strange to see this outlined that way, all the way back in ’81.


Not said in the report: An overthrow was sought because the Sandinistas did not drink the COVID kool aid

The U.S. government gave the order to Facebook: Wipe out the Sandinista’s in the upcoming election. So facebook deleted all the favorable media for the Sandinistas, claiming “Everyone posting in favor of them was a BOT that needed to be removed”. The people who got deleted then got on Twitter saying what happened, and Twitter deleted them too. There is very good mouth to mouth communication in Nicaragua, so the Sandinistas were able to tell the public what Facebook, on behalf of the U.S. government did, and what Twitter followed up on. The Sandinistas then proceeded to overwhelmingly and stunningly win the elections. The Sandinistas are well liked and have been in control for quite a while. The U.S. government wants them shut down because they did not swallow the Covid blue pill. It was the Sandinistas that said NO to vax mandates, NO to lockdowns, NO to everything Covid related, they agreed to wear masks but that was the end of it, and as a result Nicaragua came out of the Covid con job smelling like roses. The response? “Overthrow the Sandinistas!” “We can’t have an independent thinking country out there”. HERE FACEBOOK: DO OUR DIRTY WORK. We can’t go in there with guns again because the world is watching, but if you can blue pill that election for us, we’ll get the job done in an “acceptable” way! Fortunately for Nicaragua, the people are not short sighted, short minded, or short on connections and the public was alerted to what happened. Facebook then did a faceplant. So how will American intelligence “handle” this? With a “terror attack???”

John Deere employes are STILL ON STRIKE over vax mandate

It is starting to bite. The MSM is desperately trying to paint this as “workers demanding more after John Deere showed strong earnings” but they were given a sweetheart deal, damn near a bribe to keep working despite the vax mandate, and they all struck over it anyway. All of this is now hitting farmers hard, as many of the problems with stalled and inoperable equipment are software based, with John Deere denying farmers the right to repair their own equipment. This has been an ongoing topic on the web for about 10 years – John Deere equipment that the farmers cannot or are not allowed to fix without direct replacement parts. So the aftermarket cannot pick up the slack with this because if the computer sees a part that is not authentic, it will not allow the machine to function. or, if the computer detects a malfunction, it won’t let the tractor work again until the dealer hooks up a scan tool and hits “go”.

SO HOW DOES “RIGHT TO REPAIR” FIT IN WHEN THE COMPANY THAT CONNED EVERYONE WITH THIS B.S. IS NOW SHUT DOWN BY A STRIKE, WITH DEAD EQUIPMENT IN THE FIELDS THAT FARMERS CANNOT FIX WITH BAILING WIRE? Even if there is a fix, the computer won’t let the tractor go because the fix was not “authorized” via a payout for an over priced part!

WAY TO GO JOHN DEERE – screw the public with “you had better not fix this” built into the designs, and then hang even that by trying to force a vax on employees when in reality, the mandate is all talk and smoke, THERE IS NO MANDATE. Yeah, trigger that strike and shut even your shitty “no right to repair” down. Way to go.

How to know when someone is a hopeless idiot

This has happened to me repeatedly, I have experience. How to know: Tell them about something – like “The MMR shot will destroy your kids”. Typical response: That’s B.S. – You are a CONSPIRACY THEORIST and they get their kid the MMR shot, notice the kid took a big hit (if the kid did not become a full blown invalid) and they say, GOSH, it looks like you were right about that shot. Scene 2: Tell them something else after that happens, EVEN SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY RELATED – like about the Corona vax. If after seeing their kid get wrecked by the MMR shot AFTER you warned them about it they get all huffy with “The pandemic is real and the corona shot is FINE” and once again “Go get your tinfoil hat”, such types are beyond redemption.

Everyone has seen dogs that never figure out that when tied to a tree they have to walk both directions to avoid getting wound up. I have seen lots of dogs who, EVERY DAY wind themselves ALL THE WAY to the end of their leash and stay stuck there, with their face pushed against a tree, day after day, – that can’t be fun, you know the dog does not like it – but it never figures out that it needs to walk both ways around the tree to prevent this – a lot of dogs NEVER LEARN and that’s a prime explanation of the type of stupidity a pro vaxxer has at this point in time. Joe, don’t get that shot. Aw shut up conspiracy theorist!! Two days later: Gosh that shot made me feel AWFUL. Two weeks later: I still feel awful. “Joe, don’t get the second shot” Aw shut up conspiracy theorist!” Out cold AT THE VAX station, wakes up in the hospital and says “Doc, do you think I need that third booster???” WE ALL KNOW ONE.

Metallurgist caught faking results for metal going into American subs

She could not figure out why the test results had to be done for -100 degrees farenheit, so when the metal did not pass THOSE tests, she passed it anyway or perhaps did not test it in that way at all. Here is why you would want to know the results at a temperature far below what the sub would operate at: Because metals have specific characteristics at specific temperatures, and even if they are not going to be used at those temperatures, testing them at that temperature would reveal whether or not the chemistry and methods were actually right. It might be needed for confirmation of vibration dampening or whatever, and she could not look past that. She just said “ridiculous” and skipped the tests.

RUMOR: Newsom is vax damaged

RUMOR: Newsom has been arrested.

RUMOR: Newsom just wants family time.

I THINK: He is staying out of the public eye after having received threats from a decent American over that stolen recall. He will now govern from a hole in the ground.

I am skeptical. This all started with people posting, asking where he has been since he “got his booster” live on TV 10 days ago. This evolved into “he’s dead” “He has Bells Palsy” “He has Guilliane Barre syndrome” and more. My answer: “They” don’t get the real shots and unless whoever gave him the shot hated his guts and slipped him a mickey, the rumors cannot be true, and are in fact too good to be true. I am going to say: Maybe. Hopefully. PROBABLY NOT. MORE LIKELY: He’s laying low after stealing the recall. He probably got threats. And there are rumors going around that the Steele Dossier is going to hang the deep state and already has people in gitmo and YADA YADA. NOPE. Don’t even hope for the WORST OF THE WORST corruption exposed to produce more than absolute ZERO. There cannot be fallout. That is why I never even mentioned it. If I do not mention something big like the Steele Dossier being a proven fraud, there’s a reason – and it has something to do with “Put time where it might matter, not where it’s just going to get flushed into a cesspool of corruption”. Supposedly the Rittenhouse trial is going OK after the FBI was forced to drop a video they did not want dropped that totally made them look like jerks and it proved Kyle innocent. But once again, due to the corruption at every level the only way to watch that situation is to sit it out and report what happens, after it is all over with.

A stunning anti vax video has been released by the emloyees of Proctor&Gamble

They outline how the vax mandate is not mandatory, and that being forced to get it is coercion. They then state that if you think the supply chain crisis is bad now, what is going to happen if they shut all of Procter and Gamble’s factories down by walking out. They then say “you may not care about us, but you WILL care when the products you buy are missing from store shelves, everything from toothpaste to tampax”.


I did not know this until I happened across a report by Teen Vogue where they talk all about how Nazis were bad for being against LBGTQ and for burning their books.

HERE IS THE REALITY: The Jews were pushing the same lesbian/bi/trans/gay stuff in Germany, were running critical race theory in Germany, to destroy Germany, the same way they are in the United states now, AND THOSE ARE THE BOOKS HITLER BURNED. It for the most part stopped at that. And we would burn those same damn books if we could get our hands on them. So Teen Vogue did a hit piece on conservatives, comparing them to Nazis, for wanting the same to happen here. Once I knew this was what the Nazis were really doing, and knew what to search, it all came right up on Qwant. Obviously Teen Vogue totally skipped over how the books burned were produced by Jews, an backed by a foundation for sexual deviance that was set up by Jews because Jewish actions must be kept secret and their victim status must be maintained.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, this info is being openly posted by Trans. It is accurate and probably will not be wiped out.

A great search engine is magic. Obviously Google’s AI will peg yours after seeing this and will open up on the topic, but I found this and 1000X more on Qwant. I would close the window advising the European version and put it in manually if you want it set to default.

produced by jimstone.is

This was a correct action.                                                                          produced by jimstone.is

How much SH*T have the American people been caused to buy into for the purpose of enforcing “victimhood”? I had always suspected it was somthing like this that Hitler was really doing, but did not know for sure until that Teen Vogue piece, which was used for brain bending kids. It is starting to look like the context for much of recent history is “victim” boosting crap for the purpose of giving a certain group an advantage.

Biden is attempting to shut down an oil pipeline in Michigan for no good reason at all

This oil pipeline has become the primary route for oil into the midwestern United States. It is a brand new one that was used to phase out the old ones. It enters the United States at Escanaba Michigan, and transports 550,000 barrels PER DAY. So, how much is 550,000 barrels per day? I have an easy way to answer that, which puts all of this into perspective:

How much oil is 550,000 barrels? Take a look.



Prove you were vaxxed by sticking a 10 peso to your arm, (it’s FUN) and we will give you a free phone!!

It is for Megacable in Mexico. In the commercial, they give you a free cell phone for being vaccinated and pull no punches, to prove he was vaccinated, a guy sticks a 10 peso coin to his arm and at the end, they show the cell phones sticking to people’s arms. This is obviously to normalize people being magnetized and call it amusing and funny.

The genie was let out of the bottle when a national daytime talk show tried to debunk the vaccine magnetism and ended up with vaxxed people in the audience that had magnets and cell phones stick. The hosts were obviously terrified because they did not expect it to be true and they cut the segment short. This did so much damage to the acceptance of the vax that now Megacable is making it look FUN!!! Gotta normalize it by joking about it.

I will also add that Megacable is the only carrier in Mexico that openly advertises it’s porn channels, the others do not have them at all. Totalplay on the other hand dropped Nickelodeon like a lead balloon just for their stupid blues clues “pride month” transvestite sing-along. It is fitting for Megacable to be the one to do a commercial like that.

Look at the lyrics to this Rush tune from 1978.

They perfectly outline critical race theory and what is done to white boys in public schools today. To counter the political message of this song which perfectly outlines what communism and now critical race theory does, trolls have said Rush meant nothing by this and was just writing lyrics to make a song. That is a lie, Rush was a very political band as even the song Red Barchetta proves. That song is prophetic and said that car was “from a better vanished time”. Like the time we are now being pushed away from. We are literally in the transition phase between the “Red Barchetta” and the lumbering, incapable “air car”, only there probably won’t even be “air cars” in the near future, outside of perhaps police use, as also alluded to in that song.RUSH – The Trees “There is unrest in the Forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the Maples want more sunlight
And the Oaks ignore their pleas. The trouble with the Maples
(And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
They say the Oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the Oaks can’t help their feelings
If they like the way they’re made
And they wonder why the Maples
Can’t be happy in their shade? There is trouble in the Forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the Maples scream ‘oppression!’
And the Oaks, just shake their heads So the Maples formed a Union
And demanded equal rights
‘The Oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light’
Now there’s no more Oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet,
And saw…” If you look at the Red Barchetta tune, it is obvious that song might be illegal to posess in 20 more years. The entire theme of the song was that the “Red Barchetta” was made illegal by “motor laws” that are NOW GOING INTO PLACE 40 YEARS LATER and there’s no way the scum bag left is going to allow THAT prophetic vision plus the way it presents the scenario to be in circulation.


UPDATE: This is legitimately being pushed by AOC and more however they are meeting resistance and this has already been struck down before. They are still trying to push this through “when possible” but that day is not today.

So keep your eyes open, just because it sounds too outrageous to be true means nothing. The same people are pushing a death shot and calling it good while they weaponize the schools against us, steal elections, sell the country out and a whole lot more. Obviously any group that has demonstrated such will to destroy the United States would push such taxes through, they have already tried. Noncompliance probably means they drone strike the cattle wherever it is, how else could they ever enforce this if it did go through? Original report: I cannot find anything about this vote on any search engine, not even Qwant. So I am going to have to say this is a maybe but I would not be surprised. This was snuck into the “green new deal” they are going to try to ram through tomorrow. IT WAS AN AMBUSH THEY SLIPPED IN AT THE LAST MINUTE. They did not try to ram it through today because it was their sabbath!! Why put that high a tax on cattle? Because they fart, and this is to compensate for the “climate change” their farts cause. This is from the A-holes who stole the election. HOW ABOUT THAT, they are attacking the food supply. There is no other way to write this off. I would like to call this a hoax, but sadly, there is no hoax.


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Medical professionals all the way down to toilet grime removers are going to know the shot is a weapon to such an extent that the only people still screaming for people to get vaxxed when Biden’s January 4 deadline hits will be the actual crimials who pushed the shot to begin with. Critical awareness mass has been reached and will explode before the end of November, let alone December. By the time January 4th hits, absolutely NO ONE with any sense at all is going to accept it. At that point the shot really will be a beneficial eugenics tool, able to reach only those so weak minded they need the TV as a daily prop, or so weak minded they’d never figure out what is going on anyway.

THIS IS GOING TO BACKFIRE, which is precisely why there are so many who were actually behind this shot posting comments about how badly damaged their community is by the shot. All just spewed as cover for who actually did this to us, if they don’t take damage people will be asking questions. Faking damage will likely do the trick for them.

MARK MY WORD: They did not blow their brains out with their own weapon. NO FREAKING WAY.


Can’t have price induced holes in your nutrition have a still affordable solution, CAN YOU??? No siege is complete if there is still a way out. “Americans will soon be facing a much needed period of hardship!”. Who, pray tell, could know that for sure?

The FBI raided Project Veritas

Why would the FBI raid Project Veritas? Easy answer: Because false flag gun attacks can’t escape scrutiny anymore, so they were bored and figured they’d pursue someone who simply did a better job at EVERYTHING than they do. They were sick of being upstaged by one man. The FBI should have been “project veritas” x 10000 and would have gotten that diary Project Veritas got ahold of the exact same way if they were worth a sh*T. But they never would have, because they cannot go after who they work for.

Rap concert stampede

Several dead, including performers. I initially did not believe the story. But despite the extensive coverage of this topic that just popped up, NO ONE answered a basic question: Was everyone vaccinated?

Now here is the REAL story behind what happened, that the scamming “politically correct” “critical race” MSM will NEVER REPORT:

The rap artist performing at the time ordered the crowd to attack a 10 year old boy over a shoe. Let’s see the MSM be honest about THAT.



There is a story going around about how the Navy Seals invaded a cargo vessel from Taiwan and rescued 200 children who were being smuggled. It claims they were busted on a tip from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago and that Donald Trump initiated the bust. It then claims that the reason why the ships are not coming into port is because they are all afraid of being raided and busted for smuggling children, and that is what is causing the supply chain crisis. The report uses random stock photos of what looks like Afghan refugees on American military vessels to “prove it happened.” The story is massively popular and got millions of reads, tons of links, enormous exposure. AND I CALL BULLSHIT. 1. Once the vessels are in America’s territorial waters, they can be boarded, and that extends 250 miles out. If they were not coming into port to avoid getting busted for trafficking children, they’d also have to stay 250 miles or more out to sea because the seals supposedly busted them at sea and you can see all these container vessels from shore – you know, I am not going to line item this bullshit, I am just going to rant – Do you know how hard it is to get stuff on this site worth reading that is legit, not posted everywhere (so it is a new read for most) and can still compete with abject BULLSHIT? Bullshit gets clicks, and if I sat here and tried my best to formulate the best bullshit possible, this site would get 30X the traffic overnight. DID THE PEOPLE WHO ISSUED THIS BULLSHIT DO IT ON PURPOSE, OR WERE THEY DUPED? I know one thing, I don’t just run with every line of horse dung that comes along, I at least use discernment and have to find at least one tie in to an institution that can be documented before I’ll run with it, even if I don’t link that institution (and I don’t always), I just expect this site to have enough of a history and credibility to cover it when I don’t. Critical thinking dictates that when you get photos of a bust on a cargo ship from Taiwan, the refugees are not Afghans. Critical thinking dictates that if the ships can’t come into port because they are afraid and the NAVY SEALS ARE DOING BUSTS, they can’t sit 10 miles offshore either. Critical thinking immediately pukes on “tips from Mar-a-Lago” and ANYTHING Trump related anymore. The guy’s toast. He’s not having any impact on a military that is actively seeking to wipe it’s soldiers out with a death shot. My how nice it would be to get popular by spinning yarns. It’s a lot harder to try to get it right, and then end up issuing an occasional redaction anyway.

Massive vax clot from nose – There are TONS of videos out there like this now, showing what the vax does to people

This video is probably legit because there are many comments from vaxxed having exactly this happening, and after searching every last blood clot in the nose video out there, there’s nothing like this. After the vax they start getting nose bleeds that end in clots just like this one. This just happened to get caught on video.

Yet the vax keeps getting pushed by con artists and deviants. Watch at your own risk, this one is nasty. Is there another one like that in her brain? You know, like that other brain dissection video I posted? The clot is EXACTLY THE SAME IN BOTH VIDEOS. The original high credibility link to this video is HERE and the one below is coming off my own servers because I do not know how long it will last where originally posted.

Here is a capture from the video that showed the exact same thing in a vax victim’s brain.

It is becoming perfectly clear that we have a legion of perverts in the government, not just ours, all governments, from Australia to Zimbabwe pushing this straight from hell shot on people, and I have zero doubts they know exactly what it does. Don’t be a fool, these people that have stolen their way into power know EXACTLY what they are doing with this shot.

SOS FROM AUSTRALIA: Australia has gotten so bad that even refugees are asking to go home.

In the video, a woman who has been to Covid prison issues a plea for other countries to offer asylum to Australians. People who sought refugee status in Australia are now saying the situation is far worse there than anything they escaped by going to Australia.

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. Australia now ranks below shithole countries, even according to the refugees who came from them!!!

Putin has jumped on the climate change bandwagon.

Not long ago he was a staunch opposer of the entire concept of man made climate change. Now he’s singing a new tune and people are asking why.

Take a look at this RT report and here are a few choice comments:

” He’s playing the game. If you can’t beat the zio bankers join them and take advantage of the deceit.” “Putin did not become a climate cult believer. Even a dimwit knows: “If your enemy is destroying himself, don’t interfere.” And Putin is no dimwit. Why not speed up the process by encouraging their self-destructive behaviour? While the ruling classes in the West are on their net-zero suicide mission, Russia can sit quietly on her vast energy resources, and also expand her nuclear power infrastructure.” “The entire solar system has been heating up: Mars, Neptune, even Pluto. CO2 makes up .04% of the earth’s atmosphere; That’s less than 1/2 of 1%. The climate is always changing to varying degrees as the earth goes through its processional year of about 26000 years. Some of these corporate climate experts today were calling for a mini Ice Age in the 1970’s (did not happen either); the artificial 30 year period adoption of climate is akin to looking at One second during an hour and claiming the Sky is Falling. Now Pollution is a problem as clean air and water are paramount to good health. But this carbon trading scam is just that , a scam to take more from the masses.”

” Putin is also fully onboard with CONVID so this isn’t helping. I no longer trust the man.” ” Would seem, as some suspected, that the Russian President is indeed part of the “club”.” “Putin is a shrewd politician. He has probably realised that a “carbon” import tariff will hurt Russia and he cannot block it alone. He’s now developing a strategy where he can recover some of the losses and minimise tariffs by getting money back for planting trees. As western economies destroy themselves he will turn to China and other expanding markets to sell the natual wealth of resources. Encouraging the West to destroy themselves is a winning strategy anyway. That is why China signed up to Paris Agreement, which destroys the west while leaving China free to expand.”

FORGET THE VIRUS, the lockdown caused psych damage to so many people that About a third of the population has problems with making decisions now

It is not what the virus did, it is what the lockdowns did.

Gee, not able to even decide what you want to eat? That’s great!! the options in a covid commie breadline are limited enough to help you decide!!


100,000,000+ not working report that is making the rounds

I was going to skip this until I saw it on Drudge with a huge red headline. The report reveals nothing but normal statistics. There are always about 160 million working and 100 million not working. These would be retired people, house wives, under the table types and mom’s basement. What I will say however is 100 million is a nice big number to throw the VAX dead into, while you bait out those who normally would not work with better and better pay offers.

AWESOME: School administrator tells it like it is: “When we say we are not teaching critical race theory, we are lying. Keep looking.”


MIXED INFO ON THE TRUCKER WHO WON THE NEW JERSEY SENATE SEAT – Some sources are saying he’s in while others are saying the corrupted dem is not resigning and is “federal reserving” ballots up out of thin air. Obviously the trucker won. It cannot be allowed to have it go this way every time a dem does not want to let go. Their issues with vote fraud being how they win have got to be put away RIGHT NOW.


Though it makes sense, I can find absolutely no confirmation from official geological sources. That makes it suspect. I will put the post back up later if needed. One would think that all the live cams would at least take interest but none have.


I did not post this until I had it confirmed. Hospitals all across Australia are completely overwhelmed by people who do not have covid, they have multiple organ failures, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and are overwhelming the medical system in a way never seen before. WORSE: There are areas that never had a single case of Covid and the same is happening there. But lots of people got their shots.

Clearly it is the shot doing it, and even this high level a-hole in THIS VIDEO is completely refusing to admit it is the vax and is instead blaming “covid people never knew they had.”

The leadership of Australia is a domestic enemy hell bent on killing or maiming the entire population. If that was not the goal, why else would there be the level of dishonesty they are showing with regard to the hospitals being packed?? WORSE: What is going on in Australia confirms all the stories about the same happening in the United States. Unlike Australia however, America had the corrupted police force and medical systems needed to cover it up. The same HAS TO have been going on in the United states for six months AT LEAST, the vax is NEW in Australia, it is the same vax, how could America be any different?

What is happening in Australia now offers strong support to the theory that businesses in the United States cannot get enough workers because too many potential candidates are dead.


Dems are digging up enough votes to oust him. I kid you not. It does not seem possible at all for him to lose, (he is up 4 points against the incumbent criminal) but having a trucker in a position that many depend on for corruption to flow is not something they are going to accept so now “new votes are turning up”. WOW, what a fine addition to the following:

Make no mistake, leftists are perfectly happy with stolen elections.

They are happy because they are smarter than you, know more than you, and are more righteous than you. They won’t let stealing get in the way of “more righteous”. They won’t let “being smarter” get in the way of how stealing elections is not how democracy works. Oh, I am going to make a turn here: WORLD’S LARGEST EUGENICS PROGRAM UNDERWAY FACT: At this point, those who get the vax are rock stupid. Those who get the vax tend to be leftists who cannot intellectually unlatch from the MSM tit. They need their brains baby fed, and baby has no control over what mommy MSM brings. Because leftists tend to lack critical thinking, they: 1. Don’t know what goes in what hole,
2. Cannot figure out the two genders are Adam and Eve, and anything else is a malfunction,
3. Take the vax at far higher rates than the right does, because the right is not brainless
4. Cannot figure out why it is not a good idea to destroy America and run with China
5. Cannot figure out who actually ran the slave trade unless they are the leftists who are guilty of having actually done it.
6. Cannot understand why it is wrong to tell a white boy he’s privileged, and then proceed to destroy him at a young age.

I will quote a leftie and “circle back” to the two main points: Leftists cannot figure out the genders or that the vax is destroying them. What, as a result will happen? EASY ANSWER:

The vax will perform the role of a eugenics plan just as well as if not better than any focused government project intended to would. The vax, at this point (which is long after the time when unsuspecting people who had brains were nailed), is killing or sterilizing or ruining idiots at a ratio of at least 10:1 vs those who actually have brains and buckled under pressure. Humanity is getting a painful upgrade. The elections will not continue to be stolen for long. While the right was all worried about stupid leftists stealing power until capable of enacting a gun ban that would make it impossible for the right to throw them off, the stupid leftists lined up for a shot which will probably make using guns on them unnecessary. The American gun owner might just get away with sitting on his butt for a reason no one ever predicted.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is nice, but “Leftie Stole It” would do more good.

Project Veritas uncovered vote fraud in the New Jersey governor’s race. Leftie did not win, Leftie STOLE IT.

Republicans did NOT mop the floor in the elections

Here is reality: A majority of positions were still taken by dems, many through abject theft, (New Jersey governor) and the only one screaming about a “red wave” is the leftist media establishment trying to pre-empt more people confirming vote fraud. It is not only the elections, the MSM acts this way elsewhere too. Look at Kavanaugh – he was THEIR GUY all along and they staged one hell of a show to convince people he was not, and that him getting on the supreme court would be a disaster. Kavanaugh then went on to enforce vote fraud via the courts at the federal level, and now, he’s a FULL BLOWN LEFTIST, screwing America over on even the basics. I was surprised the MSM did not rip Barrett getting on the supreme court more than they did until we all found out that she too supports vote fraud and worse. They ripped her only enough for plausible deniability of her being their gal.

If there is one thing people need to learn, it is that the left is now SO DISHONEST it screams about losing when it successfully stole damn near everything. THAT is what I saw with this last election. Red wave? Don’t be fooled!!

Vaxxed probably really are flooding emergency rooms

I have seen countless posts about the emergency rooms and hospitals filling up with the vaxxed now, as was predicted would happen at this time back in March of this year. Is this true, or are people hoaxing to fulfill previous predictions?


80 percent of Ventura County hospital admissions are vax injuries
In the hospital with others who had vax reactions
Australian nurse speaks up about vax injuries
Nurse drops vax truth bombs Nurse questions vax policy when only 4 percent of patients are Covid

This is the winner. Because after you see something like this, you know the other reports cannot be fake. In there with other people who have the same thing? in the SAME EMERGENCY WARD? Yep, I’d say this confirms a lot:

Claudia asked why I did not post a picture of her shooting.

She said “blur my face first”. She is cute, but you can’t see that anymore. Believe it or not, she’s deadly accurate when standing just like that. She is better like that than supported, which is a big surprise. She did not like the image I messed up by blurring so I posted another that does not show things as well but did not need to be blurred.


You gotta be kidding me. Two kids got the adult dose of the “corona vax” over the week end, three times the amount they were supposed to get. One had “moderate side effects” and “the state of the other is unknown”. QUESTION: HOW T.H. CAN THE STATE OF THE OTHER ONE BE UNKNOWN??? THEY WERE FROM NEIGHBORING FAMILIES!!! IF THEY COULD REPORT ON ONE, WHY NOT THE OTHER???

A few quick headlines

Bergen County New Jersey had Republican Jack Ciattarelli winning governor in the largest county by 4 percent with 100 percent of votes counted, and then at 1:54 AM it flipped to 87 percent of votes counted and all new votes went to his opponent so he “lost” that county. Don’t go thinking Virginia is any measure of what really went on, in fact, even in Virginia the vote fraud was rampant but simply was not enough. New Jersey will probably be a different story. We have a hoax government with hoax elections and it is baffling to sit here and watch Democrats get away with this crap EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. FACT: “Democrat” areas are those that can be successfully stolen, including California which went red in 2020 and required about a month of “counting votes” to fix.

San Francisco has MANDATED the covid vax be given to children down to 5 years old. Great Britain has put in place legislation that allows up to two years in jail for anyone publishing “false information” about vaccines. “false” is obviously defined as anything “they” do not want known. PROBABLY NOT TRUE: All adverse reactions are from bad batches representing 5 percent of vaccines. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. This is a con job – a “middle of the road” con job where they are admitting there was a problem with the vax,but don’t worry, it was only 5 percent of the shots and we really did not mean it. This hoax story was no doubt the product of an AI or think tank that concluded “people won’t consider 5 percent a serious problem” so that’s the number they put out. YES, THERE WAS DAMAGE, BUT ONLY FROM 5 PERCENT OF ALL SHOTS. They then go on to state that only a percentage of that five percent triggered adverse reactions or death. That cannot be true, because in my circle of association, five people got five shots spread out over a year adding up to FOUR DEATHS on the day the shot was given with one dying after suffering for 3 weeks. That’s 100 percent, Five shots, five deaths that I know of. How can that happen if only 5 percent of the shots came from “bad batches?” Outside that circle, the neighbor across the street who got pfizer looks like she’ll soon make it 6/6. She was vibrant and alive before but now she looks like a walking Sophia robot with a stability glitch. Screwed her RIGHT UP.

The WEIRDEST thing has happened. Communist China told it’s people to stockpile food in their homes.

And what does America’s government do? It literally tells Americans to have a 72 hour kit and if you have more than that, you’re a terrorist conspiracy HOARDING NUTCASE. So all the blogs and talk talks say COMMUNISTS want people to be vulnerable and unprepared so the people can be manipulated on a whim, and then China goes and does this . . . . . Is corruption the problem instead? Yes, communist governments have a history of really bad acts, but that does not mean they will always be bad all the time, unlike America’s government, which is ramming a lethal shot into people while it robs them blind via trillions in “bailouts” that go mostly to the elite, while it destroys even the military with that same shot WHILE THEY THEMSELVES, ACROSS THE BOARD ARE EXEMPT . . . . why exemptions for Congress and not for us? I don’t think I need to explain this a whole lot – right now organ harvesting dissident killing detainment central is NOT pushing a lethal shot on it’s people and is NOT trying to set them up for failure by ridiculing preparedness, no – China is doing the opposite of what their opponent – a child sacrifice to be eaten on the spot after a fine butt rape lethal jab commit a seige bury the death stats destroy the military sell American tech bash white boys into a thimble clearly out to destroy EVERYTHING as an internal enemy American government is doing – How can China actually be better than that after all China’s evils? EASY ANSWER: Because at least China’s government is not actively seeking to kill off it’s people and cut it’s own throat. The Jews are confident they own China, the Jews are confident the Chinese will make better slaves, the Jews own both sides of the equation and want the more “difficult” side dead so they are sucking the last of America’s life juice away and will discard the remains like a bottle on the highway before monkey branching off to China. It’s that simple.

UPDATE VIRGINIA: As of this morning, it looks like “they” were under too much pressure to get away with stealing Virginia.

Do not be fooled, all the J’s did was throw righteous rage a bone so they could say “SEE, we don’t steal everything and then in the mid terms, they will vote early and often, on top of running ballot mills, on top of running ratios (fractional voting) on top of outright deletions in the tens of millions ON TOP OF button flipping touch screens, while they scream about how stupid and easy to manipulate conservatives are with their scamming MSM, and that includes OAN and FOX. The fact they had to let Virginia go means NOTHING, their theft machine will not just go away. No one went to jail over 2020 or 2018 which means their stealing machine is in top notch condition and will be switched on when it is really needed. They obviously let go of Virginia for optics.


It sure as hell does not belong there. I have no problem saying it, but I needed legit proof. HERE IT IS.

It is in Spanish, this is what it says without using a translator (because for some odd reason the page will not translate to English as of this posting: We tested 4 brands of the Covid vax and found graphene in all 4. We located what we suspected was graphene in 110 samples with a microscope and when we checked those samples via spectrometry 28 were positive.       produced by jimstone.isIMPORTANT: It does not say they tested 110 vials of vax, it says they tested 110 samples, where multiple samples could have come from the same vial. This is important because it does not mean 28 out of 110 vials had graphene, to get results this positive graphene was likely in every single vial.Bluetooth anyone? There has to be a reason it is there and not listed in the ingredients.

Does this really matter? Short answer, NO. Because the SMART people or THOSE WILLING TO MAKE SACRIFICES AND IMPORTANT: THOSE WHO WERE NOT PRESSURED EARLY ON avoided the shot like the plague. I seriously doubt Tiffany Dover had a fair chance, it was too early at that time to put 2+2 together. There are plenty of innocent victims. But from this point forward, if you get the shot you are an IDIOT.

I am working on the capture of the abstract, which will be linked to the source, please wait.

About the Virginia election:

There are no elections in the United States anymore. No matter what the media might say about “Republicans were victorious” or “Biden Backlash” or The Dems won BIG or NO MATTER WHAT there was no election and anyone who voted wasted their time and needs to grow up and get over it. Whatever happens will happen in a way that benefits the New World Order and the MSM will tell the people what the people want to hear, if hearing what is said forwards the agenda. That is what it all boils down to, – elections are hoaxes, don’t be a sucker for a story line no matter what the “outcome” is. I am beyond caring. Drudge headline: “Virginia in for a long day as polls show dead heat”. BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT. There is no dead heat. The left is getting ratioed 20:1. NO ONE WANTS THEM. There are only appropriate lies being spewed for the hope of fronting “plausible deniability” in yet another theft. If anything is “not stolen” it will be because the NWO/vax tyranny has their guy on both sides of a race. I am not even following this bullshit because I know how it will go. What’s the point? Another Drudge headline: 50 percent of Republicans doubt vote will be counted accurately”. MY HEADLINE: 100 percent of “ME” believes the vote will not be counted at all. The tabulators will be present only as props.


Alex nailed this one: Army Flight Surgeon Who Urged Pentagon To Ground Vaccinated Pilots Testifies to Senate Panel

The report covers all the bases in text, you do not have to watch the video if you do not want to.


100 percent of Covid vaccine deaths have been caused by 5 percent of the shots that were from a bad batch.


WE FIXED IT!!! Now go get your damn shot.


You don’t have multiple people dying in multiple countries over multiple weeks and months and soon to be years from ONE BAD BATCH representing 5 percent of shots. Whoever dreamed up that steaming pile needs their head examined for even suggesting it.

RUMOR: Blacks getting different shots than white people

The rumor goes that a woman said she was white and went to a white area for her Covid shot because she was afraid of the one the blacks were getting. When she got there, they declined her because she was not white. MY BET: TWO POSSIBILITIES: 1. There’s a chance this is a made up attempt to stir racial hatred by making blacks believe whites are out to get them. However, I don’t think they will fall for that, because the blogs are littered with tons of damaged whites, and if blacks were aware enough to even hear a rumor like this, they are aware enough to know whites are getting hit worse than any other group. 2. FAR MORE LIKELY:The story is real and the shot is a race specific bioweapon which is tailored to do it’s job on each race in a customized way, so blacks will be refused shots for whites because the damage won’t hit right. That’s highly probable and if the woman’s story is true, it would be a safe bet.

If you have ever tried to send me a news tip, it probably did not make it

I am one of those where my INCOMING mails are censored to stop me from publishing what people send. This has been tested repeatedly. I can get chain mails or junk mails and that is pretty much all, anything with real content gets wiped out. This was something I tested back in 2016, where I set up a private messaging box that worked for about a month. During that time I got over 200 unique and EXCELLENT messages per day and it really made the site excellent and a lot less work because I did not have to hunt for stuff. After a month or so of that “they” figured out how to shut even that down and it became useless, just like E-mail. So I was discussing setting up a server and running it totally raw, with no administration panel whatsoever. No applications for anything. No domain name at all. Just stuff I wrote myself to make it go, and direct IP. I chatted with someone about it and also talked in front of the phones AND VOILA, THROUGH GMAIL (OMG UNBELIEVABLE) I RECEIVED THIS, (probably as a consolation plea for “oh god don’t throw us something our goons can’t use cookie cutter software on) THIS IS THE TYPE OF SH*T I GET WHEN MESSAGING IS NOT CENSORED.Only one, but it is prime.

MESSAGE: “I know there are tons of these stories, but just a few from my side”

I bumped into a friend the other day, (who was, the last time I saw her) slim and healthy and in her early 40’s. She told me she got the pfizer shot and 2 weeks later had a stroke, lost her memory almost completely and then started having epileptic fits. She has now been medically boarded for a year. Another friend who doesn’t believe in the Rona at all got sick and went to the hospital where they followed the Covid protocols and put him on a ventilator which after 3 weeks of fighting finally killed him. Another friend got vaxxed and went to the hospital with brain bleeding and died. This happened in Ireland and she’s about 50. Another one who really should have known better because we have had many talks over the years got vaxxed and a week later got horribly ill with ‘Covid’ and nearly died but thank God never went to the hospital. She recovered but get this – she’s always been super energetic, enthusiastic and spiritual but she said now she is flatlining and has no enthusiasm for anything and that she can say with certainty that the body she has now after the vax is not the same one she had before. She said it felt like she was literally being invaded by something when she had the shot. Just thought I’d let you know . . . . My comment: On my list are only people who got the shot when there was ignorance. All dead. 1. The dad of the wife of my brother in law. 2. Claudia’s dad’s nephew who was 43 years old. 3. The husband of Claudia’s old boss. 4 and 5 worked at the church in Mexico City. 5 shots, 5 deaths. NO ONE ELSE GOT THAT DAMN JAB and there have been no other deaths in the Covid timeline. I would have expected EVERYONE in the family to not be stupid enough after the first death because I was going around with a megaphone mouth, but it took the second one to really rein in the sheep. They probably all know people who died that I did not list, these are just the ones I know of directly.


Headline on Drudge: 1/3 of NY firefighters remain unvaxxed

(volunteers needed)

My comment: OK, so now we know at least 1/3 of them are not vaxxed. That is a significant number that is surely larger. CALLING ALL MORONS: WHO WANTS TO GET VAXXED SO THEY CAN GO VOLUNTEER FOR THAT JOB??? New York is going to be short firefighters, but why would that matter when Soros and cohorts are cashing America out? The only people who will care are those in the system that are not compromised, and the scamming MSM out to grab headlines.

ANOTHER drudge headline: Labor shortages loom for the holidays

My comment: How can that be, when it is going to be “the most expensive thanksgiving ever) (and obviously, therefore, the thinnest Christmas ever) at the same time we are in a major economic downturn? Gee, at this time the headlines should read: “Surplus of workers eases stress on holiday vendors” but no, there is a SHORTAGE of workers. How can that be? Ask my neighbor across the street that I just saw for the first time in 3 months since she got the second dose of Pfizer, and moves and talks like a 75 year old lady at 40! She was vibrant and active before that!! Those days are OVER, and THAT would cause a labor shortage, figure the odds of the MSM ever reporting THAT.

My Pfizer vaxxed neighbor

She got the booster shot about 3 months ago and then vanished like a hermit. I just saw her for the first time in 3 months. From across the street, she looked like an old lady, and when she called for her dog, she sounded like an old lady. It was very strange. She then came across to our driveway to get her dog, and she still looked 40!. Terrible shape 40, but 40. I was wondering if her mom came to visit at first, but nope, it was HER. I was worried about her shedding but played social instead, and only “social distanced”. She’s a nice lady, sad to see this happen.

There is a lengthy shitpost from a “career trucker” explaining why no goods are moving.

If you have seen this after “everyone” re-posted it, it is a super long screed where a 20 year career trucker BLAMES THE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE PROBLEM.


FACT: If infrastructure caused this problem, where trucks wait forever for ONE CRANE to load and unload over a hundred, then all these problems would have existed pre-covid and they did not, everything moved smooth as glass, so smoothly that “just in time” inventory worked.

Remember “just in time” inventory, which required shipping to run like a swiss watch? It did, for 20 years pre covid. THAT TOOK INFRASTRUCTURE. That infrastructure did not catch corona virus and fall over!!!

CONCLUSION: If you come across that steaming pile of bullshit, it was posted by either a hoaxer or intelligence doing the job of blaming the people for these problems. OH GOSH. WE SHOULD HAVE INVESTED IN MORE INFRASTRUCTURE. What was that you said? “Just in time”???? We never heard of it!!!

REALITY: If there really is a problem moving goods now, it is caused by: 1. Too many dead truckers. 2. Too many government regulations that snapped into place during the Corona nonsense. 3. People who took over the supply lines by buying them out, and are staging a siege by not placing orders. 4. People who took over trucking or the ports, and they simply gave the order to not move anything. The supposed 20 year trucker post is an abject hoax – an absolutely steaming pile – to cover up the fact that a certain group owns too much and subverted too much and infiltrated too much and monopolized too much and and is now, with all the power that gave them, committing a siege.

RUMOR: Australian military training for forced vax.

Apparently they are training to go door to door injecting people at gunpoint. Not confirmed, but I would not be surprised. I would not believe the actual numbers of willingly vaxxed people they are putting out either, because if the shot spreads to those who did not get it they could back off on this and not push it so hard. They probably reached that threshold in the United States.

12,000 Air Force people refuse shot??!!??

Nope. It is 40 percent, as a starting number. But 12,000 can be made to look fringe, so 12,000 is what it will be. They need a way to explain why so many people left if this is enforced, and all they’ll say is 12,000 and MOST OF THEM HAPPENED HERE, ON THIS FRUITCAKE BASE. Repeated across all bases.


That one annoyed me, I could not believe even the MSM hopped on board for it. I removed that pointless post and left my pluto rant. My Pluto rant: If something is having a gravitational influence on the other planets that can be observed, PLUS it shows up in freaking old not fancy at all by today’s standards telescopes when it is out past Neptune, it is a planet. And when the sun is predominantly as smooth as a baby’s bottom, THERE WILL NOT BE X CLASS FLARES. I believe Pluto was demoted from planet status by subversives for the explicit purpose of upsetting the old order and NOTHING MORE, it is a planet, PERIOD. There are 9 planets, PERIOD. If they want to call it a dwarf planet, FINE, but it is still one of the 9. Try finding any of the other objects that far out with anything but the Hubble or newer. You will not. Pluto was picked up by crap made in the 1920’s or earlier. The guy who just said that is very suspicious of any “scientific observations” that could potentially be used to accomplish political objectives and that includes “halloween super flares”. Politics are literally all we have now, the institutions can no longer be trusted.