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       The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.
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This page posted December 18 2021 and has posts for at least the previous week. For the latest page, click home. Donations: All donations sent are listed for at least three days so people can confirm theirs made it. The following list is updated as of Dec 18 at 8am EST. If your donation is not showing, try to find out what went wrong. Anonymous sent $1000 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $52.76 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent$ 55.55 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $77.77 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $64.48 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $71.83 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $85.05 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $54.45 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $25 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $65.64 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $100.78 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $25.03 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $25.01 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $55.22 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $44.53 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $100 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $30.33 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $50.17 USD, thanks! _________________ BLACK FUNGUS: THEY ARE RE-WRITING HISTORY BLACK FUNGUS IS EXCLUSIVELY SEEN IN PEOPLE WHO ARE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED WHICH IS WHAT EVERYONE SAID (QUOTING BRITISH DATA) THAT THE MRNA VAX WOULD CAUSE. You know. AIDS. OR ADE. We are DEFINITELY seeing the beginning of the vax apocaplypse, where the immuno compromised vaxxed are starting to show signs of having AIDS, as predicted. British data revealed that those who got the MRNA shots were having their immune systems wiped out at a rate of about 16 percent per month. This would obviously lead to AIDS symptoms after several months, and it is now happening folks. If black fungus is now starting to show up in “people who have had Corona” that’s just them blaming the vax damage on a new variant, as everyone said would happen. The vaxxed are getting corona at a far greater rate than the non vaxxed because their immune systems are wiped out, (AS STATED WOULD BE HAPPENING BY OBSERVANT PEOPLE OVER 3 MONTHS AGO, INCLUDING THIS SITE,) AND AS WE ALL PREDICTED, THEY ARE BLAMING THE NEW AIDS LIKE SYMPTOMS ON A NEW “VARIANT”, NOT THE VAX.                                                                                produced by jimstone.is I have below here several captures of what shows up in search engines on the morning of Dec 18. BLACK FUNGUS IS AN AIDS DISEASE and to a lesser extent from cancer and diabetes. When you click into the links, which the search engines indexed, the links say Aids, Diabetes, and Cancer. But once in, all the reports are switched over to CORONA. BUSTED. If you don’t know what black fungus is, and what is being said about it, here is the lie, STRAIGHT FROM PFIZER. The truth? HA. NOT. A lot of disturbing stuff going on all at once Are they trying to save the narrative? 1. Ohio National Guard sent to hospitals to help with “worsening Covid landscape” when there’s nothing going on, governor falsely claims it’s 90 percent un-vaxxed causing problems.
2. A deadly black fungus is supposedly Developing in people with Covid, but this sounds more like vax induced ADE, aids patients have the exact same kinds of problems.
3. A school district in New York sent out a mail warning of sudden cardiac arrests in children, without even once mentioning it’s the vax causing it.
4. 80+percent vaxxed Denmark is Shutting down again due to a “covid surge”
5. Stupid leftist paper warns A “viral blizzard” is about to hit.
Drudge headlines:
6. NFL is postponing games for Covid (a player passed out bad yesterday and no one can figure out if it was caused by the vaccine)
7. Lots of public shows are being canceled
8. Maryland canceled public attendance of many schools and is now holding classes online because of “covid”
9. They started blaming the adverse reaction of massively swollen muscles from the vax on Covid, totally ignoring the real cause –
10. France banned travel to the UK via the chunnel
AND WHY THIS: The answer is fairly easy: I believe they are trying to save the narrative all of a sudden because Russia did not give the desired response over war in Ukraine. They are trying to rescue their B.S. one way or another, because it is coming to light what the vax really did to people and someone who is fearful of the backlash wants a distraction. Do I believe any of it?? NO. NOT AT ALL. LEGIT: Stateless persons will not be vaxxed because they can sue for damages Here is how it works: In ALL the countries that are giving the pfizer and other MRNA shots, agreements were signed by those countries saying their citizens cannot sue the vax producers. But if you are a stateless refugee, you are not bound by any such agreements and CAN sue. So vax mandates are not being applied to refugees, because they have more protection than citizens of subverted countries that sold out. You can’t make this stuff up. Warning: Full page (normal, not crapware) ad opens when you click the link. It is reported by Reuters. The REAL origins of the Star of Bethlehem Taught before the dumbing down and satanizing of everything, SATANIZING, NOT SANITIZING, (actually in some cases those are synonyms) but this is the place, from the old school that actually knew a few things – Anyway, The OLD SCHOOL taught that the star of Bethlehem was a supernova with it’s origins in the Orion nebula. All the math was there and the evidence was pinned down to within a few years, (good enough for it to be obvious) and it fits. The Orion nebula is bright enough to see with the naked eye and is, without question, the most beautiful thing in the sky. This is a true color image of the Orion nebula taken from the ground with a (really good) DSLR, not simulated color from a probe. It makes perfect sense for this to be where the star of Bethlehem was seen. UPDATE: I just noticed that the red portion of the Orion Nebula, where the old school said the star of bethlehem was, is shaped very much like a human heart. It would match exactly the shape in the middle of a beat. Coincidence? That’s up to you to decide. It is definitely worth pointing out.                                                                                             produced by jimstone.is This is what it looks like from the ground with an average (sub $1000) DSLR: This thing is real folks, it looks just like that and many in the OLD SCHOOL thought it probably had a sacred aspect to it. Here we go. Finally something decent today. Click to view. A few quick items I skipped. I skipped this because I cannot find the papers mentioned (except for the first) and the text from two of the papers is identical, which equals parody. Parody is not funny unless it is partially true however. But it can’t be reported as real news. It is true that Russia is gearing up for war in Ukraine, and that the United States appears to be ready for it, and this fits the doom scenarios many are talking about, but both countries have nukes and the Dems probably don’t want to leave Arlington. I might eat crow over posting about something possibly happening by the end of the year, but maybe not. One thing is certain – something is going to pop because Covid is not working out right Facing a failure with the Covid narrative the Dems are trying to ram through election laws that perfectly and permanently enable unfettered selection of whoever “they” want. It’s still work though, it takes time to forge even 300 ballots. How much manpower will it take to make that tens of millions? There is not enough substance to any of the whistleblower stuff today to post. Yes, I saw it. All claims and no delivery. Not whistleblower, but ominous rumor: There’s a rumor that many of the children’s wards in Canada are overflowing with kids having seizures and other bad things happen and that the medical staff knows it is the covid shots but are told to write anything but the jab down as a reason. This did not go past rumor. But I bet it is true and that the same thing is happening in the U.S., with the difference being better censorship preventing even rumors from surfacing. Practically everything else making the rounds today is just recirculation of stuff I posted yesterday and in the week before by johnny come lately. Boring spells like this are often precursors to false flags. When’s the last time I mentioned being so bored with what is going on? Are they letting the kiddies rest so they are wide awake for the big show? Odds: 3:1 The photo editor closed by itself FIVE (5) times when working on the following image. This is a very stable computer that keeps getting used because it has a history of perfect stability that goes back 11 years now. And it has NEVER auto-closed the photo editor. NEVER. Now, I obviously can’t prove it but it seems someone SERIOUSLY has their undies in a bundle over this and just wants it to go away. So I rebooted, went offline and on edit 6 (6) SIX, GOT THAT?? I at least got this far: The jury reached the right verdict on the truck driver He could have minimized the end result by choosing a concrete barrier instead of hitting all the cars. I did not realize he intentionally did that. This is not a case of Casey Jones dying and being found still holding the whistle and brake. Casey Jones did not jump off the train to save his life, he told everyone else to jump and “went down with the ship”. Casey Jones also did not have bad judgement, he was trying to get the train back on schedule, was good at it, and maintenance people caused the problem, as did the switch handlers. About that “winning” mentioned at the top of the page – Glenn Beck did a piece saying how the left is losing the narrative. I don’t pay attention to him and won’t link until I listen to the entire show (which I don’t have time for) but I will say this: The right might win the narrative only because the left murdered it’s support with that shot. Though some right wingers may have gotten it by mistake, it is safe to say ZERO leftists that are not part of the scam and know what is going on – the true following NPC leftists offed themselves with this shot and that is going to cause a serious re-balancing as all of this plays out. A NEW WAY TO RIG THE NFL GAMES: FALSE POSITIVE PCR TESTS Gosh, over 100 NFL players are now OUT with Covid. How easy would it be to rig the NFL just by telling the best players they can’t play because they came up positive on a PCR test? Ha!. I just started a new conspiracy, and it is probably legit. Anything to wake the sleepers I guess, and seriously? over 100 players out??? Something does not wash with that. There is another aspect to this however – supposedly they are all vaxxed to boot. What if the shots they got were actually real and all these players are really out due to adverse events? 100+ is an awful lot. Several entire teams. HMMMMMM . . . . . All these players are OUT. Does this not look weird?? Atlanta Falcons Emmanuel Ellerbee (LB) Quinton Bell (LB) Cornell Armstrong (DB) Baltimore Ravens Trystan Colon (OL) Binjimen Victor (WR) Buffalo Bills Tyrel Dodson (LB) A.J. Klein (LB) Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey (RB) Trent Scott (OL) Chicago Bears Mario Edwards (DL) Eddie Goldman (DT) Artie Burns (DB) Sam Kamara (LB) Cincinnati Bengals Clay Johnston (LB) Cleveland Browns Wyatt Teller (OL) Jarvis Landry (WR) Austin Hooper (TE) Takk McKinley (DL) Jedrick Wills Jr. (OL) Drew Forbes (OL) JoJo Natson (WR) Ross Travis (TE) Jamie Gillan (P) Anthony Walker (LB) David Njoku (TE) Stephen Carlson (TE) Johnny Stanton (FB) Dallas Cowboys Cedrick Wilson (WR) Denver Broncos Seth Williams (WR) Mike Boone (RB) P.J. Locke (DB) Detroit Lions Mark Gilbert (DB) Corey Ballentine (DB) Tavante Beckett (LB) Ifeatu Melifonwu (DB) Jamaal Williams (RB) Tracy Walker (DB) Bobby Price (DB) Evan Brown (C) Green Bay Packers Jordan Love (QB) Houston Texans Kamu Grugier-Hill (LB) Jaylen Samuels (WR) Indianapolis Colts Zaire Franklin (LB) Ryan Kelly (C) Jacksonville Jaguars None Kansas City Chiefs Josh Gordon (WR) Joe Fortson (TE) Chris Jones (DL) Las Vegas Raiders Jalen Richard (RB) Los Angeles Chargers Rashawn Slater (OL Scott Quessenberry (C) Los Angeles Rams Odell Beckham Jr. (WR) Jordan Fuller (DB) Tyler Hall (DB) Sebastian Joseph-Day (DL) Terrell Burgess (DB) Brycen Hopkins (DB) JuJu Hughes (DB) Alaric Jackson (OL) Jonah Williams (DL) Jalen Ramsey DB) Rob Havenstein (OL) Donte Deayon (DB) Darrell Henderson (RB) Miami Dolphins Phillip Lindsay (RB) Jevon Holland (DB) Salvon Ahmed (RB) Myles Gaskin (RB) Minnesota Vikings Danielle Hunter (DL) Dede Westbrook (WR) Trishton Jackson (WR) A.J. Rose Jr. (RB) Alexander Mattison (RB) Dan Chisena (WR) Kyle Hinton (OL) Dakota Dozier (OL) New England Patriots Dalton Keene (TE) Kyle Duggar (DB) J.J. Taylor (RB) New Orleans Saints Ty Montgomery (WR) Cameron Jordan (DL) New York Giants Kadarius Toney (WR) Wes Martin (OL) New York Jets Justin Hardee (WR) Jeff Smith (WR) Blake Cashman (LB) Mike White (QB) Philadelphia Eagles Quez Watkins (WR) Jason Huntley (RB) Pittsburgh Steelers Linden Stephens (DB) Tennessee Titans Jamal Carter (DB) Washington Football Team Kendall Fuller (DB) Tim Settle (DL) Jonathan Allen (DL) Casey Toohill (DL) David Mayo (LB) William Bradley-King (DL) Temarrick Hemingway (TE) James Smith-Williams (DL) Khaleke Hudson (LB) Montez Sweat (DL) There was a massive internet outage at 11 AM Eastern time You can see it resolved quickly, so quickly a lot of people would not have noticed. But it was massive. Was this a test??? It looks like there is a kill switch that can be used. They kept it short and sweet, to not alert the sheep. Yes, this would totally crash banking. Who cares if Covid came out of a Wuhan lab when Gates and Fauci paid for it? Americans contract all kinds of crap out to China. China will make anything. So why blame China for doing that when Americans paid for it??? This is WAY TOO IMPORTANT to not circulate: To everyone who lost their job in health care for refusing the clotshot Calling All Freedom Loving Americans! Hello Patriots, Across our great nation, Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists are having their rights stripped away by corrupt state and government actors. We’re here to stand up for your rights to practice safe, effective medicine and serve your patients. The time is now to band together and take action in defense of our Constitutional Medical Rights. AFLDS is opening its first medical clinic in the coming months, with many more planned shortly after. We would like to hear from you! Doctors and Nurses: Do you want to honor your Hippocratic Oath and care for your patients without interference? Join us to practice medicine and nursing ethically and honorably. Protect your patients, community, and country. Pharmacists: You are the final gatekeeper of the sacred bond between doctor and patient. If practicing good medicine means more to you than bowing to corporate mandates, click below. All Americans: Are you a patient seeking access to doctors who are not influenced by anyone else? (Big Tech/Pharma/Govt.) We will be opening clinics across the country in the near future. Join the waitlist now. Please visit this link and let us know – your feedback will help us make decisions for future clinic locations! Dr. Simone Gold Over 131 million Americans have still refused the clotshot and this will take off. help it happen! My comment: The site did not run on 1 out of 3 computers. I don’t know the average, but I don’t have crap. Perhaps resources are limited and forcing them to use sitebuilders but when that is the case, thorough testing should be done and clearly,the bells and whistles are not needed. If you want to start a movement, keep the site in straight HTML. You certainly do not need more. Bells and whistles impress the people who own a site, not the people who hit it. Russia and China are forming a New financial system This is being done to “help circumvent tampering by outside forces”. That’s fine. Perhaps outside forces cannot mess with this financial system. But they can still impose sanctions, so all of this might be moot. This new system would work best if the rest of the world vanished. Is that going to happen? A reader sent about the truck accident: At the time of the accident, videos were in demand and readily available. Lots of people saw what happened and formed opinions. The trial was delayed 2 years or so to allow public sentiment to “age”. This is standard in high profile cases and it increases the odds of a fair trial. The jury was composed of individuals who either did not recall the occurrence, or who had no clear recollection of it. This is a requirement of the law. The video evidence was “at least temporarily” removed from public view to avoid prejudicing the jury (and the public) against the defendant. This is supposed to be a standard practice in criminal trials. The videos were likely shown at trial, admitted as evidence, but not reported outside the courtroom. This prevents outsiders from trying to influence jurors in multi day trials. This is Colorado…Juries typically contain some “hispanics”, Neither the man’s race or citizenship were likely factors in their decision making process. Any one juror could have prevented conviction on any charge, or all charges. Each count for which he was convicted requrired a unanimous vote. Everybody on that jury believed he was guilty. EVERY SINGLE ONE. My comment: all true, but people get stupid when they panic and the trucking company should share a lot of the blame for sending an inexperienced idiot across the continental divide. My guess is he was not really trained and a leftist in personell thought that would not matter. In this case, the crap should roll uphill. This clearly should not have happened and the driver does share a lot of the blame. But who trains a driver to be so stupid he does not take an emergency truck ramp? Who on earth does that? Maybe it was obstructed by traffic while he was swerving at 100 mph. And even absent that, there were several miles of ditch he could have taken with a good chance of not totally wiping out and I surely would have. He just stayed on the road and hoped for the best. That did not work out. Additionally, even if motor brakes would not have worked well at the speed he got up to, he could have blown the engine trying. So yes, there’s lots of blame on his part but crap definitely should have rolled uphill from there. Who put him behind the wheel??? Now, I did not get ahold of any of the evidence, no one has it. There’s a chance also that after he got out of the worst part of the mountain he put his foot on the gas, figuring the overheated brakes would not matter because he made it and was “cruising” again. A lot of trucks could have recorded that and subsequently presented that evidence later. But that all boils down to “inexperience” and “idiot”, WHO PUT HIM BEHIND THE WHEEL? I am confident that even I, with no trucking experience at all, would not have caused that accident. It does not take much brain power to error on the side of caution and granny gear your way down the mountain if that’s what you were capable of. The boss would be pissed, but at least that accident would not have happened. IF YOU ARE HOLDING CRYPTO, THERE IS A PROBLEM RIGHT NOW Something went wonky at Coinbase and Bitcoin is showing at several hundred billion per coin, as is Etherium, and the others are badly inflated. I do not know what is up with this but in case anyone with crypto did not know, this could be a problem. I knew about this earlier today and did not post because I figured it was just a glitch at one exchange. But this has caused major MAJOR problems and a lot of people holding crypto are spooked. However, if this problem remains restricted to Coinbase, there probably won’t be anything to worry about. About the truck driver that got sentenced to 110 years for an accident: This is my opinion and opinions differ. This is one case where the ruling went overboard. He was not speeding on purpose and was an inexperienced driver that overheated the brakes. I went over that section of road on Google street view and observed the road was very steep 1.5 kilometers before the crash, steep 1 kilometer before the crash and had enough of a grade to prevent slowing down absent brakes for about half a kilometer before the crash. I have also driven that road at least 15 times and it is all mountain until you hit the city. Unfortunately, the grade totally stops only about 200 yards before the accident scene, which is nothing for a semi. It was a legit accident, but it happened as a result of the driver not having sufficient skill. It looked to me like motor brakes alone would not have been enough to start slowing the truck down until about a kilometer before impact with a truck going over 85 (speed matters on a grade using motor brakes.) And then, not by much. The driver DID skip a runaway truck ramp he could have used but was probably panicked, and if it was me driving I would have opted for the ditch, which absolutely would have slowed it down (there was plenty of suitable ditch before the crash) but this is a case where bad judgement stacked on top of bad judgement led to a disaster and bad judgement is not a crime worth over 100 years. Yes, he was an immigrant but if he went into the American system well enough to get his CDL, how can he be faulted for driving a semi? It seems the news reports are burying the overheated brakes part of the story (which probably caused the massive fire) and I had to actually search for that to find it. That is what happened. There is LOTS of CNN quality reporting on this topic, where the key item is skipped and replaced with bias. Failed brakes should never equal 110 years in prison no matter how it happens or what happens. I have driven all the main East/West roads over the continental divide multiple times each and the one he came out of was BY FAR the worst in the entire country. He’s not the first trucker to lose brakes there. Perhaps the company should take some blame for sending an inexperienced driver over that. It is even worse than I-80 Parley’s Canyon in Utah or the road past Tahachape loop. The employer surely should have some blame here. About the “fake moon landings” This is the truth. Take it or leave it. At the time of the Apollo missions, they OPENLY, OPENLY AND OVERTLY MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT filmed ALL of the missions on a set, REPEATEDLY for each mission, on sets as REAL AS POSSIBLE so the astronauts could then sit and watch themselves “do the mission” and correct any mistakes before doing it for real. This was explicitly and repeatedly stated at that time. YES, THERE IS ENDLESS STUDIO FOOTAGE OF THE APOLLO MISSIONS AND THERE WAS NO SECRET ABOUT IT. THEY EVEN BROADCASTED SOME OF IT. SUBSEQUENTLY CON ARTISTS, HOAXERS, AND PEOPLE WHO BELIEVED THEM TOOK THAT FOOTAGE AND SAID THAT IS ALL THERE IS. The studio footage was taken and used to run “no moon landing hoaxes” left and right. Just because there is studio footage of practice missions does not mean the real missions did not happen. This ought to be common knowledge. The astronauts HAD TO review their moves to make damn good and sure they got it right. There was no room for error. I lived through all of the Apollo missions. All of that was real. No, the rockets did not “bounce off the firmament”. Yes I specifically remember Apollo 13 and got all worked up about it to boot. The Van Allen belts are NOTHING when you blast through them at 24,000+ miles an hour!!!! How about the space shuttle 1. blowing up, and then 2. (years later) burning up. Did they fake that too??? Did they fake all those plain as day space shuttle re-entries??? There is a group of idiots out there that think the earth is flat and space is not real, AND THEN THEY BITCH ABOUT ASTEROID DOOM. Where T.F. would an asteroid come from anyway if space is not real? Any dibs on the shooting stars? Oh, that’s right, it is all a hologram. That leaves craters in Arizona and extincts the dinosaurs. GOT IT. FACT: The moon hoaxers/flat earthers are 1. An attempt to discredit legit alt media, and 2. An attempt to undermine, and hopefully delete the greatest accomplishments of Western Civilization. Soon the schools will be teaching it with the way they are headed. Rumors of wars? A lot of people are speculating that there will be war soon, because the Corona con job has failed. However, Putin is not stupid, Xi is not stupid, and the Iranians are not stupid, they all know about how American style politicians spark wars to bail their behinds out and might not play along. They know the American people won’t support attacking everyone. They know that at least the better Americans know about false flags also. All of this is playing into an equation, which has “how desperate are we to cover our crimes” being the biggest number in it. We are heading into unpredictable turf. TRY TO HAVE EVERYTHING IN ORDER BY CHRISTMAS Rumor has it that Christmas is when the plug will be pulled, and that is from more than just one input. Obviously people are going to be nervous about what “they” will do over Christmas but the last notice I got has me spooked. Make sure you have a few things at least to sustain yourself, AND – in these modern homes that are sealed off real well, if you don’t let it get too cold before lighting candles a couple candles (with tall flames, not tea lights) will keep a bedroom survivably warm. It would be a good idea to have a supply of large fat candles. You can get them at grocery stores (the ones with pictures of saints and Jesus) for about $2, those last a week but you will probably need 4 going at once because the flames are not tall. The candle idea is something I have mentioned repeatedly over the years – American homes are sealed off so well that candles really will work to keep at least a bedroom warm. They won’t save the pipes but they can save your life, obviously everyone goes to the same room. Keep off the floor, even if carpeted, if you sleep on the floor and it is -40 outside even if the room seems somewhat warm the floor will nail you. 2 kids dead at the same high school in the same week. Cause of deaths kept private. We all know what that means. How many kids are actually dying? At least they reported this, but I would guess a vast majority go unreported. And surely, if this happened in the same week there are more to come, and the teachers will keep right on vaxxing, probably in secret like we already know they do. “OOOPS, 14 kids at the school died, GOSH We all don’t know why!!! PROMISE!!!!!” This is the World’s first web page, and it is still alive in the CERN archives. It is interesting to click through. You can actually envision the birth of the web. It really was, at this point, “somebody’s project”. TRUTH: If you EVER take another vaccine at any point in your entire life for any reason whatsoever, including tetanus (which can be handled with antibiotics) you are ROCK STUPID and not fit to be in the gene pool. Re-think vaccination, it has now been proven the entire medical system is rotten from top to bottom and that the government, MSM, AND EVEN YOUR DOCTOR will not protect you. Unless you are lucky with the doctor. Don’t count on that. The trust is broken. If after what they did with Covid ANYONE is dumb enough to go get vaxxed, and it does not matter what vax, they will only be improving the gene pool by bowing out. It would be wise to extend this to vitamin D shots and other similar injections, even injected antibiotics. It is taking less than 1CC of the Corona shot to screw people up, and that can be added to anything that gets injected. Truth 2: Those getting vaxxed are selfish. Don’t let the psy op gang fool you. Saying no to a “cure” is not selfishness, in fact it is the opposite. If not totally the opposite, it is defensiveness. Selfishness and defensiveness are not even close to the same thing. The SELFISH get vaxxed so they can continue on with their little lives, and they will pay a price. The DEFENSIVE avoid the vax, and will pay a different price. There’s no conceivable way “selfish” plays into refusing anything, selfish people TAKE, they do not REFUSE. Don’t be duped by the scam artists in the MSM calling anti-vaxxers selfish, that’s absolutely stupid. Want Ivermectin? Then go to the big latino supermarkets in the U.S. Here is a list Check all their parasite products. Some of them will have ivermectin. Ivermectin is OTC in Mex and the immigrants are going to expect it to be OTC in “free” America also. The leftists would not screw this up, at least it is rational to think they would not. A few quick items Rumors of chem trailing for storms These are happening, and all I remember was a report in excessive military air traffic right before the storms, which I wondered about with all those jabbed pilots . . . . Seriously, it is all just boring stuff today. Warned by some idiot in Britain who does not want to let a dream go, so he said Omicron is real bad, far worse than rumors and that got a few Brits in for the boosters, which everyone says won’t work anyway . . . Chicago wants $130,000 from Jussie and I hope that works out. That’l teach him how to hoax as the scamming MSM still cries “victim”. New Zealand’s corrupt prime minister totally and out in the open said 25 person orgies were allowed now that covid restrictions are being loosened. what, pray tell, made that a topic? I doubt she got in any way other than vote fraud. No one is stupid enough to elect THAT. Rumor of strike on Iran Not news because Israel strikes Iran all the time, and won’t have the guts to do it for real with a substantial portion of a million large and accurate missiles pointed their way. Who needs an air force to deliver bombs anyway? New Zealand man takes 10 covid jabs in one day – If you saw this, it is an obvious hoax fronted by people who just want to say, “SEE, A GUY WENT IN FOR TEN OF THESE IN ONE DAY, AND HE IS FINE. Total hoax. How could that ever be done? What kind of a schedule would you need to have to hit 10 different vax centers in a day anyway, because surely they’d know you were already there . . . . hoax hoax hoax. By the rumor he did it for other people wanting to avoid the jab, but how could THAT ever be arranged? 10 in a day? BULLSH*T. Israel went to “endless boosters” which would not be a problem because their jab is fake anyway. Doubt those people would submit to actually getting saline that many times too, their “endless boosters” will probably be “administered” via software. No action on anyone’s part needed. Iran might be planning a space launch. All looks silly now that Elon is outdoing them 50:1 with bigger rockets each time to boot. Trans Genders are now trying to get “pronoun violations” recongized as acts of violence. I’ll tell you what is a lot closer: Having some moronic man claim to be a girl and then smash all the women’s swimming records. HEY DUDE: IF YOU WERE BORN WITH A DICK YOU ARE NOT A CHICK, LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE. Disgusting. HEY “LIA”, I HAVE YOUR PRONOUN: DISGUSTING. YOU “TRANSED” A WORD FROM AN AJECTIVE TO A PRONOUN!!! Wikileaks just “dumped everything” For now take it with a grain of salt, but rumor has it they dumped it all because there’s no value in holding it anymore. Use discernment, because it could be full of CIA planted crap. At first look it seems like outdated or irrelevant garbage. The more I look, the more it seems that’s exactly what it is. I am not saying there is not a gold nugget somewhere, but it will be a hell of a dig to find it if one is actually there. I will say this is by far the biggest dump ever done by them. By a LOT. Update: It all looks like really really old and outdated irrelevant crap. Granted, I did not do a deep dig but when 25 clicks lead to nothing each click, it is not impressive on the surface. It is as if it has been scoured, with the good stuff removed. However, there is so much there that it is probably not a good idea to just blow it off. People who voted for Biden call Trump every day all five of them. ______ The FAA will no longer be giving Astronaut wings to commercial riders. It does not qualify That’s like giving pilots wings to people who fly. Happy to see Captain Kirk get them though. There has been a rise in accident deaths since the vax.I was going to skip this until CNN made a comment about the rise in accident deaths I looked into whether or not vaxxidents increased the number of traffic deaths. I was looking for a 10X increase. But since they only increased by 27 percent while traffic decreased by only 2 percent (according to official stats, which I don’t believe at all, but you have to link something to make a point and who else would you link to other than the DOT?) ANYWAY – Since the DOT only admitted to an overall increase of about 27 percent, I figured I could not make a reliable case, so I skipped it. LOW AND BEHOLD, CNN DID NOT SKIP IT, AND IS BLAMING ANTI MASK CONSERVATIVES FOR THE RISE IN TRAFFIC DEATHS. SAY WHAT??!!?? I embedded this because the source site does not have a history of sabotage here. Don is off on the stats too, it is not 7 percent, it is 27 percent. IDIOT. https://www.mrctv.org/embed/565889 So did any spit get on your screen from that brainwash? More accidents would be caused by either more immigrants that can’t drive right, or vaxxidents, not “angry conservatives”. But the lap dogs will lap this poison up beautifully. DO NOT BE ONE. Someone is spreading crap about how you can reverse vax damage again I am not going to say who, because the origins of this B.S. are impossible to trace. FACT: You cannot reverse DNA damage, or a DNA modification. Once you get the shot, that’s all she wrote. The only thing you can do is attempt to reduce symptoms. You can never fix it. Once it is done, it is DONE. The people saying you can reverse the damage are, either willingly or unwittingly suckering the gullible in for the shot, with the belief that “Oh, if I get the shot I can just do X and I will be fine.” Oh seriously? You mean to tell me that someone figured out how to counteract a vax that is doing it’s damage in secret and took years to develop, based on 6 months of “I think I took the right thing” B.S.??? That’s not going to happen, the only answer is to not get that shot at all. The placebo effect won’t stop a stroke or bring your fertility back. Alex Jones got onto the weather weapon topic. Did Joe Biden launch weather weapons against Kentucky? Of course he did. Him or someone above him. A story line of “massive tornado outbreak in December” was needed for the agenda. As a side note, other tech was tested also, with the storm damage as cover. The candle factory pic farther down the page proves it, the candle factory was NOT a tornado, it was some sort of scrambler. NOW CONFIRMED: ASSANGE HAD A STROKE AFTER FORCED CORONA VAX Yeah, they probably made good and sure his came from the right batch. Stupid drudge headline: “New telescope looks back in time” This was in a report about the Webb telescope. Here’s the deal: YOU can look back in time with your own eyes. The star V762 Cassiopeiae is 16,308 light years away and still visible to the naked eye as an individual star. That means you can look back in time 16,000+ years with only your eyes. But wait, there’s more! When you look at the milky way, where your eyes cannot discern individual stars, you are looking back 26,000 years. But wait, THERE IS MORE!!! The Andromeda galaxy is visible to the naked eye if you know where to look and you are far away from the city on a dark night. The Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away. So yes, you can look back in time over 2 million years with only your eyes. I just hate stupid illiterate headlines and news, that’s what that little rant was about. How stupid are the article writers anyway? The headline should say “Look back in time farther than we have ever seen before”, nothing at all that we look at in the night sky is real time, it is ALL looking back in time to an extent we would consider relevant, even the moon. The time it takes for light to reach the earth from the moon would be sufficient for anyone to avoid a traffic accident after waking up from a nap . . . . An OLD TOPIC repeated again There is a lack of tornado footage from the Dec 10 tornados. there’s lots of storm damage, but it is mixed with obvious NOT storm damage (that is even worse destruction, scroll down, there’s a perfect one down the page) and there is a peculiar lack of amateur footage from that giant “tornado” that stayed on the ground for over 200 miles. There’s nice generic footage from tornados that existed before, and a few sparse pics from the current storm (because obviously with such a weather event there would be,) but there is not a volume of footage that would indicate the official story was real. It seems my original statement – that a combination of events including weapons we have never seen before – happened during that “tornado outbreak”, – come on folks, when do tornado outbreaks happen in December? Obviousy someone is looking for a “climate change” story line and they used a “desktop disaster” app to “bring it to us”, only no, clowns playing around with tech does not equal legit climate change – I’ll bet: I bet that in lots of dark holes by now they have workstations where the so-called elite gather around with popcorn, beer, and adrenochrome, laughing while they drag and drop tornados and disasters wherever they want them. They probably party while doing this crap. Hackers deleted Brazil’s vaccine passport database Normally I would just link the ZD net report, but the guy in this bitchute video lays it all out so perfectly it is worth linking the video instead. Why did Brazil need 50 terabytes for a database, if it really was for vax status, that should have only been a few megabytes in size? They obviously had everything on everyone attached to this passport, they probably had each individual’s entire genome sequenced . . . . “ Julian assange had a stroke Probably the vax. He’s probably a goner. How convenient for someone . . . . WARNING: NEW WEAPON IN THE “ELITE” ARSENAL. After looking over a lot of what went on, it appears different technologies were used in the “tornado outbreak” last night and that it was real play time for someone. There was legit storm damage mixed with stuff that cannot be explained by weather. Weather warfare may have been used to cover up experiments with other tech. GET THIS. Last night there was a “massive tornado outbreak”. It hit lots of important stuff, like an Amazon warehouse which got decimated, and low and behold, the following picture of “tornado destruction is a candle factory. GUARANTEE: We will NOT be getting any more pictures like this, that show what really happened during some of this stuff. In this case, this was NOT a tornado, no way in hell!! WHERE IS THE DEBRIS FIELD? Tornados don’t just drop the rubble in a neat pile with defined edges, something else happened here, something new, something bad. A horrible new weapon, perhaps what caused some of the unexplained mayhem at the WTC. LOOK AT THIS. Since when does a tornado make a pile that looks like a bulldozer did it? This is a large image that you can save and expand. There’s no debris field. Even when pulling levels in a photo editor, no debris is in the darkness, it’s just that pile. That’s all there is. There was no tornado. I am calling it. I am skeptical about a huge tornado outbreak dropping Amazon warehouses and candle factories and nursing homes and more. Those types of structures are tornado resistant, and WHERE T.H. IS THE DEBRIS FIELD? This one picture alone blows it. That’s not tornado damage, PERIOD. It looks to me like the new weapon is some sort of scrambler that grabs everything in an area and drops it in a pile. Look at the roof, it is still there, laying on top of scrambled debris. Tornados simply don’t do that. A tornado is not going to selectively enter a place, rip out the support columns, and drop the roof in one piece. It is hard to describe what this looks like, – it is more like a cable was tied to a huge machine and then pulled through the building a foot off the ground, like it has simply been sliced out from under itself and scrambled at the same time, without scrambling the roof. If this was legit tornado damage, the rescue workers would not have just been able to pull up to the place on clean ground. If this was legit tornado damage, the roof would simply not be there, especially in one big piece. This is wierd, something we have never seen before. The hit on Amazon looks like legit tornado damage. There’s no debris, but everything is clean and taken away and the roof is totally MIA. Tornados will do that, it is the pile in the photo above that simply is not legit. Everything is still there, yet no debris scattered? The gaming sabotage has been stopped and I’d like to know why. Take a look at this. They finally allowed legitimate performance. YES, YOUR OLD CRAP HARDWARE WILL RUN THIS. We got conned, there’s no way out of it. This is not a pre-render, it is actual game play being shown. View that full screen. You’ll never see what they did at a lower resolution. Click play where I have it land (that’s the most efficient use of your time) what you will see is actual gameplay. They are finally allowing gaming to look decent now. I was an early gamer (heretic, quake, doom) and knew where gaming was headed. This level of performance should have happened in 2004. Want proof? How about Myst, which had scenes like this, in full 3d, in 1995? The following image is from Myst, a full 3d game released in 1995. What took them so long to allow it to look significantly better? The Matrix clip linked above can come off both Xbox and Playstation! Any legit gaming rig will destroy both. We had it all along and they stifled it into oblivion. SO WHY, PRAY TELL, WAS THERE SUDDENLY A QUANTUM LEAP RIGHT WHEN META WAS SET UP? EASY ANSWER: “THEY” WANT EVERYONE TO VANISH INTO THE MATRIX. A few quick items: A reader wrote and said that in 1984 the federal government made it illegal to criticize vaccines. He said I could probably get more info on this than he could, and get it quickly. That said, I won’t bother BECAUSE THAT WAS THE TIME FRAME WHEN THEY STARTED PUSHING THE SHAKEN BABY SCAM AND SIDS (all that started right around 1987) so obviously this law was written to make damn good and sure the newly sabotaged childhood shots stayed secret, under threat of prosecution. That makes so much sense I don’t have to look it up!!! Smollet found guilty. Possible stiff sentence. Let’s see if he walks even after that. With a corrupt judge, he very well could. Even a jury with minorities on it found him guilty. Ukraine: Top military brass has stated they will open the national arsenal to the people if Russia attacks. Question: Why would they need to do that? Surley that would not be an issue in the United States . . . . . let’s see this happen and then backfire on the lockdown/vax tyrants. Take a look at CNN’s latest scare. Obviously left unsaid is how many are dying from the vax alone, while CNN pushes the vax HARD. Cold weather states having difficulty hiring snow plow drivers. Here is why: Lots of unreported vax deaths plays into this, but there’s another HUGE reason. That reason is that pickup trucks are now expensive, and fuel is now expensive, and plowing snow beats the hell out of them. If you want to wreck a truck quick, strap a snowplow to it and have at it. That even goes for the larger trucks, snow plowing is doom for the truck and anything old enough to be sensibly usable as a snow plow has been regulated out of existence. The type of truck a snow plow should go on will be the smoky one that is 30 years old. If you strap one on anything year 2000 or newer, you lost your money and with the value of trucks now, even 90’s trucks are out. It just is not worth trashing a truck unless you get paid big bucks to do it, and towns are not ready for that. As I have always said, the migrants are not walking across Mexico because they make it too quick. A semi truck full of them flipped and killed 53. I figured this would just stay on the forums, but Drudge had it so I figured I’d put it up. In a CNN/Trump world, Trump would be responsible for this but obviously Biden’s immigration policies are not. Proof the shipping crisis is manufactured: Amazon sidestepped it by privately contracting ships, and THOSE ships come right into port immediately. So what makes them special? Zillow collapse: Well, let’s hope all these companies that bought up all the homes at far over market value go kaput. Let’s see prices and availability down regulate to normal. Everyone suspected they were going to turn around and rent these homes in a world where “you will own nothing and be happy” but was there a failure at some point? Is someone going to step in and pick up the slack? Let’s hope not!!! THIS VIDEO ABOUT THIS IS PRICELESS!!! (click past the ad). It is going to be GAME OVER for the real estate con artists that blew the prices to the stratosphere. Vax awakening: An obvious trusting leftist wakes up after getting hit hard by reality. The new “normal” QUESTION: Who heard of Bells palsy before the vax? Who heard of Myocarditis before the vax? Who heard of “Cannabis use disorder” being a cause of heart attacks? I heard of drugs like coke or meth doing that during severe overdose, but pot? No. Who heard of a kid dying from a heart attack before the vax? REALITY: It really never did happen. AND NOW, THE NEW NORMAL: They know kids are going to start dropping over from heart attacks and strokes left and right after the shot, so they are running ad campaigns that make it look like it was always that way. Leftists who are not fully stupid + idiots will accept this signage and say “Oh, kids have strokes” and not even give it a second thought. This sign shows the future. The people behind the shot know what is going to happen. About the “beast statue” the U.N. put up in New York It is called “The guardian of international peace” and is built to spec, to perfectly match the beast in Daniel. I ignored this for several reasons. 1. Anyone can build a statue to match what is in the Bible, and do it just to mock.
2. The beast in Daniel is alive. It is not a statue.
3. Everyone calls it “huge”. It is not. It is a minor statue. I don’t mean tiny, but it could go in the back of a pickup truck no problem. It is not an amazing feat of architecture.
I quite frankly don’t think this statue means anything, other than a mockery of Christians. Anyone can get a bible and make a copy of a “beast” as a statue. Now, the fact that they did this obviously means THEY are rotten to the core, and there’s no doubt they’d breathe life into this beast if they could and perhaps they soon will with genetic engineering, but as far as the beast in Daniel goes, this thing does not give me the creeps, because it is obviously not the real deal. After seeing 9,000 others post this, I figured I ought to so people did not think I missed it. I did not. I knew about this several days ago and opted to not waste the page on it. Wake me up when this is real. It probably will be one day in the near future. Someone should put a ball in it’s mouth. One that will expand so you can’t get it out. A TELLING Boris Johnson video IN THE COMMENTS: “The Brits would queue up for roasted dog turds. Why should we expect them to push back on death clot jabs for Christmas?” After releasing a few pages of the pfizer docs, the FDA now claims it will take 75 years for the rest of them. That’s the same as not releasing any at all. The scam is obvious. They took only 108 days to review all the documents and approve this crap, but it’s going to take 20,000 days to release them??? That’s how a failed state runs. America is banana like no other. If they had nothing to hide, there would not even be a “release”, the docs would have been public while the FDA reviewed them. I SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN AND IT DID. LA SCHOOLS VAXXED THE KIDS WITHOUT PARENT’S PERMISSION, AND TOLD THEM TO “KEEP IT A SECRET. I called this a month ago. I specifically stated that the schools will do this, because their explicit purpose is to destroy parental bonds with kids and the entire school program is run to make the kids hate and question their parents. The teachers use advanced mind control tactics the kids are no match for and own them 100 percent. Own them SO WELL they actually expected to get away with this. Don’t cry for the school being caught, because they ABSOLUTELY WILL GET AWAY WITH THIS. The system is too corrupted for any parent to do anything about this. Yes, it was a felony for the schools to have done this. It all boils down to who the kids trust. Since the teachers have them the whole day and Mom is on chit chat, it is no contest. The real story is that this is without question not unique, I will continue with this prediction and NOT go out on a branch by saying at least half the schools are doing this – not out on a branch because it is definite, not speculative. HEY, there’s even a “pizza” theme in this!!! RUMOR. DISCLAIMER: This is probably not true, but what if? Do not re-post this as fact, but I am going to throw it out there just because it is a way competing GMO teams can end each other’s pandemics. The rumor goes like this: Omicron was developed in a South African lab and subsequently released in Botswana. The purpose: Release a radically changed virus with extremely mild symptoms that created permanent immunity against Covid, give it enough tweaks to make it completely vax resistant, and make it spread like crazy. Did this happen? If so, South Africa really screwed someone’s plot. They can’t come up with examples of Omicron killing anyone, all the deaths we are seeing are clearly vax related. IF this rumor is true, we might be going into a period of time where competing powers continuously release new strains of viruses to fight off the other guy’s virus. IF the rumor is true, it would mean Omicron performs the role of a legit corona vax. I am skeptical. I can see how this would work, but did it happen? And what about all the vax deaths? I strongly believed Omicron was just a way to cover up vax deaths. If that is true, even if someone in South Africa did do this, the boogie man of Omicron is going nowhere. On the surface the story makes sense. South Africa produces something and releases it in Botswana, just across the border to the north, to give them time to react before it hits South Africa if it ends up being a screwup. 32 mutations is an awful lot to get right. Did somebody do it? We’ll probably never know for sure, one way or the other. That makes good rumors!!! Another thing that makes it such a good rumor is that it absolutely would work. Hey, let’s give them all “cowpox” so when smallpox comes, nothing happens!!! Same idea. Only spread aerially by a cure that spreads WAY better than the virus being fought. That would indeed be brilliant. South Africa still has the technical knowhow for this despite the chaos to boot. Another big problem is that Omicron was named a long time ago. It was supposed to happen in 2022. How would somebody’s cure subsequently be given the same name? The story sounds good but there are big problems with it. ____________________________
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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this. California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE FUKUSHIMA CLEAN UP WORKERS: SHUT UP OR DIE!