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Covert Geopolitics

Covert Geopolitics

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Western world revolts against Satanic ruling class

This Below Article Added 26 Of December 2021.

There is a massive attack taking place against the Satanic ruling cabal in most Western countries. This is being seen in mass demonstrations, military moves and criminal prosecutions.

Take a look at these huge demonstrations in Italy, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Brussels, etc. It looks a lot like what happened just before the fall of the Berlin Wall in Eastern Europe.

The pattern is the same, the ruling class -facing bankruptcy and popular revolt- increases repression of the population. This creates a negative feedback loop by causing ever more popular discontent until the military and police join the people and overthrow the ruling class.

After Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg decided to confine unvaccinated people, the police and the military announced they would refuse to control the “health passes” in the name of “freedom and human dignity.”

“Europe has fallen. Austria was lost and the rest will all collapse by year end,” says MI6.

In North America as well, a major military campaign against the cabal has begun. This is being seen in the media as large floods that have cut off Vancouver, Canada, from the rest of the country.

“If anyone thinks this climate storm that severed Vancouver from the ROC was anything but the military, you are jackass morons. The odds of EVERY highway being closed defies probability. The intensity of the storm defies the natural law of the area. This was weather warfare and the landslides were equipment deployed during the summer by the Canadian Military with crates of explosives labeled Operation Atlas Strike 21. We saw the crates being offloaded from the C17 Globemaster III transports in Kelowna,” a CIA source says.

The floods have coincided with Canadian television broadcasting news about the arson at three freemason temples in Vancouver. What is interesting is that the arson took place in March but it is being broadcast as if it is happening now. Canadian Secret Intelligence Service and CIA sources say the roads have been blocked to prevent criminals from escaping from police action against the Synagogue of Satan in Vancouver. This Satanic temple has been identified as using money from Communist China to fund Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrations and sabotage throughout North America.

The Gnostic Illuminati has also now re-emerged in East Asia. They have declared war against the Unification Church, the East Asian drug and weapons dealing allies of the Bush Nazi faction, Illuminati sources say. They say they will use one of the 500 megaton nuclear bombs they took from the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000. The specific target is the Kansai plain in Japan. This area includes the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. The sources say they will be destroyed on December 21st unless the following demands are met:

  1. The Japanese government use state and corporate media networks to inform its people the truth about what happened in Fukushima on March 11, 2011
  2. Arrest all Japanese politicians, gangsters etc. who were complicit in the attack.
  3. Inform the Japanese public that the pandemic is fake and apologize for coercing people to wear masks, take vaccines and suffer economic hardship as a result
  4. Arrest all people involved in promoting the fake pandemic and vaccines in Japan
  5. Stop financial support for the criminal and fake Biden administration.

The White Dragon Society supports the demands of the gnostic Illuminati but does not support the mass murder of innocents for political goals. It has thus has asked the Illuminati to not destroy the Kansai plain. However, an evacuation of civilians and cultural treasures from the area is recommended if these demands are not met because the Illuminati seemed determined to go ahead, explaining the ruling class of the Kansai plain was deeply involved in the plan to destroy and evacuate greater Tokyo during the Fukushima attack of 2011.

The move against the Japanese guilty parties in Fukushima is possible thanks to testimony by former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Mossad sources say. It’s also because three of the top Fukushima perpetrators were fired from Mossad, the sources add.

To understand the evil being fought both in Japan and the West, we need to look at ancient Babylon, the ultimate source of the evil permeating Western and parts of Eastern civilization. (As a matter of background; the Japanese ruling class based in Kyoto claims it originated in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt).

A message to Asian secret societies from a British royal reads as follows, “We face a shared enemy” so “East and West need to come together to vanquish wrong and defend the right irrespective of race, creed or color.”

As an example of how ancient this enemy is, we note the ancient Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II (who ruled from 883 to 859 BC) wrote “I built a pillar over against the city gate and I flayed all the chiefs who had revolted and I covered the pillar with their skins.” He burned, blinded, and beheaded rebels, set “maidens” ablaze and condemned opposing soldiers to die of dehydration in the desert.

The reason this ancient history is being mentioned is that the ruling Satanic western elite is still burning young women.

The extremely graphic and disturbing video below was found during the raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. It shows a naked girl being burned with a blow torch, apparently to harvest adrenochrome.  

This is not a random crime, but part of a systematic harvest of children. To join the rich and famous in the West participation in child sacrifice and the resultant blackmail is necessary. FBI statistics show that more than 40,000 children vanish each year in the US, never to be seen again. That is a rate that is over 20 times higher than in countries like those in Africa that do not have a Satanic ruling class.

Take a look at the following picture of celebrities who have visited Epstein’s Island.

The indictment charges Miramax Films, the Walt Disney Corporation, Universal Music, Vivendi, Sprint Corporation, Viacom CBS, the City of New York Police Department, Sony Entertainment and over 200 John Does with “stalking, repeated drug use, kidnapping, sexual assault, abuse, extortion, unlawful surveillance, decades of human trafficking and sexual assault,” among other charges.

Convicted criminal Joao Teixeira de Faria was one of the suppliers of slaves to Epstein Island, according to CIA sources.

He enslaved hundreds of girls for years, serving as wombs to get pregnant so their babies could be sold. These girls were murdered after ten years after they gave birth. He was interviewed by Oprah and treated Bill Clinton.

Of course, Epstein Island was only one small center. There are many others, such as the Getty Museum.

The British King claims to have seen a video showing Barbara Bush (daughter of Church of Satan founder Aleister Crowley), George Bush Sr, David Rockefeller and others on a tape in a bloody orgy of murder at the World Trade Center.

We are trying to get a copy of this video from the Mossad to let the world know about it. About Queen Elizabeth II, the King says that much has been done to her over the years – including Diana – but she has survived and is very much alive.

In a sign of how hard they are trying to keep her alive, the source says all the palaces have been stripped to the bone for bugging devices. All the floors have been ripped out. The precautions are being taken because of the ongoing state of war against the Satanists, the source said.

As observant people know by now, the Satanist ruling class has been using mass vaccinations and Mark of the Beast-style vaccination cards to try to establish totalitarian rule in order to stay in power. Their vaccination campaign is now collapsing, not just because of the demonstrations, but because of the sheer incompetence of the people running the campaign.

In Australia, Victorian Health Minister Georgie Crozier says the Andrews government’s controversial pandemic law is a complete shambles. The contradictions, U-turns, etc., were evidence of a dysfunctional government, Crozier said.

For example, you have to show proof of vaccination to buy shoes, but not to visit a nursing home. In Israel, the government confirms that infections, diseases, and fatal injuries occur only in vaccinated individuals.

That’s probably why the FDA is asking a federal judge to give it until 2076 to fully release Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine data. So the feds give Pfizer billions of dollars, shield it from liability, force Americans to take their product, but don’t let you see the safety or efficacy data?

In contrast, North Korea reports zero cases of new coronavirus after another round of testing, despite vaccine shortages

North Korea one of only two countries yet to begin COVID-19 vaccinations: WHO

So many problems came together at once. Food and energy prices have gone up.

Deficits of $5.9 trillion in the 24 months ending Sept. 30, 2021, and an expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet by nearly $5 trillion in the same period have irrevocably damaged the entire price structure of the financial system and the economy

We now find out that the phony Biden regime is selling the U.S. strategic petroleum reserves to China to delay bankruptcy for a while longer.

The situation is so bad that commodity trading advisors are now 100% recommending selling US government bonds.

What we will see will not just be the collapse of the United States. It will be the collapse of a system of secret tyranny that goes back thousands of years.

The European white nobility (as opposed to the dark nobility), the white hats in the Western military and government agencies are on the side of the people. We all need to do our part and keep fighting because these people have no intention of going quietly into the night.

When the Lake Geneva area, home to over 200 international organizations, is liberated, humanity will finally awaken from a long and terrible nightmare.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.


This Below Article Added 26 Of December 2021.

Khazarian mafia hide in bunkers as war is declared

A formal declaration of war by the Anglo Saxon five eyes group has now been made against the Khazarian mafia, otherwise known as the Nazi Fourth Reich.

With war declared the Khazarian mafia elite have retreated to bunkers around Lake Geneva, Switzerland and Palo Alto, California, according to multiple intelligence sources. The Swiss group controls the fiat money being issued by the central banks they own. The Palo Alto group is using control of major internet companies to convey a false reality to the worlds’ people. Both of these centers are now going to be targeted with bunker-busting nuclear weapons, Pentagon sources promise.

The KM meanwhile have been exposed by Mossad as using green screen computer graphics to make it look as if people like Pope Francis, President “Fuck” Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Traitor General Mark Milley are still with us and still in charge.

This video below, sent to us by Mossad, shows some of the actual green screen performance taking place:

The KM is also desperately seeking actors and body doubles to replace their public leaders who are being systematically killed and arrested as a part of this declaration of war against the KM.

Here, for example, we see multiple ads seeking look-alikes for the arrested California Governor Gavin Newsom.

More fake “leaders” can be seen at the links below:

The KM is also still desperately trying to create a “get out of jail free card” for themselves by starting World War III.

The following propaganda illustrates this:

“Vice President Kamala Harris said the ‘eyes of the world’ are on the Belarus border and the US is ‘looking at the tools it has’ after a day of rapid-fire developments led to fears of war breaking out on Europe’s eastern border.”

“US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday that the United States is ‘concerned by reports of unusual Russian military activity’ and the possibility that Russia may be “attempting to rehash” its 2014 invasion of Ukraine.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by saying “I want everyone to know, We have absolutely nothing to do with any of this.”

“All this tension being seen with Belorussia and Ukraine is all CIA meddling and propaganda. It is the Biden administration running a money-laundering operation out of Ukraine. It is going via Biden’s son to finance the campaign to capture Trump,” was how MI6 described the situation.

We are also seeing CIA noise such as the following:

“Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said Saturday that it would be ‘inconceivable’ for Australia not to join the US if it takes action to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.”

Asian secret society sources confirm that attempts to provoke a war with China by using Taiwan have nothing to do with either the governments or people of China or Taiwan. It is more KM meddling, they say.

In any case, now that war has been formally declared the following disciples of KM Honcho Klaus Schwab Rothschild have been or will be removed:Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair. Jacinda Ardern (the Prime Minister of New Zealand), Emmanuel Macron, Sebastian Kurz (who was until recently the Chancellor of Austria), Viktor Orbán (Prime Minister of Hungary), Jean-Claude Juncker (former President of the EU), Annalena Baerbock (the leader of the German Greens), California Governor Gavin Newsom, US Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, Chelsea Clinton. Christine Lagarde and Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock the corporation internationally and which handles approximately $9 trillion annually. national governments).

These individuals all have in common that they are among the 1300 graduates of Schwab’s Global Leaders for Tomorrow slave leader academy.

Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’ (Videos)

Schwab and the KM hiding in Switzerland have pumped over $20 trillion into the world economy in less than two years as part of their vaccine and fake totalitarian power grab of a pandemic. According to MI6, the elimination of these fifth columnists is pure counter-state capture by military intelligence. Washington DC has already been taken by the White Dragon Society and its allies.

Here is what an NSA official is saying about Washington these days: DC is EMPTY after dark. No nightlife.

Empty trains. Empty buildings. And a strong stench is perceived throughout the city (from underground tunnels that have been flooded and are empty). What’s left of the federal government will be out of money in 18 days or Dec. 3, NSA says.

The other place that is a ghost town is Hollywood. Here is what the Mossad had to report about the situation there: Hollywood is dying a slow death. The adrenochrome drip has stopped, as have production budgets. The Chinese Communist Party and the Fed’s fake fiat money have also been cut off.

The only ones writing checks are the tech streamers (Apple, Amazon, Netflix and some of the major studios). The rest are operating on crumbs. This is a result of US President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13818 – Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

We are witnessing the death of the pedo elites and their twisted lifestyle. The false idols of the world are falling. The time has finally come. Many of the celebrities have been compromised. It is not known if everyone in the list below is compromised, but many of them are. It is doomsday for the guilty.

List of celebrity and sports legend homes for sale:

Ellen Degeneres, Johnny Depp, Mathew Perry, Eli Manning, Kat Von D, Shia Lebeouf, die Brüder Hemsworth, John Legend und Chrissy Teigen, Brittany Snow, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Cindy Crawford und Rand Gerber, Gene Simmons, Bella Thorne, Tom Cruise, George Strait, Emily Blunt, Alonzo Mourning, Jemima Kirke, Kevin Jonas, Chelsea Handler, John McEnroe, Tommy Lee, Jason Derulo, Alicia Keys, Frankie Muniz, Keith Richards, Lil Wayne, Peter Thiel, Pharrell Williams, Loris Loughlin und Mossimo Giannulli, Rosie O’Donnell, Kellie Clarkson, Cheryl Tieg, Joe Pesci, Suzanne Somers, Adam Lambert, Meghan Markle, Sean Diddy Combs, Billy Joel, Gary Levinsohn, Dr. Phil, Barry Manilow, Mel Gibson, Diane Keaton, 50 Cent, Heidi Klum, Ryan Seacrest, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jennifer Aniston, Katharine Hepburn, Christie Brinkley, Nicholas Cage, Ricky Martin, Angelica Huston, Charlie Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Emilia Clarke, J. Lo & Alex Rodriguez, Simon Cowell, Kris Jenner, Jeffree Star, Gordon Ramsay, Jason Aldean, Pamela Anderson, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, Dave Ramsey, Jon Bon Jovi, LeBron James, Matt Damon, J.J. Abrams, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ellen Degeneres, Sylvester Stallone, David Bowie, Clay Mathews, Michelle Pfiefer, David E Kelley, Shonda Rhimes, Rihanna, Pete Townshend, Britney Spears, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, Shaquille ONeil, Glen Frey, Sammy Hagar, Stockard Channing, Michael Chiklis, Tom Petty, Serena Williams, Bill Russell, Kathryn Bigelow, Don Rickles, Bruce Kovner, Adam Neumann, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barb Ellison, Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Herjavic, Josh und Heather Altman, Soleil Moon Frye, Jim Harbaugh, Anthony Kiedis, Fredrik Eklund, Meghan Trainor, Gideon Yu, Hellen Miren, Taylor Hackford, Bette Midler, Todd Phillips, Mitt Romney, Dianne Feinstein, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, A-Rod, Bobby Patton-LA dodgers co owner, Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union, Michael Amini, B-52 Kate Pierson, Bill Guthy, Victoria Jackson, Will Arnett, Zac Efron, Wayne Gretzky, Katy Perry, Derek Jeter, Mike Piazza, Shane Smith, Bryon Cranston, DJ Khaled, Leonard Ross, Ted Sarandos – Netflix Co-CEO, Dustin Johnson, John Fogerty, Melissa Rivers, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Lena Dunham, Lyndsey Vonn, PK Subban, Robyne Moore, Cara und Poppy Delevingne, Big Sean, Steph Curry, Chris Bosh, Phil Collins, Liam Payne, Bryan Singer, Tom Ford, Robby Naish, Tom Brady & Giselle Bundchen, Anthony Davis, Emilia Clarke, Clare Bronfman-Seagrams (Erbin mit Verbindungen zu Nxivm), Jane Fonda, Carmen Electra, Morgan Moses, Bobby Cox, Danny Masterson, Evander Kane, Kate Winslet, Mark Teixeira, Jonah Hill, Judd Hirsch, Carlos Santana, Kennet Chesney und Brooke Shields.

Some of the people on the list, such as Steve McQueen, Katherine Hepburn, Don Rickles, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Burt Reynolds, have already passed away, so the house sales will be made by their estates. As if to confirm, almost all of the usual “celebrities” were absent from the recent Academy Awards.

Of course, all of the pharmaceutical industry executives involved in the fake pandemic and vaccine campaign will also be removed. Since we reported in detail last week on how the pandemic is being handled, we add only that part today:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed Thursday that it is recalling about 2 million Ellume COVID-19 tests for home use because they can produce ‘false-positive’ results.

This is partial confirmation that mass murder has been committed in hospitals by using ‘false-positive’ test results to force people into death wards.

One of the top vaccine criminals soon to be removed is Canadian Justin Castro Trudeau. Castro has ordered ten times more vaccines than there are Canadians – including the Moose – and that’s extortion because he gets reimbursed for every dollar spent [on vaccines]. cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=186983

This picture shows him as one of the KM’s most prolific actors: The disinfection of the West from an element so insidious in history and ubiquitous in our shared experiences must stop…. We commit ourselves to a viable and meaningful working relationship between West and East to first eliminate global terrorism and the war that followed and all traces of that scourge, and then deal with everything else. First things first: peace is a process.

We are well on our way. Elizabeth II R. A disinfection process also takes place in Asia.

In Japan, the removal of Rothschild agent Aso Taro and all his cronies from power and control of finance has taken place. Governor Koike Yuriko of Tokyo, who has been pushing for vaccination, has also not been seen in public since November 2. Many other politicians, gangsters, Japan controllers, financiers, etc. have also disappeared.

A kind of purge is also taking place in China. When the Chinese Communist Party issued a 100th anniversary document, Chairman Mao was mentioned seven times and Xi Jinping was mentioned 17 times, while Deng Xiaoping was mentioned only five times. You can be sure that the forces behind Deng are taking action.

Although we are not privy to the details of the power struggle in China, we note that there have been 10 major explosions there in the past week.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal’s ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.


Global warming faction sues for peace as Khazarian mafia purge intensifies

There were big moves last week at the top of the worlds’ secret power structure, Asian and Western secret society sources say. The moves were triggered when Queen Elizabeth II asked the White Dragon Society to “Please send our good wishes from the Venetian families to our friends and neighbors in the East.”

The Asians were asked to note the following speech by the Queen:

The speech reads in part as follows:

“For more than seventy years, I have been lucky to meet and to know many of the world’s great leaders…it has sometimes been observed that what leaders do for their people today is government and politics. But what they do for the people of tomorrow – that is statesmanship…the world has the chance to join in the shared objective of creating a safer, stabler future for our people and for the planet on which we depend…we are doing this not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children, and those who will follow in their footsteps.”

The Asian secret societies answered (in part) as follows:

“We carry out our actions with the big picture of the world in mind…the planet is moving in a good direction. Please rest at ease.”


 This does not mean the Asians are buying into the lie that carbon is causing global warming or even that there is global warming.

Instead, the Asians proposed “we keep it simple and launch a massive project to increase the amount and variety of life including human life.”

It is interesting to note in this context, that La Palma is calming down as are the problems with the three Gorges dam. It is probably just a coincidence.

In any case, after this exchange Mi6 sent the following message: “The deal has been done, the rest is housekeeping.”

This housekeeping, of course, begins with an intensified purge of the Khazarian mafia from their last holdouts. This is taking place both in the West and in Asia. What is being removed is “The cult that is controlling Antonio Guterres in the United Nations,” Western secret society sources say.

In Asia, the two big unfinished items of business are Korea and Taiwan. The Asian secret societies promise the peaceful reunifications of Taiwan with the mainland and of North Korea with South Korea are in the pipeline.

In the West, however, the following quote from a European royal makes it clear this will be no ordinary reckoning:

“The atrocity exacted upon the Russian Imperial family by the KM and many others around the world has not gone unnoticed. A very vast endeavor to expose this heinous hate crime is ongoing to root out and kill –we repeat kill- all concerned.”

The Rockefellers financed Trotsky and Lenin to overthrow the Czar because he refused to grant them oil concessions in Russia so; it is a pretty good guess that family is now being purged root and branch.

The removal of David Rockefeller’s grandson Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and the renaming of that company as “Meta,” Hebrew for death, is a clear sign. The subsequent removal from Meta of face recognition data on a billion people shows the change in management.

The disappearance of Zuckerbergs’ “Jens Psaki” White House spokestrans persona is a clear sign the purge is well underway.

The Rockefeller-owned pharmacidical companies behind the fake pandemic and the real mass vaccination campaign are also now being targeted. “They get a knock on the door and we say we know who you are we know what you are doing and you better knock it off,” explains MI6. “Later we will suck them all up with a giant vacuum cleaner,” they add.

The purge of the pharmacidical mafia is now undeniable. We can confirm for example that the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla was arrested last week. The corporate propaganda media has been hysterically trying to say this is not true. However, they are all now being forced to run stories saying that “new miracle pills” cure 89% of Covid cases and thus mean vaccines are no longer necessary.

As MI6 explains it “They are winding it down with this story about how a pill would fix it.”

In Japan, there are now zero new cases because the real cause of COVID, Rockefeller, and Rothschild family agents, have been all rounded up. All sorts of politicians and gangsters are now vanishing in Japan.  

The following news items show how the fake pandemic is being systematically wound down elsewhere as well:

“UK first to approve oral antiviral molnupiravir to treat Covid.”

The era of anti-Covid pills begins.”

“Pfizer Shares Surge After Release Of ‘Miracle’ COVID Pill That Is 89% Effective At Preventing Hospitalization”

“Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000, a 97.1% drop.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has stayed the Biden administration’s new vaccination requirement for private companies.

The end of the fake pandemic is hastened by the imbibing of many high-level cabal operatives. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was executed at Guantanamo, according to the CIA. His disappearance forced the corporate propaganda media to claim he had been arrested on sex charges.

California Governor Gavin Newson has also disappeared from the public eye because he was also arrested, according to the CIA.

After The Booster Shot Appearance, Gavin Newsome Is Nowhere To Be Found!

These removals are part of a process to end the entire fake Joe Biden regime, CIA sources promise. That process has begun with the arrest of Russian analyst Igor Danchenko as part of John Durham’s ongoing investigation into the fake Trump-Russia dossier.

Danchenko’s arrest comes shortly after the indictment of Michael Sussman for his alleged role in spreading the false Russia conspiracy theory. Sussman was a former adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Those operatives are now singing like canaries about their boss Hillary Rockefeller Hanover Clinton and her entourage, CIA sources say. Since the fake Fuck Joe Biden regime is a front for Clinton, his days are numbered. Her minions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere are also doomed.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for example, now wears an ankle bracelet with GPS monitoring, according to Australian intelligence sources. Morrison is under the control of the Alliance.

He is cooperating with them, the sources said. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was also revealed to be a lying psychopath when she abruptly ended a press conference after being asked why COVID was spreading fastest in countries like Israel that had been thoroughly vaccinated. It won’t be around much longer, Australian sources promise. The arrest of Canadian Justin Castro is also only a matter of time, Canadian intelligence sources say. The following video makes it clear that Trudeau/Castro is a felon.

The collapse of the EU is also progressing. There, the Polexit drama is being followed by Czexit as the new Czech government rejects the euro.

The Russians have upgraded their military along the border with the rogue Ukrainian regime to demonstrate their power. However, FSB sources say the Russians want to wait for further collapse of the EU before making any big moves. Of course, the Ukrainian regime is close to the original homeland of the Khazarian mafia, so its fate is closely tied to Israels.

On this front, the Syrians have presented to the world the results of their interrogation of captured Israeli Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak. Shahak has confirmed that ISIS (Israeli Intelligence) was an Israeli operation. He says, “Israel instructed ISIS to commit crimes under the guise of Islam in order to eliminate the call for peaceful dialogue between religions.

ISIS’s theatrical acts of terror were meant to panic the European Union as it faced a trumped-up refugee crisis, he told Syrians. All in all, Shahak has confirmed what this author has long maintained, that the KM who rule Israel are trying to unleash a massive clash of civilizations that would leave Israel as the last man standing in the ring.

Israeli Officers, Kidnapped in Syria, Beg for Our Help

Of course, Israel itself is a slave colony ultimately run by the pharaonic Octagon Group headquartered in Switzerland. These are the people who replaced Pope Francis with a rubber-masked fake and also run the fake Biden presidency. They also now rule Thailand by holding its king hostage in Germany.

Since our webmaster was poisoned in Thailand last week, the responsibility for the attack ultimately goes back to this king. Here is what a European King had to say about him: the new King of Thailand is a vile drug addict and a disgrace to his family and all emperors and kings in East and West. As we say, a creep who must be removed.

Speaking of creeps: We note that PayPal – founded by Elon Musk and Peter Thiel – has once again attacked us financially by cutting off our webmaster. WDS has put a bounty on these men before, then secretly withdrew it when PayPal blatantly stole $15,000 from this author.

At the time, some high-level criminals offered to collect the bounty by killing Musk and Thiel with electromagnetic weapons. The WDS declined because, on balance, these men seemed to be doing more good than harm.

Elon Musk Exposes Massive UN Pedophile Ring – Media Blackout

However, we hereby challenge them to an open debate about the future of this planet. Unfortunately, it is likely that they are too cowardly to accept this challenge. In that case, we may have to reconsider the bounty, WDS says.

Finally, this week we would like to point out a recent increase in UFO sightings.

For example, this video shows what looks like a UFO exodus from Boston. Perhaps now that the fake pandemic is subsiding, the fake UFO invasion is next? Or is the quarantine on planet Earth about to end for good? Let’s wait and see. For now, however, we must not rely on ET or even divine help. It will be up to us humans to save the planet. Remember, this is the only place in the universe where we can live right now. Let’s fix it.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

Like this:


G20 Slave “leaders” pose for photos while their masters struggle to survive

A group of slaves known as the “leaders” of the G20 group of nations have been gathering in Rome and next Scotland to pose for pictures and pretend they run the planet. However, the so-called $150 trillion COP26 plan they have been gathering for is dead in the water. The masters who ordered them to follow this plan are being hunted down and will soon lose power, CIA, Mossad, MI6 and Asian secret society sources agree.

“The G-20 becomes the showpiece for a dysfunctional global order,” is even how the establishment mouthpiece, the Washington Post, describes the situation.

The fact is the families that own the so-called “global” architecture such as the UN, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the Chinese Communist Party, the United States Corporation etc. are bankrupt.

A group of Venetian nobility and Asian Royal Families have come to an agreement that these families need to be removed from power and control of so-called global institutions. Instead, the people of the planet will be given control, and so, as was long prophesied “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

A visible sign of this is that Queen Elizabeth, the head of the committee of 300 (often called the secret government of the West) is not attending COP26.

“The secret service, the police and the courts are saying enough is enough,” says an Ambassador for Venetian and Asian nobility. “Essentially the Queen is gone. She is under a two-week house arrest [OK palace arrest], and banned from Cop 26,” the Ambassador says. “The act of succession will remove Charles because of the murder of Diana,” he says. “Charles must never be king that is a widely accepted norm,” he adds. Furthermore, Prince William will not be King because he is “an obsequious little creep and we do not like him at all.” Instead, the source says, “The act of installation goes to King George VII or William’s son.”

“We removed the king of Spain because he was essentially the worlds’ biggest drug dealer,” he added.

Another sign is that US Corporate Presidential Spoketrans Jens Psaki (almost certainly a cross-dressing David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg) has “contracted Covid 19” despite being vaccinated and has been put under quarantine for 10 days and possibly forever.

CIA sources say Mark Rockefeller Zuckerberg has also been removed from control of Facebook, which is why it has been renamed Meta which, by no coincidence, means “dead” in Hebrew.

The fact that Kamala Harris is “desperately trying to get out before she and her husband are outed and sink with the ship,” underlines the ongoing collapse of the fake Biden regime, CIA sources note.

More Clinton (Rockefeller/Hanover) puppets are being rounded up slowly but surely, the CIA says. “They will all sing like canaries for a reduced sentence,” they add.

Another big event coming soon will be the public announcement of the death of former US Vice-President and CIA head, Dick Cheney, the sources continue. “He died June 29th. They say it was old age. This intel was just released internally four days ago. It has not been released to civilians or the MSM yet,” they say noting: “Wait till this gets out it will be a real game-changer.” 

Another bad guy to publicly bite the dust is disgraced ex-New York Governor. Andrew Cuomo -who was charged Thursday with groping a former aide in Albany’s Executive Mansion — a crime that could send him to jail for a year if he’s convicted.

“I have been told that he is about to be removed, Permanently,” a Mossad source says.

A sign of the continuing arrests taking place in Washington DC is the weekly flights from the nearby Baltimore Airport to the Thule airbase in Greenland. “This is a weekly run for many months now. Each run holds up to 280 passengers. Add this up for at least 6 months [26 weeks times 280=7,280]. That’s a lot of prisoners,” a Pentagon source says. 

There can be no doubt that bad guys are vanishing right left and center and this process will continue until THEY ARE ALL GONE, Pentagon sources promise.

Now let us look at some of the latest signs of the economic collapse of their system. The U.S. merchandise-trade deficit hit a new record of $96.3 billion in September, up from a $88.2 billion in August (The August figure was revised up from $73.3 billion).

The fact that empty containers are piling up as store shelves get bare are signs the US Corporation failed to borrow money to keep paying for its deficit past October.

This quote sums up the current US system quite well:

“We’re literally paying people in the form of cash welfare, housing, and other services to live in tents on the street, use hard drugs, defecate publicly, and commit crimes,” says Michael Shellenberger,

However, the collapse of the US has been well reported. What is still not being widely talked about is the imminent collapse of the financial system in Communist China. When that goes, it will be the domino that really does cause the current system to implode.

This writer has long dismissed talk of a Chinese collapse but now the signs are undeniable. The problem is real estate.

There has been a lot of talk about the bankruptcy of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande. That talk was temporarily silenced when the company recently averted a default by making a last-minute payment on a bond.

However, it turned out that the company did not make a payment and that it was just a hoax to prevent a domino-style collapse of the entire global financial system, according to the CIA and other sources. The fact is that China has no easy way out. The basic problem is that the Chinese real estate market has lost touch with reality, and reality always catches up with you, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

The Chinese financial system is based on real estate, just like Japan’s was until the decade-long bubble burst in the early 1990s. The situation in China is eerily similar to that in Japan. Currently, 74.7% of Chinese household wealth is invested in real estate. But just like in Japan – where people had to take out 99-year loans to afford a house – apartments in China cost 30 to 40 times the annual salary of a typical Chinese worker.

To make matters worse, there are about 100 million vacant condominiums owned by people who don’t live in them. They cannot rent them out because otherwise the apartment loses value because it is “used. Also, the Chinese population is aging, and not enough children are being born. If you have ever raised hamsters, you know that they will not have children no matter how much food you give them if their cage is too small.

This is exactly what happened in China when the population was suddenly crammed into small apartments. In other words, these are existential problems that cannot be solved without bankrupting the financial system and then completely rebooting it. That will have repercussions for the entire planet.

The other problem is that the current world financial system is propped up not only by loans from China, but also by debt slavery in the developing world. For example, 34 of the world’s poorest countries spend $29.4 billion a year on debt repayment, while receiving only $5.4 billion in aid. In addition, multinational corporations (90% of which are controlled by 700 people) routinely plunder their oil, minerals, etc., without even paying bribes to corrupt leaders.

According to David Beasley, Director of the UN Food Shortage Organization, this is a sign of how dysfunctional things have become: 2% of Elon Musk’s fortune could solve world hunger.

The current Western financial system is made up of oligarchs who use the central banks they own to pump money into the corporations they also own. This is why the wealth of the world is disappearing into a black hole around Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the headquarters of the Octagon Group, the real James Bond villains of the world. These criminals, knowing that their control network is collapsing, have been desperately trying to make the world compliant with a fake pandemic.

They planned to inject people with a machine-readable mark of the beast (Certificate Of Vaccine ID) and make their ability to earn a living dependent on that ID, according to a Rothschild whistleblower. Instead, their scam is now collapsing. Japan was the first major G7 country to rebel, but many others are following. There are also riots and demonstrations taking place around the world. The fact that four of the top 10 recent iTunes hits are based on Fuck Joe Biden is a clear indication of this popular anger.

This anger is reflected in all countries still controlled by the Khazarian mafia. For example, we have received the following report from Italy:

The media is silent, BUT….

There is an ASTONISHING number of big demonstrations in Italy against the Green Passport, since last week employers are fined (5000 �??) for every unvaccinated employee entering a work building and similar fines for owners of public spaces like restaurants and museums, gyms, etc. since 2 months.

The demonstrations will take place at the following locations:

  1. AGRIGENTO: Piazza Cavour
  2. ALESSANDRIA: Piazza Della Libertà
  3. ALGHERO: Via Vittorio Emanuele incrocio Via Cagliari
  4. ANCONA: Piazza Cavour
  5. AOSTA: Piazza Chanoux
  6. AREZZO: Piazza S. Agostino
  7. ASCOLI PICENO: Piazza Del Popolo
  8. ASTI: Piazza San Secondo
  9. AVELLINO: Libertà-Platz
  10. BARI: Piazza Ferrarese
  11. BARLETTA:Piazza Aldo Moro
  12. BASSANO DEL GRAPPA: Piazza Libertà
  13. BELLUNO: Piazza Dei Martiri
  14. BERGAMO: Davanti La Procura
  15. BIELLA: Piazza Martiri Della Libertà
  16. BOLOGNA: Piazza del Nettuno
  17. BOLZANO: Waltherplatz
  18. BRESCIA: Piazza Della Vittoria
  19. BRESSANONE: Piazza Duomo
  20. BRINDISI: Piazza Della Vittoria
  21. BRUNICO:Piazza Municipio
  22. BUSTO ARSIZIO:Piazza San Giovanni
  23. CAGLIARI: Piazza Garibaldi
  24. CAMPOBASSO: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
  25. CASALE MONFERRATO: Piazza Castello
  26. CASERTA: Piazza Carlo Di Borbone
  27. CASTELFRANCO VENETO: Piazza Giorgione
  28. CATANIA: Fontana Dell’Elefante
  29. CATANZARO: Platz Matteotti
  30. CERVIA:Piazza Garibaldi
  31. CESENA: Platz Del Popolo
  32. CIVITANOVA MARCHE: Piazza XX Settembre
  33. CIVITAVECCHIA:Piazza Della Vita
  34. COMO: Piazza Cavour
  35. COSENZA: Bilotti-Platz
  36. CREMONA: Piazza Stradivari
  37. CROTONE:Piazza Resistenza
  38. CUNEO: Piazza Galimberti
  39. FELTRE: Piazza Maggiore
  40. FERRARA: Piazza Trento
  41. FIRENZE: Piazza Della Signoria
  42. FOGGIA: Piazza Umberto Giordano
  43. FORLÌ: Piazza Della Vittoria
  44. GELA: Piazza San Francesco
  45. GENOVA: Varco Etiopia
  46. GROSSETO: Dante-Platz
  47. IGLESIAS:Piazza Lamarmora
  48. IMPERIA: Piazza San Giovanni
  49. JESI:Piazza Federico II
  50. LA SPEZIA:Europaplatz
  51. LADISPOLI:Piazza Rossellini
  52. LAQUILA: Piazza Duomo
  53. LATINA: Piazza Del Popolo
  54. LECCE: Piazza Sant’Oronzo
  55. LECCO: Cermenati-Platz
  56. LIVORNO: Piazza Del Municipio
  57. LODI: Piazza Della Vittoria
  58. LUCCA: Napoleonplatz
  59. MANTOVA: Piazza Sordello
  60. MASSA: Piazza Aranci
  61. MATERA: Piazza Vittorio Veneto
  62. MESSINA: Piazza Cairoli
  63. MILANO: Fontanaplatz
  64. MODENA: Piazza Grande
  65. MONTEBELLUNA: Piazza Del Municipio
  66. MONZA: Trienter Platz
  67. NAPOLI: Dante-Platz
  68. NIZZA MONFERRATO: Platz Garibaldi
  69. NOVARA: Pucciniplatz
  70. NUORO: Piazza Sebastiano Satta
  71. OLBIA:Piazza San Simplicio
  72. ORISTANO:Piazza Roma
  73. OSTIA:Piazza Cesario Console
  74. PADOVA: Piazza Duomo
  75. PALERMO: Piazza Castelnuovo (Palchetto Della Musica)
  76. PARMA: Platz Garibaldi
  77. PAVIA: Piazza Della Vittoria
  78. PERUGIA: Piazza IV Novembre
  79. PESARO: Piazza Del Popolo
  80. PESCARA: Piazza Della Rinascita (Piazza Salotto)
  81. PIACENZA: Öffentlicher Platz (lato Respighi )
  82. PINEROLO: Platz Luigi Facta
  83. PIOMBINO: Piazza Verdi
  84. PISA: Platz Vittorio Emanuele II
  85. PISTOIA: Piazza Del Duomo
  86. PORDENONE: Piazza XX Settembre
  87. POTENZA:Piazza Mario Pagano
  88. PRATO: Domplatz (Piazza Del Duomo)
  89. RAGUSA: Piazza Libertà
  90. RAVENNA: Piazza Del Popolo
  91. REGGIO CALABRIA: Piazza Italia
  92. REGGIO EMILIA: Piazza Della Vittoria
  93. RIETI: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
  94. RIMINI: Piazzale John Kennedy
  95. ROMA: Piazza del Popolo
  96. ROVIGO: Vittorio-Emanuele-Platz
  97. SALERNO: Piazza Portanuova
  98. SANREMO: Piazza Colombo
  99. SASSARI: Piazza D’Italia
  100. SAVONA: Piazza Sisto IV
  101. SIENA:Piazza del Campo
  102. SIRACUSA: Platz Santa Lucia
  103. SONDRIO: Platz Campello
  104. TARANTO: Platz Garibaldi
  105. TERNI: Europaplatz
  106. TORINO: Piazza Castello
  107. TRAPANI: Piazza Vittorio Veneto
  108. TRENTO: Dante-Platz
  109. TREVISO: Piazza Dei Signori
  110. UDINE: Piazza Della Libertà
  111. VARESE: Piazza Monte Grappa
  112. VENEZIEN: Campo San Geremia – Palazzo Della Rai
  113. VERCELLI: Piazza Cavour
  114. VERONA: Piazza Bra
  115. VIAREGGIO: Mazzini-Platz
  116. VICENZA: Campo Marzo
  117. VIGEVANO: Piazza Ducale
  118. VITERBO: Piazza Del Plebiscito
  119. VOGHERA: Piazza Meardi

Wir hören ähnliche Berichte aus Australien usw.

Even the Israelis – some of the most brainwashed people in human history – are waking up. The Mossad-affiliated propaganda site DEBKA confirmed this by noting that no one is paying attention to their decades-old slogans about Iran being just weeks away from getting a nuclear weapon.

In other words, the Israelis are no longer going along with the Khazarian mafia’s plan to kill 90% of humanity with an artificial Armageddon, aka World War III. As the now executed George Bush Sr. famously said, If people found out what we had done, we would be chased through the streets and hung from the nearest lamppost.

Well, folks, that process is well underway.

To illustrate this, at the end of this weeks report we show pictures of some of the treasures recently seized by the white hats in the tunnels under the Vatican.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.


Worldwide arrests, executions as Khazarian mafia takedown accelerates

A series of arrests, executions and resignations worldwide signal that a major offensive against the Khazarian mafia is underway, multiple sources confirm. The head of Germany’s central bank, the Dalai Lama, Klaus Schwab and many others are among those being removed, the sources say. In addition, the secret governments of England, Germany, Ireland and Japan have been replaced.

Here is intel received from multiple sources, including some at the top of the G7 Western political structure: “The militaries worldwide have been given the green light to move. They will be active in every country. It’s the good guys taking out the last of the bad guys. It started this weekend and will roll out for the next 2-3 weeks…there may be intermittent outages in power, water, internet and phones –be ready.”

Simon Parkes, who has his own sources, says EU hotels are booked with soldiers. He also says New Zealand citizens have been told to stay indoors and expect to hear “explosions, shooting and children screaming.”

Before we go into the evidence of changed governments in other countries, let us look at the evidence that the Satanic “Biden” regime is about to be taken down. Remember the Qanon post about “Red October?”

Red October has been started. Enjoy the show 🍿 #QAnon— Dennis (@dcevering) October 2, 2018

Well CIA sources are telling us the widely publicized shooting by movie director Alex Baldwin of Halyna Hutchins with a “prop gun,” is a signal. Let us connect some dots:

Alec Baldwin starred in the film, The Hunt for Red October, wherein he helps hunt down a Russian nuclear submarine that was originally docked in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle. Hutchins grew up in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle “surrounded by nuclear submarines.”

She was a Ukrainian spy whose husband is a lawyer defending the Clintons.

The set where she was shot is about 30 minutes from Epstein’s 33k sq ft Zorro ranch in New Mexico — the same one that had computer rooms the ‘size of houses’ to spy on guests including Prince Andrew, when he allegedly stayed for a week there. 

Dave Halls, the assistant director who handed the gun to Baldwin, was the second unit’s first assistant director on The Crow: Salvation, the sequel to the film in which Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee was killed in an on-set firearms mishap in 1993. Just a coincidence?

In what may also be related, a Pentagon source says Grant Woods -an attorney general for the state of Arizona was removed from office by the feds- who was a fixer for the traitor John McCain, was found dead today cause unknown. “This was a really bad guy,” he notes.

For those of you who prefer more concrete evidence, let us point to a recent Pew opinion poll that shows 85% of Americans “believe their political system needs major changes or needs to be completely reformed.” Similar numbers were seen in countries like Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Spain and South Korea. You can be sure the military/intelligence community is paying attention.

This is how British MI6 intelligence sees the situation: “The Federal Reserve families are absolutely bankrupt but bankruptcy has not been declared. All the governments have to go because of stealth state capture by [satanic] fifth columnists. There is no way in the world that the standing governments can remain.”

If so, the big question is what is going to happen to the Chinese Communist Party. “The CCP would be the trigger that would bring down the global financial system. China’s debt is now 270% of GDP. Hidden local State Chinese government debt is more than $4 Trillion. They live from ‘off the books borrowing’. It could be double this amount. Nobody outside the inner circle of the CCP has knowledge,” CIA sources in Asia say.

While this could be wishful thinking, the official CCP Xinhua News Agency makes it clear CCP figurehead Xi Jinping works for the federal reserve families that own the UN:

“In the world, there is only one international system,..There is only one international order…and there is only one set of rules…the United Nations…” Xi stressed.

Just as this report was about to go live, we got told the owners of the federal reserve, in what appears to be a desperate attempt to survive, are now trying to cash historical German bonds from the Weimar republic. They have also promised a fancy new set of dollar bills, although it is not clear at this point if they are backed by the countries of the world or just the bankrupt US Corporation.

No matter what, Asian secret society for their part, promise the Rothschilds etc. who give orders to Xi will lose power and control of world finance.

“When the dust settles China will once again become an independent country and will peacefully reunify with Taiwan,” the sources promise.

CIA sources for their part add that Doug Emhoff, the husband of US Corporate Vice President Kamala Harris, is a member of the Chabad “kill 90% of humanity, enslave the rest,” cult. He is also an agent of the CCP with extensive financial investments in China, they say.

In what may be a related move, Asian secret society sources say the Dalai Lama “may have died.” Despite having cultivated an image as a living saint, the Dalai Lama was a friend of the Nazis who presided over one of the most horrific slave regimes in history. He also ordered the murder of my 5-month unborn child, according to witnesses in Nepal. He also probably ordered the murder of Matuzaki Tomomi, the mother of that child (she has vanished without a trace).

Regardless, a fight over his successor is already underway as this news item shows:

China has no authority at all to get involved in choosing the next Dalai Lama, Gyangbung Rinpoche, the head of the Tawang monastery in Arunachal Pradesh has said

If there is any justice in the universe the Dalai Lama will suffer soul death and not be reincarnated.

No matter what though, the fall of the CCP/UN/Rothschild controlled US Corporate regime is happening in real-time. In addition to the widely reported economic collapse, we are now seeing a loss of control of the border with Mexico.

Here is some raw intel about the situation there:

Cartels have entered northern Maverick county and southern Kinney county are already engaged in firefights with private citizens and have taken over a small town on US soil tonight, in what is thought to be preparation for the invasion. All law enforcement and US Border Patrol have left the area.

Expectations: 380,000+ illegals are hitting the southern Texas border in less than 72 hours from 2300 22-10-21…150,000 (half) will hit northern Texas entrance (Del Rio) to overwhelm and breach entrance, causing Border Patrol and National Guard to be sent…150.000 (half) will hit southern Texas entrance (Laredo) to overwhelm and breach entrance causing more Border Patrol and National Guard to be sent…80,000 armed Haitians will hit the middle absent of protection, and proceed with an invasion…Heavy fighting is expected starting Monday (10-25-21) and is expected to grow in intensity throughout the week.

When asked about this Pentagon sources say “This is confirmed. It’s being blamed on the cartels. Violence is way up. Not only are illegal aliens entering the country, but the drug traffic is also through the roof. Lots of Chinese fentanyl. Lots of Mexican manufactured methamphetamine, very high purity. Drug overdoses in the Phoenix area are very high. Dead found on bus stops every day.”

The headlines below with the satanic 666 code word make it clear who is behind this:

“Border Patrol agents apprehended a total of 1,666,167 illegal immigrants along the southwest border in fiscal 2021…Federal officials ‘have lost complete control’ of the southwest border under President Joe Biden”

That is not the only border that is breaking down. A similar situation is happening at EU borders.

In any case, the EU is collapsing now that their Fuehrer Angela Hitler has been removed from power. The latest domino to fall is Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, who “asked Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to dismiss him from office on 31 December 2021.” Weidmann hinted at the return of the Deutschemark in his resignation letter by writing “The reorganization of banking supervision in Europe has not only led to completely new supervisory structures at the ECB, but also a strengthened role for the Bundesbank.”–877830

The exit of Poland from the EU is also now looking more likely. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says: “Were we to agree to the central principle it would mean that the EU ceases to be an association of sovereign states and by fait accompli, the EU is transferred into a centrally governed European state where European institutions can force the so-called provinces to do as the central power wants. This is not what we agreed to in the treaties,”

The EU is threatening to cut off the supply of Euros to Poland which makes it increasingly likely the Polish Zloty will also be making a comeback.

In yet another sign the secret EU government is falling, police simultaneously raided 46 residential and commercial buildings on October 20th as part of a probe into the Italian “Ndrangheta,” mafia. This is a group that P3 Freemason sources say claim to have ruled the world for the past 26,000 years.

This may just be a myth but the ongoing fake pandemic and vaccine campaign is very real evidence of an evil secret government. “We were sent videos of beautiful children being decapitated and the federal reserve family having sex orgies with the blood of the decapitated children. They are unbelievably satanic. It’s like a rabid dog, you have to shoot them,” an MI6 source says.

The fake pandemic is “High Treason contrary to The Ten Nuremberg Codes by the international medical industrial complex. In retaliation we will hang parliament and if needed every general we have. Make that statement known around the world,” MI6 says. 

This writer is also taking personal action as can be seen in this letter I sent to the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan:

Lawsuit against the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan

This is to let the FCCJ know that I will be suing them for 10 million yen for slander, loss of reputation and for preventing me from attending press conferences. The FCCJ board did so by trying to force me to wear a mask without providing scientific justification for the need to do so.

If you wish to prevent a lawsuit -which the club will lose- you must make a public apology to me for trying to force me to wear masks and end the mask policy and other “pandemic” related measures.

Since you are supposed to be a press club, I recommend that one of your members call (as I did) the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare to ask them if they have scientific proof the COVID 19 (Certificate Of Vaccine ID 2019) virus that is the justification for the mask-wearing policy exists. You will find out they do not.

Also, FYI, the reason “COVID” mysteriously vanished in Japan is because I filed criminal charges with the Marunouchi Police Department against the hedge fund KKR. The police were provided with evidence that all the “COVID positive” test results were fraudulently created by them. In addition, they were shown evidence that all the COVID patients and deaths occurred at hospitals they own. They were also provided evidence that a certain Robert Rothschild filed a patent in 2016 (three years before the supposed pandemic started) for a method to detect COVID 19. Subsequent law enforcement activity has forced them and their complacent government stooges to stop manufacturing a fake pandemic to force vaccines on the Japanese people.

We will also be filing criminal charges against the Japanese government because carrying out medical treatment (vaccination) based on lies is a war crime according to the Nuremberg code.

Also, I will be publishing this letter on my website (which has over 30 million page views per month) to make sure you do not try to sweep this affair under the carpet.


Benjamin Fulford

Editor and Publisher

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

MI6 and Japanese right-wingers close to the Emperor confirmed, following forensic examination, that the above is true.  

You can also confirm that KKR founders Kravis and Roberts resigned recently.

Finally this week, we had contact from the secret space program via Willis Byrd, the nephew of Admiral Byrd. They say that the Atlantic Island of La Palma is under a haarp attack but it has been neutralized so there is no need to worry about a tsunami.

They also say “The Starlink system will use the military’s Odin program to take down the Mossad satellites that operate the MSM. This is what took down Facebook earlier as a test.”

As usual with such information, seeing is believing. However, we can confirm the good guys are on the offensive and the liberation of humanity is close.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.


Asian elders reject Khazarian mafia $150 trillion survival boondoggle

The owners of the US Corporation and stage managers of the fake Biden presidency appear doomed after their $150 trillion plan to stave off bankruptcy was rejected by Asian secret societies. The West now faces a period of extreme turbulence as the Khazarian mafia fights to survive before their bankruptcy becomes official in early December, MI6 and Asian secret society sources say.

What happened was, when the KM met with Chinese government representatives at a Zurich Airport hotel on October 7th,(see last week’s report for details), the KM used a combination of threats and promises to be “good from now on” to buy a few weeks more time. The Chinese side then took back to their bosses a $5 trillion per year, 30-year, $150 trillion proposal “to fight global warming.”

The Asians were warned by MI6 that “Climate change is a money-laundering operation, it is the collapse of the US sovereign debt…it is yet another guise to hide the fact the Federal Reserve Board families are bankrupt.” Of course, the Asians already knew that and the proposal has been rejected.

This can be seen in multiple news reports such as the following from the South China Morning Post:

Leaders of the world’s most powerful nations will meet in Rome for the Group of 20 Summit, then head to Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to cement climate commitments with other countries.

But with reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not travel to Europe for either event, Western observers are downgrading their expectations…

The Asians are interested in preserving nature but are also aware there is no scientific proof that Carbon causes global warming, an Asian secret society source says. “We will not base global environmental protection policy on lies,” the source explained.

“We need to solve the problems brought by industrial civilization, keep human activities within the limits of the ecology and environment, and carry out holistic conservation and systematic governance of mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts,” Chinese President Xi Jinping explains.

Without Asian financing for the COP26 boondoggle, there is expected to be a serious crisis in the West -especially the US- over the coming months. However, MI6 and P3 freemason sources agree that -according to their motto of Ordo Ab Chao- (translation “order from chaos “) the West must decline further into chaos and mayhem before it will be possible to finally remove the last vestiges of Satanic Khazarian mafia rule.

Already, close to 40% of US households have faced serious financial hardship and have been unable to afford food and healthcare, according to a recent survey.

These comments posted on Zero Hedge show this is just a foretaste:

I distribute very basic apparel, ie tees, socks, underwear, etc. Every manufacturer from Hanes to Gildan are out of goods and won’t manufacture anything until at least next year because all their supplies are sitting somewhere out on the ocean…I own Electronic stores in Portland Oregon…Every company I deal with is doing some type of rapid price increase.

Despite stories about a lack of truck drivers etc, the real reason Westerners, especially Americans, are running out of stuff is because their KM slave drivers are bankrupt.

However, Asian and Western secret societies have already agreed in principle to a plan for what happens after the KM is removed. The plan presented to the Pentagon, the British Commonwealth, the Asian Elders and the Russians is as follows:

Plan for USA version 2.0

The United States Corporation is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis and others say it has over $200 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. The debt has risen exponentially over the past several years. Attempts to kick the can down the road are mathematically doomed. The only choice is a formal declaration of bankruptcy. When a corporation goes bankrupt, even a big corporation, new management is brought in to take over the still viable parts of the bankrupt entity.

However, in this case, we are dealing not only with the bankruptcy of the USA. We are dealing with the bankruptcy of mostly European aristocratic families who own the UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank etc. This means a viable alternative needs to be put in place to take over the top management of all of these entities.

Let us consider the UN. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are the USA, Russia, The UK, France and China. Only one of these nations is not Western. Therefore, we propose creating a new security council comprised of representatives from each of the following seven regions: Africa, the Americas (North and South), Asia and Australasia excluding China, China, Europe including Russia, India and the Islamic world.

Decisions would be made by majority vote and vetoes would only apply to the regions vetoing. A special veto-holding role for first nations and elders is also envisaged.

This body would only take on issues affecting the planet as a whole. Existing nation-states would continue more or less as at present.

The seven-member world council would also preside over a world future planning organization (with seven regional offices) that would take on world-improving projects too large for individual nation-states to carry out. These would include such things as ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, replenishing the oceans, increasing total world biomass and colonizing the universe.

The functioning and viable parts of existing global and regional organizations would be incorporated into this new structure.

As far as the United States is concerned, a new entity, based outside of Washington DC (perhaps Idaho, the geographic center of North America) would take on a caretaker role to keep the vital parts of the current US regime (police, air traffic control, the military. hospitals etc.) running.

In this scenario, the US and Canadian militaries would use the emergency broadcasting system and existing media networks to inform the population about the bankruptcy of the USA corporation. They would explain that both the bankruptcy and the fact civilian governments in Canada and the USA had been taken over by gangsters were the reasons for the emergency declaration. An interim regime would be run by the military and selected personnel from existing government and corporate entities to preside over the re-establishment of viable democracy, free press and meritocracy. Everything would be done in a completely transparent manner with constant feedback from the people.

The interim regime would not be liable for the debts of the bankrupt corporation.

At a later date, a union with Latin America would also be negotiated.

As for Europe, the 47 nation Council of Europe would be used as the basis for a new sort of regional union to be negotiated by the nations involved. Russia and NATO would provide military guarantees.

The other regions mentioned above would make their own decisions about how to proceed.

This proposal has been accepted as the basis for detailed negotiations to be worked out by leaders in the coming months, according to MI6, the P3 Freemasons, and Asian secret societies.

During this time, the world faces extreme danger and chaos as the KM fights for survival by any means necessary. Signs of chaos, of course, are increasing exponentially in most Western countries as the KM attempts to stay in power by imposing its beyond totalitarian sign of the beast Certificate Of Vaccination IDs (COVID). Needless to say, leaks by KM whistleblowers, labor strikes, mass arrests, etc. make it certain that this plan to impose eternal, universal slavery on humanity is doomed to failure.

The news report linked below is a case in point: Boxes of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine show a manufacturing date of July 15, 2018 . But COVID-19 was not discovered until 2019 and was not NAMED until February 11, 2020.

The following images show some more information leaking out.

All of this means that there has been a major shift within the military-industrial complex, MI6 sources say. “All the police and intelligence agencies in the world are fed up, we’ve had enough.

We’ve reached a point where were saying, blow them all up. The vast majority of the celebrity world are rapists. We have evidence against all of them, and they know it. Most of them are dead, what we see are body doubles. When we release our information, they will all be gone. We will continue to fight very hard.” This struggle is once again becoming personal for your correspondent. Munakata Hisao, a 73-year-old medical doctor who lectures for the same people who organize events for me, has died under mysterious circumstances.

In his lectures, he explained in detail why the vaccines were dangerous and the pandemic suspicious. At the end of August, he fell ill after a public appearance. He was advised to take a PCR test, but he refused. He was later found unconscious in his apartment and taken to a hospital.

There he still refused to take a PCR test and took a Chinese herb called Ara. Then he started to feel better. Just as he was about to leave the hospital, his condition suddenly deteriorated and he died on September 29. Six people who had attended his lecture in August also fell ill and died. Although the doctor refused to perform a PCR test, his death was reported to be due to COVID 19.

Another colleague of mine who lectured to Dr. Munakata says he became ill with severe diarrhea at the same time. He claims he cured himself by fasting. I did just that when I came down with diarrhea after eating an omelet on my Air Canada flight when I returned from Canada in late August. Later, someone rang my doorbell claiming to be looking for COVID symptoms and seemed surprised that I was still alive.

On October 14, I was warned that gangsters in a Rolls Royce with Shinagawa license plate 311x Tsu 11 (??311x?11) were lying in wait for me outside a public speaking event I was giving. On March 10, 2011, Masaru Takumi’s daughter.

The finance chief of Japan’s largest gang, the Yamaguchi Gumi (who was killed in 1997), insisted with great urgency that I meet her. When I met her, she told me that she had been instructed to set my phones alarm clock to ring at 11 a.m. on March 11, the day of the tsunami. I was also given a cloth wrapped around my waist that contained herbal medicine and told to keep it on for 24 hours. I was pretty sure it contained poison and took it off as soon as I got home.

So what do you think, is it a coincidence that a car with license plate 311x tsu 11 was waiting for me? When I brought this incident to the attention of various gangsters and right-wingers close to the emperor, they said that these people were subcontractors for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

They are angry because [former Finance Minister Heizo] Takenaka is no longer able to loot the Japanese pension fund for them, one right-winger said. A counterattack is now underway. Most of the Japanese underworld is not on the KM payroll and is fighting the gangsters who still work for them as subcontractors.

On a final note, this week we are receiving many reports of the secret space forces destroying underground bases around the planet in preparation for the liberation of the planet.

I basically stick to the visible world here and now. On this level, we can see with certainty that there are many earthquakes all over the world that take place at the same epicenter at a depth of 10 kilometers, and that they run in straight lines. Maybe it really is that underground tunnel networks are being destroyed. We shall see. In the meantime, the battle for planet Earth will continue until humanity is finally freed from thousands of years of slavery.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.