Pm Scott Morrison – – Covid Mass Murder

Yes Close Down, - Herman Kreller And Wife Sandy Kreller Fraudsters At Opal Cave, 51 Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.

You Sir, As So Called, Prime Minister Of Australia Scott Morrison. Can Immediately, Etc., Follow All Instructions Below,

You Sir, As Living, Breathing, In Flesh And Blood Man Scott Morrison,

And As So Called, Prime Minister Of Australia,

Shall  Immediately, Etc., Stop  Any And All Ongoing Criminal, Etc., Exterminations, Etc., Mass Murders, Etc., Of  At Least 90% Of All Whatever Called, Men, Women, Boys And Girls, Etc., Of All Ages, Australia Wide, 

And Of  Course Of At Least 90% Of All Whatever Called, Men, Women, Boys And Girls, Etc., Of All Ages,  World Wide,

That Are Living, Etc.,  On This Our Shared Planet Earth.

By Among Other Things, Using, Etc., This Very Deadly So Called, Covid 19 So Called Viruses, Etc., Plandemic, Hoax, Etc.,That Does Not Exists, At All, (And That Have Not Been Approved, Etc. At All), To Be Called, Labeled As Vaccine,

None Of Required, Etc., By Law(s), Etc., Of 5 To 10 Years Tests/Trails On Whatever Called, Humans, Etc., Have Never Ever Been Done,

And Few Years Back, In All Whatever Called, Animals, Etc., Tests/Trails,

All Tests/Trails Animals, Etc., Died, Etc.,

pm Scott Morrison -

777Henri Virtanen, Did Think That It Is Best To Copy And Paste This Below, Very Deadly Covid 19 Info. From Above Live Link, Before Very Corrupt, Etc.,Whatever Called, Big Pharmacy, Etc., And Very Corrupt Australian At All Levels So Called, Governments, Etc., Take It Of Internet Permanently. Etc.,

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Kelly Higgins: 31-year-old Ohio woman talked into Moderna injection by her doctor, develops blood clots, myocarditis three days later.
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